Vixxsin collection pictures



Since i never published these catalog pictures, i thought that i will do it now!

These pictures were taken in last December but since these were for the new Vixxsin summer collection, i was not allowed to publish them before the collection actually came out.

Whole catalog here: Vixxsin Summer

If you follow Backstreet Facebook or visit their website, i guess you have already seen these pictures.
(or if you have visited the actual store, i think one of these pictures is used as a poster there)

I'm only posting the pictures where i am alone since i don't know if the other girls would like to be in this post haha~ But this was my first shoot where i wasn't the only model!

A lot of people have been asking about the new Vixxsin photos from my last shoot, but unfortunately i can't publish them before autumn i guess. :-(

But here's couple of pictures from my last shoot, we took the pictures outside and it was really dark and raining hahah. But anyway.

After seeing this photo, i decided that i will never buy myself a jumpsuit..
 Ah, this Abbey Dawn hoodie was gorgeous.

I visited Backstreet this morning and i got myself 2 new dresses with my model giftcards, left one is from Vixxsin and the right one is from Sullen Angels. Actually the Vixxsin one is a top but since i'm so short it's a dress for me..

What a great photo editing skills i have

 What a boring post, but enjoy!


  1. Näytät kyllä aivan mahtavalle, ja kyllä toi jumpsuitkin sulle sopii! :)

  2. saakeli ku hieno huppari!!! Vitsi miten kaunis oot - jälleen kerran ♥

  3. miks oot ain nii ylimielisen näkönen

    1. ehkäpä kuvaaja ohjasi tarkoituksella ylimielisen näköiseksi :D jaa-a

  4. seximisun näkönen, ei musta lainkaan ylimielinen. t. kuvaaja :D

  5. Awsome!

    I also found the pics on my favorite german gothic online store ^__^
    Take a look:[]=502

    Sarah from Germany

  6. very nice!