Time for answers!

 1 What's the reaction of the people for your style?
-I get many different reactions (haha) some people like my style and some don't. Children and older people love it but usually people in my age are like "wtf" when they see me

 2 Is it allowed in your school?
-Yes it is

 3 I think you always look soo cool in your pics and photoshoots, but wanted to know how common your style is where you live.
-Well it's hard to say if my style is common because my style changes all the time, sometimes i use really boyish clothes and sometimes i'm covered in glitter and ruffles lol. But no, it's not that common i think.

4  - How much do you use money on your cosmetics during a one month? like lipglosses, false lashes etc. 
- well i don't really buy any cosmetics. I only buy new eyeliner and new foundation every 2 months, and maybe some false lashes but they are like 1dollars per 20pairs

5   - Do you get negative comments about your looks?
-yeah sure, but i'm already used to it :D

 6  How do you apply your foundation so evenly?
- Well i just apply it.. no magic needed :D

7  How do you deal with all the negative comments and get the confidence to pull off those amazing looks you do?
-Well i have always been kinda "different" so i'm very used to negative comments about my looks. But wearing this style makes me feel good and makes me feel like being myself so that's why i never really wanted to be absolutely "normal" .

 8  I wonder how did you start with doing makeup? And what is your makeup style inspired by?
-Well i started when i was 9years old (but back then it was only lipgloss haha) And maybe in age of 11 i started to try some eyeliner and stuff but i'd say that i started to wear little bit more dramatic makeup in the age of 13-15

9   whats your favorite makeup in your makeup bag?
- everything by Sugarpill

10  and can you have the answers in a video? :'3
- I will answer some questions in video, maybe.

11   I really love styling wigs, but they never turn out as good as yours. Do you style them while they're on, or on a wig head, and what products and styling tools do you use? You don't have to be specific with product names if you don't want to, just general info would help alot. <3
- I usually cut them while they are on my head so i can see clearly what i'm doing lol. Then i start to tease the hair (but when i tease the backside of the wig, i usually have to take it off so i can see how it looks like), add some strong hairspray and babypowder. I will do a wig tutorial soon!

12    Has anyone ever not recognized you (because your appearance is so versatile)? I would think that would be great fun!
- HAHA YES. This happens very often and it's propably most hilarious thing ever. I wear very different styles so sometimes my friends don't regonize me, there was this one time when even my boyfriend didn't regonize me. Lol i'm like a spy in disguise!

13   With the skills you have, do you plan on a career in touch with styling/cosmetics and such?
-Maybe, at least i'll try

14   .since you don't use primer for your eyeshadow do you wet your brushes to make the colors more intense?
-No i don't

15   .Do you have a particular brush that you use more often?
- I only use 2brushes so.. well yeah i use the other one more ofter hahah

16   .How do you get such flawless crease?
-Dunno, i just try to do it as sharp as possible, it's like doing a painting on your eyes

 17   What couldn't you live without? :3

18    When did you start building up this unique style of yours? I mean, when did you realize you didn't want to be like the great majority of people (at least referring to fashion)?
-I don't remember when this started so i guess i was really young, i started to dress differently already in first grade at school haha

19   Who would you say is your inspiration for your original make-up ideas?
- Don't really have one, at least i don't have any human being as my inspiration

20   I would love to know what your natural hair color is and how old you are :)
-Dark brown, and i'm 17 :)

21   I would also love to know what made you start doing makeup and who inspires you? 
- I've always loved cartoons and i wanted to have eyes like cartoon characters. And i already answered that i don't really have any specific people who would inspire me, i get inspired by almost everything, for example one time i was inspired by a salad XD

22    So, how do you put on your makeup so smoothly? I've always loved bold makeup and have been trying out some of your looks. 
- I don't know XD it's a lot of practise i guess

 23   Also, when your applying makeup and it gets allover your face, how do you wipe it off without smearing the shadow all over your cheeks? I have a bad problem with this and when I try to wipe the dust off it looks as though I have been in a bad fight!
-Try to cover your cheeks with something, if i have to use a lot of dark eyeshadows on my face, i usually hold a piece of toilet paper on my cheek so it won't get dirty

 24    How on earth do you wear lipstick all day without getting it on your piercings?
-I don't really understand how the lipstick would even get on my piercings XD..

25    And otherwise let me know if u style dress and make you a name, like the punks, goths, rockers or the Japanese lolitas, your style of dress is a social trend or you're just yourself, I do not mean that the gothic or punk than themselves, but if your style belongs to a social trend or just so you like to dress and salts such as makeup and leads you into the street that day. 
-No, my style is not really any of social trends :D i mix up a lot of styles and i always wear different style.

 26   How you learned speak english so good?
-Well in Finland we usually start learning english on 3rd grade so.. yeah :D i've been studying english for like 9 years or something

27   I actually found you via the Cybershop homepage - you did some modeling for them, right? So I was wondering, how did you get to that job? :D Did they just "find" you and ask you to model for them? Did you do other modeling jobs too?
- Well actually Cybershop was looking for models when i was 14 years old and i sent them my pictures etc an told that i would like to try modeling. After the first shoot i've been there many times doing model stuff :3 also i'm having one or two shoots for them this year

 28     When did you start doing makeup? How did you do your makeup in grammar school and when did you find your current style?
- When i was 9, but it was just lipgloss. Hmmm i used very dark makeup on grammar school times, but i only used eye makeup.
My style is evolving all the time so i still haven't really found my style

29    Have you ever regret some of your styles/clothing/makeup that you wore when you were younger?
- Oh yes.. :D:D:DD for example some super fail gothic style that i tried when i was like 12 years old.. like lol it was horrible. Also i think my makeup has always been pretty bad

30    Do you like your real name?
- No i don't. Always wanted to change it and maybe i will change it in near future

31    How tall are you?
- 165cm

32    Are you going to get more piercings?
-Just got my eyebrow pierced two days ago~

33   how old are you?
- 17

34    Hey, I just wanted to know what foundation you use...?
- Revlon's "Colorstay"

35   Color that gives most power?
-Not sure what you mean... red?

36    What eyeshadow primer do you use? How long will your makeup stay on without smudging etc?
- I don't use primer, my makeup would propably stay on for several days if i wouldn't touch it etc

37    How long it takes to do your makeup?
-Depends. Usually 15-30 minutes

39    When are we gonna finally hear you sing? Like see and hear you sing! You always tweet about it, lol!
-Hahahaha soon as possible! I'm going to do some music stuff this summer so i think i will share some videos with you then!

40   I wish I had the courage to wear makeup like you do out all the time :) I was hoping you would post a picture of you without makeup! 
- I think i have some pictures of me without eye makeup in my tutorial posts

41   Hi! I just bought some wigs and would really like to know how do you take care of your wigs? Do you use any special brushes, products etc.? And of course, do u usually use human hair wigs or synthetic?
-Don't really take care of them.. i use brush that is meant for hair extensions. And i use synthetic wigs

42   Will you post some pictures of the tattoos you made?! did you learn by yourself?! 
- yes i'll do a tattoo post soon, and yes i have learned myself

43    will you do a tutorial about eyebrows? ('cause your eyebrows are always perfect!!)
-yes i will try to do one soon!

44    I don't think I've ever seen you without makeup. Do you ever go out without it?
- Sometimes yes, for example if i go to buy food or visit the post office etc

45    Do your makeup spread all over your face easily?
- no they don't

 46   What do you study and where?
-Raising my numbers on 10. grade. I went to business college last year but it was not my thing so now i'm trying to get into beautyschool

47    Im thinking about buying some wigs but im not sure:( are they comfortable? Doesnt it get reeeaallly hot in the summer, and do they never itch or anything? Please tell me about your whole "wigexperience" ^^ like how you feel about the wigs, ig you ever bought some really bad ones and what to look after when buying! 
-Haha well sometimes they do get itchy and hot in the summer!
All the wigs that i have bought have been pretty good, usually i try to look after long wigs because it's always better to buy long wig instead of the short one if you want to style it a lot (but not too long! maybe 50-80cm). Also i try to look for bit natural colors, for example i'd take dark red instead of very bright red, or wig with many tones. Because i want to make the wig look good, not to make it look like "hey i am wearing a wig"

 48   What is your favourite dessert? 
- I really don't eat desserts but i do eat candy a lot !

49   Which country would you like to visit if you could? 
- France,Sweden,Russia,UK,USA, Japan, Spain, Italy ! (and much more..)

50   Do you have a favourite brand of clothes and all that stuff? :3
- No not really, but i love Vivienne Westwood jewelery

51    Do you like living in Finland ? Are people tolerant about your style ? I mean, don't they look at you like you were a crazy person ? 
- Finland is beautiful but way too cold for me!
Some people are, some people are not :D.. Yes they do that a lot

52    What is your favorite band ? 

 53   Are you rich for buying all this stuff ? :D
- What stuff? No i am not rich at all, i live with less than 100 euros per month

54   How did you become a model for Backstreet ?
-Backstreet contacted me and asked if i want to model for them

55   Do you think you could still be in a relationship with a girl? 
-Yes ofcourse i could

56   What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
- Ummmm i dunno XD

57     Could you do an extreme makeup tutorial with very common makeup brands like H&M?
-Yes i will do one someday :D

 58    It is possible to visit you? :) jack from czech :)
-If you want to travel trough fire and ice to finland, sure!

Also i answered some of your questions on video... Please ignore my tired face and my crazy stuff...and crappy english etc

Answers from rosette on Vimeo.

Thank you for all your questions!


  1. I don't think your English is crappy at ALL! But I do realize you have that super cute slight accent most people from Finland that I know have too <3 I love it! XD
    Thank you for answering the questions :D

    Ohhh an be careful telling people they can visit you :D I'm going to Finland in September so... watch out! XD If I ever see you on the street (though unlikely cause unfortunately I won't stay in Helsinki) I'll definitely wanna talk to you if that's okay.

    1. Where are you going to stay? And ofcourse it's okay XD

    2. Turku, cause I'm gonna be working/studying at the University of Applied Sciences there XD but I definitely plan to go to Helsinki once in a while :D Been there in February and I absolutely fell in love with the city XD

  2. Wow thanks so much for answering all those questions ♥ your so funny in the video, love it! :)x

  3. Thanks for answering all the questions with such honesty! :)

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  10. Love your style, Love your makeup, Love your piercings and love seeing your work on Sugarpill, Makeupbee and your blog. I too am more on the darker more out there side of life that is not as socially acceptable to others and good on you for sticking it to the man! Your makeup is so inspiring that I used it as my inspiration for my favourite makeup artists at Makeup School and even have your Barbie killed Ken look on display with my brushes. Thankyou for being unique and thankyou for continuing to create inspiring, colourful yet darker edge makeup

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