Quick update about Sweden


First, sorry that all the pictures are taken with my phone, i didn't really have the time or energy to carry my camera with me.


Our flight left 6:50 in the morning so we had to wake up at 3am or something.. We didn't sleep at all that night. Also, we had to take a taxi to the airport since there was no public transport at that time.

We were so dead tired that morning.. i felt like i had a hangover or something. Just wanted to throw up and die hahah.

We met up with some Finnish girls who took the same flight with us and walked around the airport for a while, visited moomin shop and stuff! 

dead. ps. someone told me i look like Ville Valo that day...

The flight to Stockholm was horrible! The plane was so shaky and djskdhsjadhajsk i thought that we will die.

Anyway, arrived to Stockholm safely and went to our friend's place.
...and well, as you may guess; we slept the whole day. So i don't really have any pictures or anything. I didn't even wear makeup that day.

When we were awake, this is what we did.


Okay so this day was pretty much the reason why we went to Sweden in the first place. We went to see Seremedy's live!

Morning Beniitta

Too bad i wasn't able to take my camera to the concert since only photographers were allowed to bring cameras. Here's my look for the show anyway. I wore very basic black & white makeup.

My Swedish husband.

We met Iiris and Tiia before the gig since they also came there. It was pain in the ass to find the place where the concert was since we asked the way from some Swedish guy and he was a shit guide. Anyway, found the place in time so no worries.

The concert was amazing! It was impossible to stay still when the band and the music was so energetic! 
We were dancing around the place with Beniitta, shaking our lightsticks and singing along with all the songs we knew.
There were a lot of people seeing the show, also from abroad.

All the people at the concert were so nice! Some people knew who i was and came to ask for a hug, which was adorable! Also people came to ask how my eyes were so huge hahaha.
 The weird thing was that there were few people who seemed to be confused about my gender. Someone asked me if i was a girl :'D oh well..

After the show, all the fans from abroad got a chance to meet the band in private, we are standing far left in this picture, dunno what i'm doing... i was so dead after the concert! Never wear high heels for a concert again..

When we got out from the club, we hanged outside with some band members, staff and our friends. We were supposed to go party but since we were pretty much dead after all the jumping and dancing, we decided to go to Tobbe's and sleep.

It was heavenly to take off all the makeup after the concert..


Nice morning hair here.

Got Seremedy's new album from the gig!

We didn't really have any plans for this day, so we just decided to go to the centre and get something to eat before heading to Seike's place.

Why no one told me that Pizza Hut was so shitty? Like for real, i wasn't even able to eat this thing. So gross.
Anyway, we spent the night with Puni and Tuomas, went to have some coffee and talked shit, hohoho.

We arrived to Seike's pretty late, just chilled and watched a movie called "The Illusionist". I wonder why i have never seen it before? I love Edward Norton and the movie was really great!!

Buta sleeping ♥


I didn't really sleep that night. Maybe for 30minutes or something so i was pretty much dead again.
We went to center to meet some friends and stuff, i felt like a zombie for the whole day lol

Picture stolen from Alice's Facebook. We met her at the Seremedy concert!
We are awesome.

Our flight left 20:45, here's some pictures from Arlanda airport

Tuomas and Puni!

Snuskääpä. FYI those are not for her.

We arrived to Helsinki around 11pm, luckily Pauli and his mother came to pick us up from the airport.

My new piercings from crazy factory had arrived while i was in Sweden, yaaay!
I'm going to start streching my right ear soon. Since i have 20mm left ear and nothing on my right ear..

Also got a letter from hospital. I don't really feel like translating this one since it doesn't have anything to do with my blog. But i know that at least most of my Finnish followers have known about this for a long time already. Just wanted to tell how happy i am that this finally arrived.

Pauli actually called me while i was in Sweden and told me about this letter. I started to cry and everyone got so confused because they thought that something terrible happened haha.
Anyway, i hope everything goes well and i'll finally get some help for my pain after all these years.

And before leaving any shitty comments like "why not try some yoga for your pain", i want to tell that i have been in physiotherapy since i was 14 years old and right now the doctors are trying to stop the damage since there's already some damage that cannot be fixed. Ever.

 Beauty school starts next Monday! I'm so stressed out! 


  1. Your shoes are awesome *__*

    I´m happy to hear that you´re getting help for your pain, I´ve also got a pain for years now and nobody could really help me ..

  2. Siis minkä takia meet tonne kirurgiajuttuun? mitä kipuja sulla on?

  3. The troll hunter! YEAH!! makes me proud to be norwegian :D

  4. no siinä on nuuskaa jos toinenkin D:

  5. Haha, I am so sorry you even TASTED pizza hut. It is horrible! I know people that like it, but I agree with you. I'm glad you got a letter making you happy! Hope it helps whatever pain you have :)

  6. The Illusionist is amazeballs. I <3 Edward Norton like whoa. And yes Pizza Hut is horrible if you get the pan fried....grease Laden death , imo. And don't stress about beauty school, if its anything how mine was then you'll have a blast.

  7. Ahh If I would've known you were going to Pizza Hut, I would have TOTALLY STOPPED YOU! They are everywhere here in the states and they are ALL the same. OVERPRICED CRAPPY TASTING PIZZA! At least you know now so you won't ever have to go there again (:

    P.S. I'm happy that you came home to some good news from the hospital! <3

  8. Will you be sharing updates on your ear-stretching with us?
    I'd love to hear other people's experiences before I do it myself.

  9. And yes! Finally a blog without that hideous, time-consuming, awful CAPTCHA!

    Thank you!

    (So many exclamation point :P .)

  10. If you ever come to New Zealand try pizza hit again it's not that bad here (not that it's the greatest), good luck with beauty school I hope you love it as much as I love your facebook page and your blogs and I hope for your sake there's no bitches in your class like there was in mine.....P.S soooooo jealous you were in Sweden

  11. Obsessing over your shoes! LOL Seemed like a fun trip, I take those occasionaly to see my favourite bands too and no, never wear high heals to a concert, those are legs and feet killers! Great to hear you got good news ^^ xx

  12. Vaikkei ees tunneta (ehkä joskus oot kävellyt conissa ohi?) niin voi ei, oon niin onnellinen, että pääset tohon leikkaukseen! Itelläni on vaan nolot A-kupit niin en voi ees kuvitella, millasia sun kivut on... Ja jos oot vielä saanut parantamattoman selkävian... ;----; Hykertelen täällä itekseni ilosena sun puolestas! Toivottavasti leikkaus menee hyvin, paranet kunnolla ja ennenkaikkea oot jatkossa onnellisempi uusien tissien (XD sori...) kanssa! Tsemppiä tosi paljon, oot ihana ja tykkään sun blogista mielettömästi. Haleja. <3

  13. mulla on kanssa korvien venytysurakka edessä, vasemmassa 14mm ja oikeessa ei mitään..:D mutta hei ihanaa että pääset tuonne leikkaukseen, toivottavasti kaikki menee hyvin! :)

  14. Gosh, The Illusionist is perfect (and so is Edward Norton). I took a quick glance to the photos of this post and for a second I thought you looked like Marla Singer from Fight Club on the short-haired one, haha. And I'm happy for you, since it seems you've got some relieving news. :)

  15. Mun on pakko kysyä, että kai sä ymmärrät, ettet välttämättä pääse leikkaukseen vaikka sait ton kirjeen? Toi on nimittäin vaan konsultaatioaika ja siellä päätetään pistetäänkö sua leikkausjonoon. Ja jos pistetään niin joudut todennäköisesti odottelemaan vielä puolisen vuotta. En halua masentaa, mutta toi on vaan faktatietoa, eli älä innostu liikaa.

    1. Tottakai ymmärrän :D eikä mua haittaa odotella, on tässä jo kuitenkin useita vuosia odoteltu

    2. Finnish anons, always sucking happiness out of everything. I hope everything is going to be okay for you, i got consultation because my boobs never grew. Honestly i rather be with my non-existing-boobs because they're so easy :0 good luck ♥ !

  16. Oh cool, I know that Alice chick :3 or well.. I know of her, following her on other sites ... xD

  17. Looking like Ville Valo? XD And people confusing your gender? lol what's going on with people, haha XD
    Seems like the trip was a lot of fun ^^ I love that pic where you take off your make up and extensions... you're really a natural beauty, when i take off my make-up I look hideous XD

    And I'm really happy for you that you will get your operation! I wish you all the best and good luck with everything! Hope it will really help you ^^

  18. Pidättelen kyyneleitä. Hyvä jos apu kipujen vähentämiseen on askeleen lähempänä, pidän peukkuja pystyssä ja lippua korkealla pystyssä puolestasi! Jos vain voisin, antaisin niin ison halin, että se varmasti parantaisi selkäsi! :')

    Sulla tuntuu olleen mahtava Ruotsin reissu :D ootko käyny kiinalaisessa syömässä, ruotsissa kokkaavat kiinalaiset osaa tehdä PARASTA aasialaista ruokaa mitä on tehty! ♥

  19. oot nii hyvä meikkaan et ees tarvi mitää koulutusta!!!!! ne vois ottaa sut sinne kouluu pikemminki opettajaks

  20. If you're going to a Seremedy gig in stockholm again some time and would like a better guide, I would gladly show you and your friends the way if you would like! :)
    Love your blog by the way!

  21. Where did you buy those amazing shoes?? lusting over them haha

  22. Where do you get your coloured contacts from? I love the blue ones you wore above and was wondering if you could suggest any for me? I'm going as a tiger for a fancy dress party in a few weeks and need some that have a big diameter (But no bigger than twenty) and look subtly animalistic. Can anyone reccomend anything? Or anywhere they know that sells something similar?

    Love your blog, it's surreally beautiful O.o