Update about nothing



I don't really have anything to update about.. I've been busy with my school things and lazy with the rest of my life. However here's some evidence that i've actually been outdoors too :-D

Don't remember what day this was.. I was visiting Forum with Pauli. We didn't have any money so we just walked around and did some girly window shopping, yay!

I really don't know what my scarf is doing ...

And today i was out with Kääpä and Pauli, this is the most fucking brilliant thing that i have ever seen, some Jesus Christ lovers next to the van with my face on it. I was going to take a picture with the van but those guys attacked me like "JESUS IS GOING TO SAVE YOU JESUS LOVES YOU PLEASE HAVE FAITH IN JESUS" so i ran away..

After the Jesus attack we went to Sinebrychoff park to enjoy the sun.
..However after less than an hour we were freezing because the wind was horrible. Then we left the park.

Windy wig and thirsty Rosette.
 Me and my bestie ♥
Dunno why my face is like that. 

After the park we went to Barbarossa pizzeria, and the pizzas were HUGE. I couldn't finish my pizza..
And then i got a nice surprise , i actually got an allergic reaction because of something that i ate. Still don't know what was it. My hands got really red and swollen, also my face is all red.

 You know it's summer when the Black Superman is in Helsinki. He always does that tightrope walking between Kamppi and Forum. Such a great guy! :-D

"Thanks for the photoshoot Super Woman!"

So yeah, this was a really lame post but whatever. I try to do some makeup looks soon!
Right now i'm enjoying the good weather and eating some candy.

ps. Have you seen the new Sugarpill palette? I really need this one in my life *___* 


  1. I would love to go to Helsinki some day :)

  2. aaa supermiehellä hieno vappupallo XDDD♥ ja aina ku sen ohi menee nii 'IT'S SHOWTIME!!!'

    asd sugarpililtä tullu uus paletti eikä mulla oo vieläkään niitä kahta muuta... ;__;

  3. You look amazing! I love your hair/makeup/outfit!

    The Jesus guys are funny! I saw guys like that at the Slayer concert and Kiss concert. They tried to talk us out of going inside! XD

  4. why are you so beautiful? :D
    I love your style and your creativity and... gah.
    I still can't believe you're really 17 years old :P
    I mean you look much older than me and I am 16... :/

  5. Could you do a video tutorial sometime of this gold/black look? it is so gorgeous & I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see how you did it?

  6. what camera do you use?! its great!

  7. ooh huumaavan kaunis huumaavan kaunis♥
    Ihana paletti♥

  8. luoja pliis kerro mulle että oot ostanut noi tights suomesta !
    + noi keltaset /mitkälie meikit on tosi siistit, sopii sulle ihan älyttömän hyvin kyseinen väri.

  9. hei naikkonen, mistä sun lätsä on? se on hiiiiano!

    1. Kiinasta niinkun melkeen kaikki mitä mun päältä yleensä löytyy XD mutta eiköhän samantyyppisiä saa suomestakin! Ainakin cyberissa taisin joskus talvella nähdä vähän samantyylisiä

  10. I not sure if comments are the right place to ''submit an idea'', but i'll do it anyway. I'd love to see your version of -Marina and the diamonds: Primadonna Girl- look~

  11. Oon samaa mieltä tost Primadonna girl lookist, tee sellane! oot upee!