Vixxsin photoshoot for Backstreet



So, i had a photoshoot for Vixxsin on Saturday and here's some of the pictures!

This photoshoot was so much fun!
 Also this was a bit different because i got all these clothes for myself after the shoot! So awesome ~

(click the name of the product to see more pictures & prices from

Long and warm coat with attitude! I really like the details on this one , also i was missing a long winter coat so i was really happy to get this one for myself when the photoshoot was over.

This hoodie is super warm and soft! It's made of fleece and i just love those fluffy things hahah.
Also i'm really into long shirts/hoodies so this is perfect for me ♥

Coolest gardigan you will ever find! So many awesome details, high collar and perfect lenght.. let's just say this is my-dream-coming-true cloth for winter!

Super long, super warm and super soft hoodie! As you can see, this hoodie almost reaches my knees! 
(i'm 165cm tall)
Also i love the Marilyn print in it!

Maybe the coolest design ever! These are totally a must-have products for makeup lover like me!

As you know,  Seike from Seremedy was modeling with me so here's some pictures of us together!

 These prints were amazing! 
This pink dress is coming to Backstreet next spring, so get ready! This design stole my heart ~♥


  1. great shoot, you look beautiful

  2. aww i like the clothes they look awesome.
    and you two , can´t desribe how much i like you´re style **

    do this shop sends to germany . i cant read the language ><

  3. These pictures are so awesome. Wow. I love the photos with the guy! :)
    And the black shirt with the pink lipsticks on it looks so good! But I can't wear such clothes. I'm too honest^^ but I love your style! ♥

  4. omg, you are soooooo beautiful! <3 <3

  5. Awwww! You look amazing as usual~ Maybe you could do make-up tutorials for both of your guys' make-up looks? I love them!

    Ooooooh I want that dress so badly! It's gonna haunt my dress!

  6. Beautiful~~~~ Oh my gosh, I want all of that. Haha. I love coats and long hoodies it's like perfect. :P

    And you and Seike look great together! I think my favourite thing is how well your makeup compliments eachother. It's really great.


  7. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it !!!!!
    Kisses from Panama

  8. Great pics, but unfortunately those showcase the models more than the clothes they're wearing. If these are going to be in Backstreet webshop catalog, I truly hope there are other pics as well. Clothes should be most important in webshop pics, unless they're selling you lovely models as well. ;)

  9. Anna: these are not for webshop :)

  10. Ando: just send the information about your order to ! (what product, what size etc.)

  11. Can I have your face please?

    oot liian kaunis.

  12. ihana tukka ja ihanalta näytät :)