Amusement park


So, i just got home from the amusement park Linnanmäki.
Today was some sort of Koff VIP day and i got 4 free tickets there~

It was COLD AS HELL hahah and i was only wearing a hoodie and leggings.. I wish it could be warmer already T__T i hate Finland..

Anyway! I was there with Kääpä, Antti and Pauli. We had so much fun even tho we were all freezing .
 Kääpä, Antti and the curious kids..
 It was so cold up there! I thought that i was going to die ...
 Waiting for the launch.........
 ........BOOM and there we are!
 These machines ate all my money, i never win anything.
 Moomin house!
 Me and Kääpä waiting for our turn to die
 Waiting for the death hahah. No, actually this is my favorite ride in Linnanmäki!

Anyway, had a great time even tho i think i have some fever now because of the cold weather..
I wore my extra long Vixxsin hoodie, skeleton stockings and white creepers. (haven't used my creepers like in 3 years or something..)
And ofcourse i didn't have a wig. Because it would have fallen while we rode the roller coasters and stuff. Also i didn't do any special makeup today because i only slept 1hour last night.. didn't wear any false lashes either.

I'm going to review some eyeshadows next week!
Take care


  1. ...and still you look absolutely amazing :)
    Well, I can understand that the cold weather is not so enjoyable when going to an amusement park... however, I'd sooooo switch places with you if I had the chance right now. Here we have up to 30°C already and the weather is driving me crazy. It's just too hot already and I don't even want to think about the temperatures we might get in July and August. It's terrible, because I can't even wear any of my niceer clothes because I'd simply melt away. XDD

    Well anyway... get well soon, hope you didn't catch the flu or something! :(

  2. Mä näin sut!!Sä olit rakettin jonossa ;) Sul on tosi makeet hiukset!Et varmaan nähnyt minua mut mä olin se jolla oli Totoro laukku :D
    Mä näin Pikku Pininkin tiistaina alexanterinkadulla XD Mikä viikko,huh huh.

  3. That is insane hair (in a good way) did you die it that color, since you didn't use a wig? I like the hoodie's length and your gloves too.

  4. Good ideas and excellent style! I really love it!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! and you look so cool :)

  6. Oh how fun! i really enjoy reading your blog, since your posts are really cool all the time!

    I was wondering if you could show what kind of brushes you use for your makeup :D It would be nice to see what you use and have :D

    Hugs from Sweden!

  7. Ihana tuo sinu tukka ja look muutenkin. :)
    Nuista sukkahousuista tahtoisin kysyä, että mistä moiset ? Aivan älyttömän ihanat nimittäin ! :D

  8. Heiiii koska teet noita upcoming juttuja! ootan innolla niitä :)

  9. tai coming soon mitä ny onkaan :P

  10. Ihanat hiukset siul, ja siu koko blogi on aivan ihuna ♥ + sie oot niin nätti

  11. toi sun koko asukokonaisuus on niin ihana!♥ :> saanko tiedustella miltä ebay-myyjältä ostit noi sukkahousut? tosi söpöt!