Sweden 03.08->06.08



Just wanted to inform you that i'll be travelling to Sweden tomorrow so i won't be online for a few days.
I'm going to see my friend's concert and have fun, since i only have couple weeks of summer vacation left!

Somehow i don't feel like i'm leaving tomorrow, i haven't even packed my things yet x__x i need to pull myself together! I feel like i'm just sleepwalking or something.. Oh well, i guess i'll be very awake tomorrow when i have to get to the airport somewhere around 4am.. 

I'm travelling with Beniitta and couple of other Finnish girls who are also coming to see the concert. I'm so happy that people from Finland are travelling to Stockholm just to see Seremedy's release gig!

We will only stay in Sweden for couple of days so we will sleep at our friend's house instead of a hotel.
As i told you in my last Sweden post, i have only been to airplane twice (which were the last time we visited Sweden) so i am still bit scared and excited about travelling by plane :'D Oh well, hopefully everything will go okay. I'm happy that the flight to Stockholm takes only 1 hour.

I'll try to take a lot of pictures! Since i was a bit lazy last time .. hahah.

The Lime Crime giveaway will go on even tho i am not online.

But i apologize that since i need to approve all the comments that are posted to my blog before they are published, there will be some delay since i can't check the comments often when i'm away.
I already have over 600 comments on the giveaway post which is CRAZY!
I need to remind some of you that if you didn't post the comment with your name an email address on it, you can't win. There was a lot of comments without proper information.

Anyway, see you next week!


  1. Millon alkaa tulee noita "coming soon" meikkejä ja sun lauluvideo :D Oottelen innolla ^^ Varsinkin k-pop tutoriaalia c: (ernuilu kunniaan.)

    1. k-pop ja ernuilu kuuluukin hyvin yhteen

  2. Have lots and lots of fun Tarja :)

  3. Lähdössä tosiaan kuun lopussa Tukholmaan itse,vähän hermolomailemaan.
    Vinkkejä hyvistä ruokapaikoista,must see paikoista ja katumuodin liikkeistä? :)

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  8. missä yleensä ostat peruukkeja? entä värilinssejä? pitäisikö käydä silmälääkärissakin?