GEO XTRA WT-A02 lens review


Hi everyone!

A while ago I received these gorgeous new, blue lenses from geocolouredlenses!
I got to choose one pair of lenses, and I knew immediately that I'd take these. They are so cool! I really love the design of these lenses. 

I'm a bit late with this review but since I've had so much crazy stuff going on lately with the cancer biopsies and such, I really haven't been wearing any makeup or gone out.

So, as i already said. The design is gorgeous. And as you can see, they don't look crazy at all when you wear them. They blend surprisingly well with my own eyecolor.
Sometimes blue lenses don't look bright in my eyes but these lenses have a lot pigment in them so they really pop up! 

This model also comes in 6 different colors! 

I really wanted to take pictures in natural light so you could see the colors better, but if you live in Finland, you probably know that it's impossible to see any sunlight in here lol. So I had to take pictures in my bathroom


These lenses have insane enlargement effect. Probably the biggest-looking circlelenses I have!
These have 15mm diameter, so they are pretty big, but still, the effect is so much better than with my other 15mm size lenses. Maybe the design gives more enlargement? hm

These are also very comfy, as all the lenses that I've received from geocolouredlenses. They really have top quality! And the best prices!

Get these lenses:

ps. yes i got rid of the ugly old layout, i will keep this one until i get someone to help me with the codes and such
pps. yes my hair is now bright red
ppps. yes i have eyebrows, lol!

ReStyle giveaway 19.11-03.12



Once again I am happy to tell you guys that I'm having a giveaway!

This time the giveaway is sponsored by Restyle! 
I absolutely love their clothes, jewelry and accesories. I'm so thrilled that now I can give you all an opportunity to win some awesome items! Here's their FB page too, make sure to like them! Restyle

So, before I tell you the rules, I want to share some pictures that I took this morning. I'm wearing Pyon Pyon Hepburn dress in every picture, as you can see it includes a cute bolero and lace gloves. This dress is extremely warm and that's a big plus if you live in such a cold place as Finland for example, haha!
This dress makes me feel like a lady. I might cut it a bit shorter tho ;-)

I'm a hopeless bookworm and this Black book handbag really ate my heart. It's so beautiful!
This bag also has a shoulder strap!

 Also i need to show off this adorable briefcase ! Roses... ♥ This one also has a shoulder strap!

Another must-have for a bookworm! Brown book handbag!

 I'm also wearing a Burlesque choker in every picture.

 I know what you are thinking:

What's the prize? 

You will win ANY product from Restyle's website that you want! The price doesn't matter!

"Do i have to post this giveaway to my blog/twitter/facebook to participate?"
No you don't! But i'm happy if you do so!

"Do i have to be your blog follower to participate?"
No you don't, even tho i would appreciate it!

"Can i participate even if i'm not from Poland or Finland?"
Yes! It doesn't matter where you are from! Everyone can participate!

"How many winners will this giveaway have?"
I'm so happy to tell you that there will be 5 winners! And every winner can choose 1 item from Restyle's website for themselves!

"How do i participate?"

It's very simple, go to and find the product that you would like to win. The price doesn't matter. Then, leave a comment that includes the link to that product, your name, email address and a short note why you should win that product.

I won't accept comments that are missing any of these things!

5 Best comments will win the giveaway! 
Since my previous giveaway had so much spam, i will choose the winners myself this time so people who really want to win, will have a bigger chance :-)

This giveaway will end 03.12
You will win one product from Restyle website.
There will be 5 winners.
Only comments on this blogpost have the chance to win.



Did you learn anything new about me?

Puolikuolleena bloggailen tälläsiä turhuuksia. Käväsin eilen siinä rintasyöpätutkimuksessa josta mainitsin aikasemmin ja tottakai löyty joku parin sentin möllykkä. Lähdin aamulla ultraääneen ja pääsinkin kotiin rinnat sidottuna kun ottivat koepaloja kyseisestä ei-tervetulleesta pallukasta. Ollu suhteellisen haasteellista viimeinen vuorokausi kun ei oo kivun takia saanut nukuttua ja tuntuu et kaikki liikkuminen tappaa. Pitäis tosin mennä parissa päivässä ohi.

Kaikenlaista sitä pitääkin olla, saatana. Lääkärin mukaan kuitenkin kyseinen pieni pallero näyttäisi olevan jonkinlaista väärin kehittynyttä sidekudosta mutta tulevan leikkauksen takia piti varmistaa koepaloilla. Kahen viikon päästä tulokset, ahistaa! Koitan päästä taas bloggailemaan normaaliin tahtiin ja normaalia tavaraa kunhan tää tilanne vähän paranee ja pääsee tekemään tavallisia juttuja (esim nukkumaan lol) 
Harvoin kirjottelen tälläsiä ällöjuttuja tänne, sori haha :-D mut tiedättepähän miks oon mahdollisesti poissa kuvioista vähän aikaa.
(pictures from here)