Hello 2012!



I had a wonderful weekend! Here's some pictures etc etc etc

On Friday, we celebrated Pauli's birthday with Kääpä,Pauli,Vade,Sharan and Sara!

with Kääpä ♥
Hungry Kääpä and Sharan
Also we did some "shopping" with Pauli, mostly just stuff that i needed for Saturday.

then we bought some movies etc

On Saturday i met Beniitta and Sini!
And i also had photoshoot with Seike ~

 Getting ready~ whiii
 Kääpä and Jenni in the mirror, i'm doing Seike's makeup hahah
Poser! We had so much fun , i think we got some great pictures too.
I'll do a post about those pictures when i'll get them from Jenni.
 After the photoshoot we visited Seike's hotelroom 
(he had to wash away the makeup etc)
I didn't know omenahotel was so luxurious hahah
 Then we went to party!
When we arrived, it was almost midnight! And we stayed there until the morning :-D
Everyone had a good time, drinking, playing cards etc. But i was the only one who didn't drink. I didn't feel so good and i was very tired after the photoshoot.
 We had to take a taxi to get home since there was no public transport at 5am...

Playing UNO
(i have no idea what i'm doing here and who the hell took this picture..)
ps. i won !! i was the uno master!!
 We didn't really take a group picture, few people are missing from this photo XD
(i am not in this photo, i took the pic :3  )
♥ cats

On Sunday i woke up at 11am so i slept for ...4hours or something after the Saturday's party.
 I was sooo tired and i looked like shit but i decided to meet up with Seike and Puni, here's a beautiful picture of sexy chicken that Seike was eating.


We just walked around the city until Seike had to go to the airport , booooo i'm gonna miss him so much!

Mr. Blueballs and Madman playing arcade games

 I had so much fun ! ♥

Hope you all had a fun weekend too (⌒▽⌒)


  1. Nyt mua ärsyttää ku piti lähtee ennen ku Seike kerkes tulee.. :(
    Mut ens kerral jos Seike tulee taas viikonlopuks suomeen, otan sen vkl vapaaks!

  2. vihdoin uus postaus! :)

  3. Love your blog. What kind of camera do you use?

  4. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-SbUkWPyAKH4/TxMO1NTehzI/AAAAAAAABvY/e0cyJP9A3u8/s400/IMG_6205.JPG

    MISTÄ oot saanu tuon kuvan huulirasvan! oon oikeesti ettiny iha sika kaua ku ostin virosta ja kadotin sen ja oon itkeny sen perään enemmän ku itkin mun lompakkoo ku se oli kateis D::
    huulirasvaetissi huipussa

  5. jee oon venannukki jo et päivität ! edellisestä onkin aikaa (:

  6. Bria: canon eos 1000d

    Anon: kampin anttilassa oli noita eurolla :-D

  7. Looks like you had a great time,you guys seems so cute together!

  8. Enjoyed reading this post! glad to see you had a fun and nice weekend! :) I love how that black hair looks on you! sooo pretty!!
    I spent my Saturday playing Descent and the Sunday playing Star Wars The Old Republic online <3

  9. It looks like you had so much fun~! What a great weekend. ^^

  10. miten pystyit keilaaman nuilla kynsillä sopiko ne ees sinne pallon sisälle? :DD

  11. Anon: tein noi kynnet vasta keilaamisen jälkeen :D eihän noilla keilaaminen onnistuis millään

  12. onko tolla/noilla valko hiuksisella blogia?

  13. Anon: ei ole käävällä blogia :D

  14. I love that movie :D I just bought it too! ^^

  15. Sinusta pikkuinen tulee vielä jonain päivänä jotakin suurta :3 ... Jostain syystä suomenkieli kuulostaa niin tyhmältä ._.