A lot of unnecessary pictures from Sweden



So i'm finally back in Finland, first, i want to apologize that i didn't really take any pictures.. only silly ones from our hotel and only when we weren't really doing anything. I just had too much fun to take any pictures, lol. So most of the pictures are from my Instagram since i was updating it while in Sweden.

Here's me, going to Beniitta's place day before our flight.
 At the airport. It was really exciting for me since i have never been to airport or airplane!

 I don't know what happened to my Westwood bag at the airport.... it got all dirty! 
 The flight was okay, i was like a little kid all the time "look at the small houses, look there's a lake, we are flying above the clouds" etc etc i was pretty annoying haha!

We didn't stay in the center, but in Älvsjö (we didn't learn to pronounce the name properly, when Swedish pronounce it, it sounds like fucking ÄELVSCRHÖ).
It was really difficult to find the right train there.. Swedish train system is great and cheap but train platforms are a complete mess at the central..

Anyway, finally we found the right train after one hour of walking around, and travelled to Älvsjö, the train trip took only 10 minutes so we were pretty close to central. Our hotel was great,we loved our room, the staff and we got a free breakfast.

This little kitty was sitting in front of the hotel and was very social, we named him Tobbe :'D

Beniitta as Mewtwo inside our shower...
 We didn't really do anything on the first day, we were really tired so we just watched tv and explored the area around our hotel.
 The next day we wanted to go to the city, so we decided to just go there without any real plans or without meeting anyone there.

cute Beniitta <3... and some hair extensions on the floor lol

We walked around the central, visited some stores and then walked to the old part of Stockholm.
Some old guy tried to buy sex from us at the train station which was weird hahaha. XD 
I really like the old town, it's so beautiful!
 There was a lot of Finnish people there too.
This white little guy is my new best friend

 After many hours of walking , we decided to go back to the hotel, change clothes, and then head to Seike's place. And yes, we took the little crocodile with us.
 We watched a horror movie, which was really weird and the night was full of Mickey Mouse imitations..
It was really nice to meet Seike again, i had missed him so much!


I woke up at 7am because Buta was eating my hair extensions......

 I realized that i haven't eaten anything while being in Sweden so i got really sick, we had to leave Seike's place really early and head back to hotel. I started to throw up and i felt like dying.. Thank god Beniitta got me some lemonade and french fries that made me feel better.

Here's sick Tanja.

After some sleep, drink and food, we were invited to some little chill out party with Seike and his friends. 

It was really nice to meet some new, fun people. They all were guys and super interested in Finland. They wanted us to translate almost everything in Finnish and tell about our country. They also knew some Finnish words, mostly curse words lol. I didn't take any pictures from there, boo :-(

here's a picture stolen from Seike's Instagram with Fantawhiskey on a babybottle ..
We had to leave with the last train and get a taxi from the central since it was the only way to get to our hotel. Luckily we got the taxi without any problems, even tho some weird guy started to follow us at the train station.

 Random trees at our hotel, enjoy.

This was our last day since we left on Sunday morning. We were invited to some bigger party so it was the perfect way to spend the last day. Meet some new people and have fun!

Getting ready...

It was REALLY hot weather that day.
Our hotel was next to some shitty market that didn't sell any normal or real food so here's my lunch lol


 We took some pictures with Beniitta at the hotel. I didn't bring my camera to the party because i was scared that it would get broken or lost.

 The party was great. Sadly i don't remember much (blame the vodka), but all the people there were so funny, kind and happy. Also we had a lot of fun! Thank you!

We left the party so late that we didn't get back to the hotel anymore, but luckily Tobbe was so kind that he let me and Beniitta stay at his place. We slept there for one hour i think, and then left with some 6am train to our hotel. It was horrible to travel with empty stomach, feeling sick, and tasting blood and vodka in your mouth...haha. Anyway, we survived and slept for one hour at the hotel before heading to airport.

Goodbye, shitty market

At Arlanda airport. It was hard to leave Sweden, i really liked it. People were great, so smiley, happy and social. Totally different from Finland.

 Beniitta didn't feel so good so she slept almost the whole time at the airport.

We slept for the whole flight, and luckily Pauli and his mother came to pick us up from the airport.

 How do we feel about leaving Sweden?


  1. happy to read you both had fun! and you also look great - both *_*

  2. Awesome! I have to visit Sweden again some time. I live in the west of Norway, so it's a bit far, hahah

  3. My aunt lives in Älvsjö! So i think I know where you lived. And the "shitty" market have I visited many times and I agree that it is shitty! ;) hahaha. Do you know what the blue sign on the ground says? if not it says "We are building for a better/nicer Älvsjö" and the wooden sign you took a photo of says "love and faith gives happiness and calmness". So glad that you enjoyed Sweden! :D and thanks for an awesome blog! :D:D

  4. Thank you for writing this in English! I can normally only look at your pictures because I don't speak Finnish. I am American. Nice post about your weekend. You and Benniita are beautiful!

    KILLINGLIFE, Thank you for translating the signs!

  5. Looks like you had a fun and interesting time! Sweden looks like a beautiful place!

  6. great pics :) looks like you had a lot of fun there :) I think I need to visit Sweden in the future :)

  7. ootko laihtunu? en tajuu miks pukeudut noin "peittävästi", en oo ees huomannu ennen et sul on noin hyvä kroppa paitsi nyt ku näin tän kuvan


    1. lihonu roimasti :D en tykkää siitä miten rintava oon ja siks pukeudun peittävästi.

    2. Voi tyttökulta! Jos minulla olisi tuollainen vartalo, en peittelisi sitä (en kyllä pukeutuisi niin kuin huora, vaan pukeutuisin ihoamyötäileviin vaatteisiin). Sinulla on upea vartalo! Ei niitä tissejä tarvitse esillä pitää, muttei sinun tarvitse mihinkään kaapuunkaan pukeutua ♥

  8. <3__<3 onkstoi PotC- kaulakoru ? :_D mistä ihmeestä oot löytäny sen! Kiva postaus ja näytät upealta kuten aina :--)

  9. Oh, do you know if the guy closest to the camera (on instag. photo) is Arre/Arashia? It look alot like my friend, haha!

  10. Why dident U eat out, like pizza, macdonalds, salladsbar, ??

  11. Jos se ei olisi rikos, varastaisin vaatekaappisi :)

  12. I'm happy for you! It's really great to meet a new place with totally different culture! :)

  13. voisitko millään tehdä videoo siitä et miten teet hiukses, kun ne on tolleen etuhiukset takana, samanlailla kun tossa missä sulla on vihreetä tuolla joukossa :)

    rakastan niitä !

  14. Aivan _ihanat_ noi niittikengät! Mistä oot hommannut ne? 8)

  15. todella kömpelösti photoshopattu tuo toiseksi viimeinen yhteiskuva teistä. vaalean tytön naamasta puolet on yhtä silkkiä ja puolet normaalin näköistä ihoa... paha moka, paha moka.

    1. huomasin saman kun postaus oli julkaistu, varmaan jäänyt kuvanmuokkaus kesken.. :-D en jaksanut enää jälkeenpäin korjata mutta mikäs moka se semmoinen on, nätti ku mikä ilman mitään blurrejakin

  16. "People were great, so smiley, happy and social. Totally different from Finland." It's funny you think so. This is actually the exact same impression I got when I went from my home country Austria to Finland o.o everyone was so polite, open and friendly, and gladly helped us "tourists", explained to us the way or translated Finish signs for us etc.
    So if Sweden is even better than that..... Austria really must be the social hell on earth *lol*
    I'm looking forward for my stay in Finland because then I'll hopefully get the chance to visit Sweden, Estonia and other Northern countries too ♥

    By the way. That crocodile plushie is so super cute ♥ Is it yours?