Eläimellistä menoa



I never really write about my free time outside of the makeup world so i decided to share something with you guys!

So i hanged out with some animals this week (lol) !
 I visited Sea Life yesterday with Pauli and Kääpä, and it was so much fun! I'm very afraid of water but i love to visit that place, everything looks so unreal.

"Tanja this fish looks like you, it's wearing makeup!"-Pauli

 Loved this big tank with sharks and rays

 We actually got to see the feeding of sea horses! It was amazing!

 Brother underwater ♥
 Pauli and the small sharks! He loves those things haha
 "When you become rich and famous you have to buy me one of these sharks" -Pauli
 This was awesome! Room full of jellyfish tanks that actually changed colors~
It was called "Medusa disco" lol..
 "We freaking love these jellyfishes"
 Also the Sea Life shop was cool, i wanted one of these pirate ships but they were really expensive!
 We always buy some cherry lollipops from here~ so gooood
 Blurry picture of me and stuffed, smiling shark.
 Kääpä and Pauli 

Last weekend i went to "Alpaca show" with Kääpä. Kääpä has all the pictures from there so i'll share just few pictures of our favourite alpaca!

There was maybe 20-30 alpacas and they also has some agility show~


Just look at that cutie!!

 This is some photo editing art by Kääpä... That child actually screamed and tried to touch our cute little friend who was so scared hahah ;__;

"Gurrrrlll u ain't gonna touch me"

So yeah... post about fishes and alpacas. Enjoy.

I also had a photoshoot for Backstreet so i'll update some pictures later today or tomorrow!



  1. Wow these are beautiful photos! The animal world is always so lovely :)


  2. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/544596_416574678369671_361832257177247_1617566_1954711412_n.jpg

  3. I laughed so hard at the "bitch please" one !
    And the pictures of the fish are all so pretty ! ◕ ◡ ◕

  4. OMG that is the coolest aquarium ever! I have an interview at the aquarium in NY to volunteer this weekend. I will absolutely DIE if I get to work with those little critters!! Loved this post, it's nice to get to know the girl behind the AMAZING makeup!

  5. Awww Sealife looks so amazing! I'm so sad that I didn't have a chance to go there when I was in Finland :<
    The sharks are sooo cute <3 and that photo of you and the stuffed shark - awwwww :D
    the photos are really beautiful... thanks for sharing! :3

    (btw I think your make up looks waaaaay better than that fish's XD)

  6. Miten sulla aina näyttää noi piilarit niin hyviltä, tilasin ite taas pitkästä aikaa ruskeet ja ne näyttää ihan liskon silmiltä :/

  7. The pics are soooooo awesome - love that!!

  8. amazing, thank you! :)