Random hablahabla



So this is just a random post about random stuff. 
I was modeling for Backstreet couple days ago and it was so much fun! Photoshoot was very different than the previous shoots that i've had because this time there was something like 5models at the same time, all those girls were super cute and nice though ♥
The whole photoshoot took something like 6-7 hours and i was so damn tired hahah. 

Me and Kääpä at the store, it was so nice to have her there! 
(i look like a tranny :'D i did a little bit darker makeup than usual just because of the bright lights that they use while taking the photos~)

And here's something for your entertainment.. since there was just 1 photographer, we all had to wait for our turn... so yeah, we just killed time around the shop with Kääpä... i take my job so seriously hahahah.
So yeah, here's a short vid of that day, nothing special really.. Just doing some random things while waiting.(video taken with my phone lol)

Untitled from rosette on Vimeo.

I'll get the pictures tomorrow so i'll update something when i get them. I hope we got some good photos~


This is what happened last night,  i had horrible roots and i had some dark spots in my hair so i decided to bleach my hair a little bit to get the red look brighter.... and suddenly my hair just went blonde :'D dunno what do to with my hair.. hmmm.

And some more randomness. Finally we got some snow in Helsinki!

 It's Finland's Independence Day! Yay for F-land!


  1. jos et heti keksi mitä tehdä hiuksille anna niiden olla tollaset blondit! noi sopii sulle tosi hyvin (:

  2. oiku oot niiin kaunis! je vihdoin on lunta<3(=

  3. how did you get your hair so blond!? I really want to go from black to blond again and all I get is some ugly orange colour..

  4. Anon: i have some professional bleaching stuff that hairdressers use :D

  5. kun otat meikeistäs ja ittestäst kuvii,millä kameralla? Vai muokkaakto jotenkin niitÄ?(:

  6. ihana tyyli,ihanampi blogi, oon nii lauan itekki haaveillu jatkopitkoista ku oma ei kasva tarpeeks nopee



  7. hei missä backstreetin myymälässä olit tossa sun kaveris kanssa? ku noi kaikki asusteet oli nii ihanii !! :D