Drama Queen Cosmetics review



Couple weeks ago i received some eyeshadows and an eyeshadow primer from
  Drama Queen Cosmetics and here's a short review!
They let me pick 4 eyeshadows from their lovely collection and i decided to choose 4 very different shades.
It was really hard to only choose 4 shadows because they have tons of eyeshadows and i want them all!

When i opened the parcel i was surprised how cute the packagings are!! (even tho only the stuff inside matters haha)

So, i got Diamond Dust, Kiss me, Twlight and Gold Digger.

Diamond Dust is a pearly, shimmery white, very soft and pigmented. Looks fantastic when applied on browbone!

Kiss Me is a metallic, pearly lilac/pink. Usually i don't wear pink but this eyeshadow makes me love pink hahaha~  

Gold Digger is the most amazing shade of copper/gold/brown that i have ever seen! This shadow is one of my favorites, it's also super pigmented!

Twlight is a very dark blueish black with some shimmer. It's a perfect eyeshadow for smokey eyes.

 Also, i have to tell you how AMAZING their primer is! The formula is very soft, creamy and easy to apply. Here's a picture of Twlight , applied with and without primer! Vivid Effect shadow primer really helps the eyeshadows stay on without getting messy. Also all the eyeshadows look 10 times better when used with this primer!

And now it's time to show you some looks that i have created with Drama Queen Cosmetics! 

Here's Gold Digger, too bad that i don't have any good pictures with it, it's really stunning irl!

Also Gold Digger, but this picture was taken in sunlight so it looks really orange here~

Kiss me! Perfect eyeshadow for summer, it looks delicious!
I always get tons of complients when wearing this eyeshadow~
Also used Diamond Dust.

And here's today's look, created with Twlight and Diamond Dust. 
I usually prefere colorful looks but i think Twlight smokey eyes are really cool, even tho i felt weird wearing such a dark look.

 Here you can see that it's a bit blueish black! 

 I'm already addicted to their eyeshadows and i can't wait to create more looks with these!
They also released eyeshadow palettes, and they look phenomenal!

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  1. voien :(( alan jo pikkuhiljaa kadehtia tuota sun meikkaustaitoa :----D

  2. Oih, tosi nättejä meikkejä olet niitten avulla luonut ♥ Toi tumma meikki viimeisissä kahdessa kuvassa on tosi nätti.

  3. I love this look! Never heard of this brand before, definitely checking it out!
    And the contacts you use here look so amazing, which ones are they?

  4. toi tumma meikki on aivan ihana ♥ *drool*

  5. oot niin upee ja meikkaat mahtavasti!

  6. All three look really amazing! The effect of the primer is indeed really good :D I remember you telling you didn't usually use primer - did you use that one for the looks you showed?
    I think the pink eyeshadow suits you really well :D I just love that shimmer! Nice review!

  7. miten tommoset kynnet saa tehtyä?? :) haluan tietää!! :D

  8. I love the "Kiss Me" look. What product do you use for the black eye liner? Your lines are perfect.

  9. en tiedä onko sun blogissa ollut puhetta, mutta millasia meikin PUHDISTU aineita käytät? :D kun sulla on noin ihanan pigmenttisiä luomivärejä niin ei ne varmaan ihan millä tahansa lähde irti? kysyn kun joskus saan taistella ihan perus silmämeikin kanssa että se lähtis pois...

  10. the gold brown looks great *-* thats eyeshadow would i love to use

    btw your make up is fucking awesome (as ever) <3

  11. Oh you poor girl, Why do you blur your skin?
    Does make-up done something bad for your skin? :///
    Maybe u should stop wearing so much make-up? :O

    Btw, i love your blog, not ur blurs... :-) <3