Germany 27.9-2.10



So, this is just an announcement for you guys!
I'm travelling to Germany tomorrow and will stay there 27.9-2.10 so i won't be updating my blog for a while.

I'm travelling with two awesome guys and we will go to see our favorite band playing live, TWICE.
I am so excited i could die!

I have never been to Germany before so i'm really nervous but thrilled at the same time, i'm sure we will have loads of fun there! Our hotel is in Berlin, so we will mainly stay there, but we will also visit Rostock.

So, all my dear German readers, keep your eyes open, you may spot me running around Berlin!

Today i have been just lazy, i haven't even packed yet and we are leaving tonight, god i really should stop writing and get myself together... 
I also went shopping some things that i need in Germany, some toothpaste, shampoo, etcetc 
Here's couple of pictures that i took while we were shopping with Pauli.

I will take loads of pictures and also some video from our trip.
I will update my blog next week when i'm back in Finland.

And if you wonder what band we are going to see... Here's something for you guys to listen to!

Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. Enjoy ♥ Oomph are the best! I'm gonna see them in France for the 2nd time on 12 october :)

  2. Have fun there :)

    I love Oomph and I´m really jealous that you´ll see them twice :D

  3. Berliini on kiva paikka mut välillä meinas mennä vähän sormi suuhun kun jengi tuli randomisti puhumaan saksaa :---D Yleisin lause mitä sanoin siellä oli varmaan ich spreche kein deutsch XD en kyl tiedä onko toi ees kieliopillisesti oikein mut kyllä ne kai ymmärsi....

  4. Have fun in Germany and travel safely! :D
    I really like Oomph! though I don't know that many of their songs. But I like the singer's voice, that's usually what is most important for me with a band, haha :D
    Looking forward to see some photos of your trip! ^__^

  5. how amazing you are in germany and berlin °_______°v
    have fun with oomph. a friend from will go there too

  6. Voih! Minunkin piti mennä katsomaan Oomph!:ia Saksaan, mutta tuli mutkia matkaan :/ Pitäkää hauskaa! :D

  7. No waaaaay :D So cool!
    Too bad i live far, far, faaaaar away from Berlin, so no chance to see ya :(
    Have a good time in good old Germany :)

    1. hahaha you´re here too^^
      One more reason to visit me in Berlin ;)

    2. Are you kidding me? I have no holidays left this years except the days between Christmas and new years eve ._.

  8. Looking forward to the photos from your trip ^^ xx

  9. Wow, you are comin to Berlin^^ I love Berlin, it´s my favourite city. But maybe I should tell you that I live there since ever *lolz*
    I really hope to have the Luck to meet you^^ That would be really cool. But I´m sure I wouldn´t even recognize you with your often changing haircolor (wigs and so on) ;) And also Berlin is so huge you could be everywhere.
    Oomph! is really a great band. I like your tase in Music this time^^
    Have fun at the concerts!

  10. Sadly, I'll be in Berlin in the middle of october. would've loved to meet you!!!

  11. Wow! Maybe I will see you here ^__^

  12. wow, I did not think that Ooomph would be interesting for people that do not speak the language? To me it's all about the lyrics when it comes to them.

    1. Lyrics can always be checked from the internet though, you'll find translations for sure! :3

  13. I hope you have a great time here in Germay :)
    Greetings from Stuttgart