Sugarpill addiction


Hello again!

Yesterday i received a package from Amy , she's such a sweetheart!

 Here's what i got!

3 loose eyeshadows
Sugarpill Cateye false lashes
Tako pressed eyeshadow
Bulletproof pressed eyeshadow
random non-sugarpill stuff! (false lashes,some makeup products)

So here are the loose eyeshadows, i absolutely adore these!

Hysteric : Metallic purple with turquoise sparkles and luminous flashes of green.

Magentric : Metallic deep magenta with a dazzling turquoise sheen.

Stella : The blackest of jet blacks, bursting with rainbow diamond sparkle.

Then i got a new Bulletproof !
This is the BEST black eyeshadow ever.

Also i got new Tako for my Sweetheart palette but i didn't take any pics of it :-D
But it's the best white eyeshadow everrrrrrrr BUY IT! All the other white eyeshadows i've used are just crappy compared to Tako.

From left:

Bulletproof , Tako , Magentric , Hysteric , Stella

All the eyeshadows from Sugarpill are SUPER pigmented !

And then i got these gorgeous cateye lashes! 
Can't wait to create some crazy makeup looks with these~

super long!

I wanna put these everywhere lol ♥ that kitty is just too cute ! You can order these from Sugarpill site

Here's a close-up of today's look, i used all the new products that i got :3

 I can't find the words to describe how much i love Sugarpill, you all should try their products!
I'm addicted to this brand!!

Vixxsin photoshoot for Backstreet



So, i had a photoshoot for Vixxsin on Saturday and here's some of the pictures!

This photoshoot was so much fun!
 Also this was a bit different because i got all these clothes for myself after the shoot! So awesome ~

(click the name of the product to see more pictures & prices from

Long and warm coat with attitude! I really like the details on this one , also i was missing a long winter coat so i was really happy to get this one for myself when the photoshoot was over.

This hoodie is super warm and soft! It's made of fleece and i just love those fluffy things hahah.
Also i'm really into long shirts/hoodies so this is perfect for me ♥

Coolest gardigan you will ever find! So many awesome details, high collar and perfect lenght.. let's just say this is my-dream-coming-true cloth for winter!

Super long, super warm and super soft hoodie! As you can see, this hoodie almost reaches my knees! 
(i'm 165cm tall)
Also i love the Marilyn print in it!

Maybe the coolest design ever! These are totally a must-have products for makeup lover like me!

As you know,  Seike from Seremedy was modeling with me so here's some pictures of us together!

 These prints were amazing! 
This pink dress is coming to Backstreet next spring, so get ready! This design stole my heart ~♥

Hello 2012!



I had a wonderful weekend! Here's some pictures etc etc etc

On Friday, we celebrated Pauli's birthday with Kääpä,Pauli,Vade,Sharan and Sara!

with Kääpä ♥
Hungry Kääpä and Sharan
Also we did some "shopping" with Pauli, mostly just stuff that i needed for Saturday.

then we bought some movies etc

On Saturday i met Beniitta and Sini!
And i also had photoshoot with Seike ~

 Getting ready~ whiii
 Kääpä and Jenni in the mirror, i'm doing Seike's makeup hahah
Poser! We had so much fun , i think we got some great pictures too.
I'll do a post about those pictures when i'll get them from Jenni.
 After the photoshoot we visited Seike's hotelroom 
(he had to wash away the makeup etc)
I didn't know omenahotel was so luxurious hahah
 Then we went to party!
When we arrived, it was almost midnight! And we stayed there until the morning :-D
Everyone had a good time, drinking, playing cards etc. But i was the only one who didn't drink. I didn't feel so good and i was very tired after the photoshoot.
 We had to take a taxi to get home since there was no public transport at 5am...

Playing UNO
(i have no idea what i'm doing here and who the hell took this picture..)
ps. i won !! i was the uno master!!
 We didn't really take a group picture, few people are missing from this photo XD
(i am not in this photo, i took the pic :3  )
♥ cats

On Sunday i woke up at 11am so i slept for ...4hours or something after the Saturday's party.
 I was sooo tired and i looked like shit but i decided to meet up with Seike and Puni, here's a beautiful picture of sexy chicken that Seike was eating.


We just walked around the city until Seike had to go to the airport , booooo i'm gonna miss him so much!

Mr. Blueballs and Madman playing arcade games

 I had so much fun ! ♥

Hope you all had a fun weekend too (⌒▽⌒)