Pictures from Korkeasaari



I visited Korkeasaari today with Pauli! It's a small island zoo in Helsinki.

I love animals, and i always enjoy visiting zoos and other places where i can see animals (and take pretty pictures!) So yeah, here's some pictures!

 Creeper owl

 Heitä antti.

 This orange little monkey reminded me of Seike.

 Happy bear.

 Happy Tanja watching bears.
 Some sand art!

 A wolverine! I have never seen it before even tho i have visited Korkeasaari many times before.
 No comment.

 All the big cats clearly wanted to kill me. They were soooo close. Hurrrrr ♥

 I really don't have much to write about, i had fun today and that's all! 

Ps. If you remember my friend Seike; His band released a new music video today and i hope you all will watch it and spread the link! I'm actually going to see them live next month in Sweden ~


  1. Aaaaahhhhhwwww the cats! Love the photo you took of tiger, it looks like it's so close! *_* I was lucky in an animal park once and took a similar picture of a wolf :3
    I never knew what wolverines looked like o_O I even had to think about what the word for that animal is in my language *lol* But they're cute :3
    And I like your outfit, especially the boots! :D

  2. they sure seem to like ketchup a lot XD

  3. those Seremedy guys XD

  4. Looks like you had a great time :-) I don't think I've ever seen a bear before in real life!! How fun!!

  5. They had some pretty cool animals for a small zoo!

  6. cool pictures and lovely song ♥

  7. Toi biisi oli tosi hyvä :) Nätti sinä<3

  8. Ostatko paljon juttuja ebaysta? Oon huomannut että mulla on aika paljon samoja vaatteita/asusteita kun sulla, ja itse siis oon ostanut ne sieltä. :D Tällänen irrelevantti kysymys kun oon utelias.

    Kivoja elukoita. ♥ Ja pidän hiuksistasi ja muutenkin tosta lookista.