Kimchi Bambi Brown lens review



A while ago Uniqso sent me a pair of circle lenses and here's a small review of them!

Shipping was really fast and their customer service is awesome!
Also they have a huge amount of beautiful lense styles for sale, and the prices are great.

These are Kimchi Bambi in brown and i have to say that these are my favorite lenses right now~

Diameter : 16mm

Base Curve : 8.6mm

Water Content : 55%

Replacement Period : 12 months

Price: $USD 22.90

Here you can see the design of these lenses, i just love this type of lenses with different tones.
I'd say these lenses are somehow gold/brown with a hint of orange color.

Here's some gifs with these lenses on. Tho these gifs are pretty dark hahah~

The enlargement (16mm!) is amazing and these are very pigmented, i'm sure they will look amazing in dark eyes too!

Also these lenses are super comfortable, usually my eyes feel a bit dry when i'm wearing lenses but i don't have that problem when i'm wearing these ones. 

(also wearing these lenses in these pictures from my last post so i'm reposting them!)
These pictures are taken in natural light

Also i'm wearing these lenses in my Youtube videos.

Want these lenses?

Buy here:


  1. Hey, sä kun tiedät näistä linsseistä. Saako noita linssejä myös eri kokoisia? kun siis sulla esim on tosi isot silmät, mutta mulla on ihan älyttömän pienet silmät. Tiedätkö että kuinka pieninä niitä loppujen lopuksi saa? :3

    1. Käsittääkseni 14mm on se normaali ja pienin linssikoko :3 ei siis suurenna silmiä lainkaan

  2. Wow, this is an amazing effect! The color looks gorgeous... and your photos.... just wow! :D

  3. Those look beautiful on you! :)

  4. I love all your makeup ' s!
    You amazing girl!

  5. They look so similar to the princess mimi just lighter.

  6. They look nice, I prefer them to the princess mimi as they dont seem as "harsh" or strong in their colouring :)

  7. Hahaa just sain sponssina ihan samaiset linssit, mun favorite ruskeat! I <3 bambieffekti!

  8. huhhuh! oot kyllä tosi hyvä meikkaamaan! :D

  9. Hey :)
    I´ve got a question:
    Is ur normal eye color blue or green?