New Youtube video



Once again, nothing special to update about, haven't really done anything interesting lately lol~

My daily red & black makeup was requested for the next YT video so i decided to do it, i apologize for jumping out of the camera every now and then hahah.

Anyway here's the video!

I'm trying to do at least 2 videos per month so feel free to give me some ideas for them!

ps. as you can see i have eyebrows again! i forgot to mention about this before~

RoseShock on Youtube



Sorry that i haven't been updating lately, at the moment i'm having a terrible flu and i haven't done my makeup/been anywhere.
But today i felt little bit better so i decided to do a step-by-step makeup video & open my Youtube channel!
(i suck at making tutorials so this is just video of me doing my makeup little bit slower than usual)

Dunno what happened to quality and the size of the video while editing it.. but i was too tired to fix it up lol.
Anyway, enjoy!

I'll do a colorful look next week, remember to follow!

IsaDora Precision Mascara


Hello! chose me to their new test group who can test the new IsaDora's mascara!

This is not a sponsored review

Well anyway, i was really happy to get this because i didn't have any good mascaras and i'm very lazy with mascaras anyway since they are very expensive and i usually wear false lashes.

And because i really liked this product, i chose to review this for you guys! Hope you like this mini-review.

Brush is very small, great for details.

So yeah, here we go.
I didn't wear lenses,eyeliner or eyeshadows because i want this mascara to pop out !

Without mascara

With mascara

I think this is the best mascara i have ever had! This makes your lashes very long, separates them and gives alot of volume. I used maybe 2 coats for these pictures. 

I never wear false lashes to school, i usually just wear some random crappy mascara and when i wore this mascara for the first time, my teacher asked me if i was wearing false lashes! lol~

 Right now i'm bleaching my hair, gonna get new color tomorrow!

Also i got my new webcam today, so i'm gonna start my Youtube channel etc soon!

LimeCrime Carousel Gloss review~



Finally i got my Carousel Glosses so here's a short review :3

I was supposed to get only 3glosses but i got all the 5 glosses!! So awesome ♥

Candy AppleDeep ruby-red with crimson glitter
KaleidoscopePlum-purple with turquoise sparkle.
Golden Ticket  :    Bronzed metallic gold
Loop-de-LoopDeep sapphire-blue with iridescent sparkle.
Cherry On Top: Pink-red jelly gloss packed with rainbow sparkle.

From left: Candy Apple, Kaleidoscope, Golden Ticket, Loop-de-Loop and Cherry On Top

I absolutely love these boxes! So pretty! ~ Also the gloss tubes are super pretty
(and yes, i don't have nails atm hahah)

Here's the brush, it's pretty small so it's great for details which is good because i don't want to put lipgloss on my piercings!

(Candy Apple)

So let's check out these glosses!
I didn't use anything under the glosses so these pictures should show how they really look like without any kind of lipstick base etc.

Sorry for super photoshopped skin around my lips in those lip close-ups, i have atopic skin and it's really cold in Finland right now so i just had to blur my skin because it looked like shit. However i didn't edit the glosses in any way :3

Candy AppleDeep ruby-red with crimson glitter

Absolutely gorgeous red lipgloss! 
When this collection came out, i instatly started to dream about this gloss hahah~
It's the most perfect shade of dark red with a lot of glitter.

Candy Apple is very pigmented and easy to apply, totally my favourite gloss!
Also, this one does not need lipstick base. But i will try it with lipsticks anyway in the future.

Rate: 5/5


KaleidoscopePlum-purple with turquoise sparkle.

Very beautiful dark purple, i've been looking for this type of lipgloss for a long time!
I love dark colors *--*

Some reason i felt like this gloss was harder to apply than the other ones, and i had to put on several coats to make it look good. But i guess this gloss works best used over a lipstick! I will try it over purple and black lipsticks asap.

Rate: 3/5


Golden Ticket  :    Bronzed metallic gold

I have never seen this kind of lipgloss so i was really curious about how this will look on the lips.
It's really pigmented and gives your lips a metallic look.

Golden Ticket was really easy to apply and i didn't have to apply more than one coat to make it look good! 
Anyway, i don't really know how to wear this gloss, gold is such a hard color to wear on lips hahah. But maybe i will come up with something.

Rate: 4/5


Loop-de-LoopDeep sapphire-blue with iridescent sparkle.

I have never used blue lipgloss before Loop-de-Loop!
Absolutely gorgeous dark blue, i can't wait to try this over a black lipstick.

However, i experienced the same thing as i did with Kaleidoscope. This gloss is little bit hard to apply and you have to apply several coats to make it look good. But i still think this one also will work better with lipstick base. Still, i will give 1 extra point for this one because of the wonderful color!

Rate: 4/5


Cherry On Top: Pink-red jelly gloss packed with rainbow sparkle.

If you are looking for a REALLY bright red lipgloss, buy this one!
These pictures don't really show it but this gloss was like neon red or something. Super bright!
Cherry On Top is little bit more pinkish and  lighter red color than Candy Apple.

 This gloss was really easy to apply, maybe the easiest one! Also it's sooo bright and pigmented!
I'm sure i will use this one a lot.

Rate: 5/5


I also received something else from LC but i will show those things later! 
I will use these glosses for my new looks as often as i can just to show you guys how they look like with lipsticks and stuff.
As you can see, today i just had a simple black & white makeup, nothing special, blah.
But i will promise to do some special looks with these glosses soon! If you have any ideas, feel free to comment and tell them!

You can find the glosses here: