As you know, i was in Germany for few days and got back to Finland couple days ago! Here's a small update about how i spent my time in there!


Our flight left somewhere around 6am so we needed to be on the airport super early. I felt sick because i didn't get any sleep that night.

The flight was horrible because i felt so sick, i was seriously dying. Ugh. 
It was nice to watch the sunrise from the airplane tho!

Okay, so we arrived to Berlin pretty early and spent some time looking around the town for a while. Then we headed to our hotel , rested a bit and left our luggage there.

Then we went to get the first shoppings from Berlin! Desperados and Jack'n Coke in a can!
This is pretty much what we were drinking all the time...

Boys with the creepy sandmann satan or whatsoever, 
this horrible statue was near our hotel and we hated it hahah!
Anyway, we spend the rest of the day travelling around Germany by train! It was so much fun to see the place and learn the local trainsystem stuff ~
Vade was our guide since he studies German in Finnish university and visits Berlin very often.

After many hours of being an annoying tourist, we decided to visit a German bar that was next to our hotel.
I got a free beer! Even tho i never drink beer i drank this one, and it was delicious!

After too many drinks we went to visit some local super market... and this is what we got.
I don't know why the hell i bought that cake. I guess it's the TÖRÖÖÖ!


That day we decided to go and visit some historical places and see some landmarks. 

This guy is my idol.

Also visited a mall and i found my husband from there.

Drank some sex on the beach at some local bar. It was so warm and sunny in Berlin! Totally different from Finland! (haha look at my tiny hand...)

Hmm i didn't realize how much i drank there, i'm just browsing pictures here like "oh another drink.." 
Well the alcohol was so freaking cheap!


As you know, we were supposed to go see OOMPH! in Rostock this day. Well, there was some mess with the trains that day and we found out that if we travelled to Rostock for the show, we couldn't get back to Berlin before next morning. Rostock is probably not the best place to spend your night on the streets so we decided not to go. Kinda depressing but we were going to see the band next day anyway.

I wasn't too much into makeup and hair stuff while in Berlin. I didn't wear any wigs or extensions there since i just wanted to have fun and feel comfortable. It was weird to have short hair every day tho!

Since we didn't go to the concert, we decided to visit the Europe's first video game museum!
It was totally awesome to see all the old consoles, games and even try some of them!

First video game console ever made!
It was so cool to see this one~

My iPhone met his great grandpa !

I guess these computers were playing some game agaist each other... lol

Pong ♥

Valtteri playing some crazy 3D game!

There were also a room full of cosplay pictures which was kinda cool! All the costumes were incredible!

We also played some old Mario Kart and i won! Hahahahaha boys were so mad!

It was funny that there were bubble tea places around every corner in Berlin!


So this was THE DAY aka we went to see OOMPH!
But we decided to see the town for a bit before going to the venue. Since we were in Berlin, why to waste any time there doing nothing? Haha!

Anyway, we went to see the Berlin wall, which was pretty cool. Some of the artworks there were really cool and deep.

Tv tower!

So, we arrived to the venue about 1 hour before they let people in. There were so many people waiting before us! I was so scared that we will end up somewhere in the back and i won't be able to see the show at all... especially when German people are so tall and i'm like 165cm... haha

Well, luckily most of the people went to get drinks when we got in. I was able to get in the front row! 

Before OOMPH!, there was a band called Blowsight as a supporting act. They played for 1hour i think!
Before they got on stage, someone told me that they are a core band and i wasn't too excited to hear that. But when they started to play, i got really surprised! They were actually very good, especially live! They were so energetic and the vocalist was amazingly talented! ( not surprised that German people call them a core band since they called me a goth lol )

I started to laugh when the vocalist told that they are from cold ass Sweden where they have polar bears, yeah lol hi neighbour!

Even though i think pretty much no one knew this band before, people tried to sing along, danced and had loads of fun! Also, they played  "Poker Face" cover (which btw was great!) and people got crazy! So much fun!

I didn't get any pictures or videos of Blowsight's show but here's a video from the same concert, from YT username Panikgirl944.

Too bad that you can't see it from this video, but actually in the end of this song (when the vocalist leaves the left side of front row) he came in front of me and sang the last line for me :-D it was pretty cool! Even tho it was awkward to have a pretty boy singing for you about 10cm from your face hahahah.

Then shit got serious. Suddenly i realized that OOMPH! is going to play in 5minutes and i started to panic. However i was able to stay still, thanks to the club full of people and no free space around me.

Some random sailor song started to play and the band arrived to the stage, dressed in sailor costumes. Except for the vocalist Dero who was dressed up as a superman and wearing a Joker makeup..... 

Well, they started with the song Unzerstörbar so i get the costume, lol!
Luckily he took off the superman costume after that song and wore a sailor outfit like the rest of the band.

I took some video clips from the gig, mostly just the calm songs because the audience was crazy with their wall of death stuff etc and i was scared that i'd drop my phone haha!

Anyway here's the video that i took. If you wonder why Dero changed to a dress in the ending, the song Aus meiner Haut is a song about cross-dressing :-)

Also, since i only got peaceful songs, here's some other songs from YT username eightmanes

I actually didn't find any videos taken during the heavier songs... i guess no one was able to do that! haha!

Anyway, the show was amazing. I still can't believe that i was finally able to see my favorite band live! Totally worth of travelling all the way to Germany! Haha!

I almost peed myself when i got in eye contact with Dero while he was singing. Apparently i was very funny looking because he started to laugh. Haha, poor me.

This tweet made my day after i got back to the hotel that night.
(Flux is the guitarist of OOMPH!)


The only picture material is this. We were totally dead after the big day so we spent this day just drinking and chilling.


So, this was our last day in Berlin.

We didn't have any real plans for this day but since our flight was at night, we decided to spend the beautiful sunny day at the Berlin Zoo!

As many of you know, i am totally in love with all sort of animals and i was so thrilled to get in this place! I had never seen any exotic animals so i was like a little kid running around, taking videos of every animal.
I tried to upload my video here but i guess it's broken or

Look at those eyes!

I totally felt a connection between me and this gorilla! Magical creatures! 

Also smoked my last cigarette in Berlin. I have to quit smoking because of the upcoming surgery. I've been smoking for years so it's going to be hard to quit but i'm going to make it!
Been 2 days without smoking now! Yay!

Anyway, arrived to Finland around 1am or something. The flight was horrible but i survived.

I miss Germany like crazy, but it's good to be home again!

Going to update again soon because i have one Halloween look that i want to share with you guys. Maybe i'll post it tomorrow!


  1. Wait... I'm confused XD you wrote "Saturady-Sunday-Monday-Sunday" ? XDD Well anyway! This sounds like such a great experience, I love to read about concerts people have visited, I could really relate the excitement you must have felt :D That sounds so cool!
    I really wish to visit Berlin some day too!

    And you should come to Austria too one day, we have a pretty cool zoo in Vienna ;D

    1. SILLY ME XD hahaha fixed it! I was too excited to publish this post i guess lol

  2. Valitettavasti panda kuoli mutta mua kiinnostaa silti eläintarha. Itse lähdössä Berliiniin lauantaina.

  3. I'll probably die if two guys of my favorite band notice me... XD Such a lucky and pretty girl! Love the makeup and the new hair!!!

  4. Looks like you had a great time!
    My grandad used to have a Virtual Boy haha it was so freaking heavy

    Also much love for your short hair, you really make me miss my own :O

  5. You went to the video-game museum?
    I'm so jealous! :)

    I wanted to go there so much, but there wasn't enough time/money.

    And I'm sad we didn't get to spend more time in Kreuzberg... but I did get to experience the 1st of May rave in the park - one of my best memories :D :D :D !

  6. haha, It's so amazing to read about your own city. Also very interesting to hear what other people likes in Germany^^ Thank you for this post and I hope you'll visit Germany a second time. Maybe Düsseldorf? ;)

  7. Facebookissa yhdessä sivulla nimeltä "Gothic punk emo scene of the new hell" onn siun kuvas. En tiä ootko antanu lupas pistää kuvan sinne, mut siellä se kyllä koreilee :D:

  8. Facebookissa yhdellä sivulla nimeltään "Gothic punk emo scene of the new hell" löytyypi siun kuvas. Enn tiä ootko antanut luvan laittaa kuvaa sinne, mut siellä se kyllä koreilee :D:

  9. Cool that Blowsight was the opening act!
    We have played with them in Sweden one time ~

  10. Please do Lilith from Borderlands make-up/or look! I think you would suit it really well. And you would make a fantastic job too.

  11. Helsingissäkin on vanhojen pelilaitteiden ja koneiden museo Jätkäsaaressa verkkokaupassa. Tosin mittasuhteet on hyvin erilaiset, taisi olla kaksi huonetta vaan..

    Tahtoo itsekkin reissaamaan! Kiva postaus :>

  12. You should've told me that you're going to visit Rostock :D I'm living there and my appartement would've been large enough for all of you ^^

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