ReStyle giveaway 19.11-03.12



Once again I am happy to tell you guys that I'm having a giveaway!

This time the giveaway is sponsored by Restyle! 
I absolutely love their clothes, jewelry and accesories. I'm so thrilled that now I can give you all an opportunity to win some awesome items! Here's their FB page too, make sure to like them! Restyle

So, before I tell you the rules, I want to share some pictures that I took this morning. I'm wearing Pyon Pyon Hepburn dress in every picture, as you can see it includes a cute bolero and lace gloves. This dress is extremely warm and that's a big plus if you live in such a cold place as Finland for example, haha!
This dress makes me feel like a lady. I might cut it a bit shorter tho ;-)

I'm a hopeless bookworm and this Black book handbag really ate my heart. It's so beautiful!
This bag also has a shoulder strap!

 Also i need to show off this adorable briefcase ! Roses... ♥ This one also has a shoulder strap!

Another must-have for a bookworm! Brown book handbag!

 I'm also wearing a Burlesque choker in every picture.

 I know what you are thinking:

What's the prize? 

You will win ANY product from Restyle's website that you want! The price doesn't matter!

"Do i have to post this giveaway to my blog/twitter/facebook to participate?"
No you don't! But i'm happy if you do so!

"Do i have to be your blog follower to participate?"
No you don't, even tho i would appreciate it!

"Can i participate even if i'm not from Poland or Finland?"
Yes! It doesn't matter where you are from! Everyone can participate!

"How many winners will this giveaway have?"
I'm so happy to tell you that there will be 5 winners! And every winner can choose 1 item from Restyle's website for themselves!

"How do i participate?"

It's very simple, go to and find the product that you would like to win. The price doesn't matter. Then, leave a comment that includes the link to that product, your name, email address and a short note why you should win that product.

I won't accept comments that are missing any of these things!

5 Best comments will win the giveaway! 
Since my previous giveaway had so much spam, i will choose the winners myself this time so people who really want to win, will have a bigger chance :-)

This giveaway will end 03.12
You will win one product from Restyle website.
There will be 5 winners.
Only comments on this blogpost have the chance to win.



    Katariina Lehojoki

    I've always dreamed of a bag like this. I love the design and it would really complete my outfits ;u; it's not easy being ouji

  2. I want to win this beautiful dress because I want to be beautiful lady like you :) - Anja Tuomi

  3. Omg, I love ReStyle! <3
    I would love to win the Pyon Pyon Coat, I don't have a winter coat at all and I'm about to freeze when the winter finally arrives. :< And the main things in the winter coat of my dreams are huge hood and wide dress-like tail, Pyon Pyon has both of them <3



    Paulina Johansson

    Tycho Brahes Gata 26
    41517 Göteborg

    I wish to win this product because I really don't have winter jacket at all (trying to rock a pleather jacket and something warm underneath but it's not really working) and up here in cold Sweden one should really wear a warm coat for the winter season! I want it because it's absolutely adorable and looks super warm and cozy with all the fur and the huge hoodie <3


    Sinead Nield

    for the past 3 years I've been through so many ups and downs, firstly my newborn son nearly died after being attacked by his biological father, then my grandad, my hero, passed away. However, I have slowly rebuilt my life, my son recovered from his horrific injuries and is now a cheeky, happy 3 year old and although I can't replace my grandad I am honouring him by continuing his profession as a hairdresser and some day hope to open a salon with his name above the door. Throughout this time in my life I havent had much time to think about myself, and even though a pretty dress wont solve problems it sure would be a nice gift that would remind me that life will get you down but you have to keep going and be strong!! <3


    Jonna Kekki,

    Kyseisen nettisivun vaatteet eivät juurikaan ole tyyliäni (itseasiassa lähelläkään), mutta laukut olivat toinen toistaan mielenkiintoisempia ja kauniimpia. Valitsemani pisti erityisesti silmään; se on tyylikäs ja naisellinen. Ehkä omaan tyylini hieman silmiinpistävä ja mieleen tulee mummini vanha ruusulaukku (jonka muistan lapsuuden ajoilta), mutta siksi se onkin juuri niin ihana. :-)


    Hey, my name is Katrine Madsen.(

    I would love to win this contest, because my parents never let me shop online and i`ve been wanting this hairclip for ages. I really love it, and i can never find one like it in shops. I really love your style and makeup and i`m a follower on your blog, facebook and instagram. I live in norway by the way, not far from finland ;)



    Haluaisin korsetin itselleni, sillä olen aina halunnut omistaa sellaisen, mutten tyyliltäni tylsänä ole koskaan päätynyt sijoittamaan sellaiseen. Tässä olisi mahtava mahdollisuus kerrankin vähän repäistä :-)

    Shauna O Halloran

    You may think its a joke that out of EVERYTHING on that site I want something so small.. But yeah I'm serious. Basically, I'm a college student doing makeup artistry. I NEED black hairspray for my kit for doing 3rd degree burns and for some reason its IMPOSSIBLE to purchase where I am (Ireland :( )Its so frustrating!
    Don't get me wrong, everything on that site is amazing and I would love so many things, but I NEED this hairspray for my college kit..
    So yeah. Also, You have been a MASSIVE inspiration to me in terms of makeup and style. I always knew I wanted to be an MUA, but seeing your work made me want to work so hard to be at your standard. Your amazing.
    Thank you for the inspiration <3

  10. So, what I'd like to win is this:
    My name is Nellie Persson, and my email adress is ^^

    The reason why I'd like to win this product, is simply because.. well first off, I love how it looks. I'm very into gothic fashion, but my parents doesn't really like it, so I don't get a chance to dress gothic that often.. Winning this skirt would make me expand my little closet of gothic clothing, and also on the same time, it'd help me to develop my style! Which well is something I'd love to do, I'm really interested in this style so n_n


    Would love to win this corset, it suits my style perfectly! I have been dreaming of a new better corset for some time now but haven't had the money. I just got a job and I'm waiting eagerly for my first salary so in a while I'll probably have the money myself but it'd still be a great fun to win something nice like this, as sort of a celebration for my new job :)

    With love, Sara Oinasmäki

  12. Jenni Mäkitalo

    I have wanted and looking for this styled bag for so long long time, but it's really hard to find bag like this. I love dark colors like black and I love roses and old century, so of course this bag would be so perfect to own. And because old books like what this bag is are so beautiful. So I would be very happy, if I could have an opportunity to win this bag for myself.

    Here is the link to the item-->

  13. Oh boy! :D

    My name is Marloes Bakx and my e-mail address is

    I would really love this underbust corset because I love all things Steampunk and I would also like to have a photoshoot wearing the underbust like I did with a corset that I bought from Restyle earlier this year! :D

    Picture of earlier shoot:

  14. Mimosa Kangas oon nimeltäni:) ja tää huulipuna oli rakkaus ensisilmäyksellä! Ei oo mikään kallis ja mietin otanko mieluummin laukun, mutta en vaan saanu tätä mielestäni oisin niiin iloinen jos voittaisin tämän. :)


    Would love to win this corset, it suits my style perfectly! I have been dreaming of a new better corset for some time now but haven't had the money. I just got a job and I'm waiting eagerly for my first salary so in a while I'll probably have the money myself but it'd still be a great fun to win something nice like this, as sort of a celebration for my new job :)

    With love, Sara Oinasmäki

  16. Sami

    I chose this umbrella because its so beautiful and unique, Ive never seen anything like it before and I would feel like a pixie from an old fairytale when using it ♥

    TÄMÄ!!! Ei ihan oman normaalin tyylin vaatekappale, mutta iski heti silmään, rakastan tota helmaa, mikä pitenee takaa ♥ Olisi tosi kiva testata!

  18. Tuolla oli niiiin paljon kaikkea ihanaa, että vaikea valita! Tää takki näyttää tosi kivalta ja se sopis varmasti tosi monien vaatteiden kanssa. Tällä hetkellä mun talvitakkina on pikkusiskon vanha takki, eikä mulla oo opiskelijabudjetilla varaa ostaa uusia vaatteita :c Olis ihana saada tällainen joululahjaksi <3



    Salla Mikkonen

    I've dreamed about a real corset for a REALLY long time and I've been watching for this beautiful piece of clothing for a while too. But the problem is that I don't simple have money for it. I have to do so much Christmas shopping and investments at the moment and it feels like I never have enough money.. So, that's my reason and I hope I could win because I REALLY LOVE IT ♥

    Tweeted about it:


    Kiah Weaver

    After drooling over a number of awesomely cute products (as i usually do when browsing online shopping stores >.>), i found myself wandering back it this beautiful necklace, its simple but something id defiantly hope to find myself wearing ^.^

    WOW. I am just left breathless. In 1 year I lost 115lbs and I think this dress would be a great Congratulations to me :-) Its beautiful. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    <3 Angela Fetterolf

  22. i fell in love with this handbag and i need is 'cause winter is coming and i can't really express myself through hunderds of winter jackets I have to put on >.< so this bag would "cheer up" my style !

    Meeri Lakka


    Because I just love this bag<3

    Mirka Åström


    I love the Victorian/Steampunk style of fashion, but here in England it is extremely expensive and hard to find such beautiful clothes as not many people wear that style of fashion, especially if you don't live near London. I had built myself up quite a good selection of Victorian Gothic style clothing, but I'm currently in recovery for anorexia nervosa and my new dress size (6/8) is an awful lot smaller than my old 12/14, so I have barely anything to wear. It would make my December to hear I had won this beautiful top so I could show it off over the Christmas and New Year's period. Thanks so much! :)
    Lots of love, hope everything is okay with you with your recent biopsy and sicknesses,
    Lotti Crocker, x

  25. papperroskis@gmail.comNov 19, 2012, 6:09:00 PM

    Im not too good at writing these kind of things but anyway,I think this bag is really pretty darn beautiful!The first time i saw it i just knew i had to have this bag!Im obsessed!
    And why i should win...eeeh i guess the fact that i cant order anything at all from the internet (damn you, mother) is a pretty good reason...Well i just really like this bag and it would really make me happy if i won.

    Name. Ania




    Haaveilisin kivasta mekosta kesähäihin joka kuitenkin edustaisi omaa tyyliäni, mutta rahaa ei ole yhtään sijoittaa ja tämä nappasi sitten eniten omaa tyyliä edustamaan. Olis hienoo voittaa tää:)


    Angela Fetterolf

    In the last year I have lost 115lbs and I think this dress would be an awesome way to show it off. I have never had anything quite like it. It is amazing and would be honored to wear it! Thanks so much for the opportunity! <3

    Facebook Shared-

  28. Gosh.... you look stunning, that dress really suits you very well! I think with a petticoat it would look even better, I like that hint of Gothic Lolita it would give it :D

    Actually, I made an account for their webpage a while ago to save some items to my wish list, hoping I could maybe place an order after Christmas, I've known their shop for a while now, and they offer really amazing stuff. I was longing for a black underbust-corset for so long now, that I thought I'd be able to find one there, but they're all sold out or don't come in my size ;___; (and a corset really doesn't make much sense if it's too big in the end -__-) I'm still waiting for the one I want to be restocked in my size...
    So, I would like to take this chance and win a different item that I fell in love with when I saw it the first time, it's this coat:
    It has the perfect length for Lolita-themed outfits and it looks like it can keep me warm in winter very well (after all I'll stay in Finnland till February before I return to my slightly warmer home, haha). I only recently started to "wear" Lolita, but my first complete outfit is whole black, and so the coat would just match that perfectly, and also some other outfits that I have in mind ♥

    Err so.. long story short.
    Name: Varis (hope it's okay that I don't use my real name...)
    E-mail: varisvarjo[at]
    Why I'd like to win: It's black and fluffy ♥ and I need it to warm my ruffle-butt in winter when I wear Lolita :< I guess that says it all XD


    Anne ,

    Itselläni ei ole vielä lupa netistä tilailla, ja vanhempieni mielestä on parempi sijoittaa "perustavallisiin" vaatteisiin. Tuollainen takki on kuitenkin enemmän minun makuuni kuin H&M varusteet, joten toivotaan että onni potkaisee! Olisi mukava saada jotain räväkämpää noiden perusvaatteiden vastapainoksi!

  30. Oi voi Restyle on aivan ihana putiikki ja olisi mahtavaa olla yksi viidestä voittjasta : ) harmi ettei siellä ollut enää erästä laukkua jota olen haaveillut mutta kaikkea muutahan siellä on. Pääsyin valitsemaan tämän t-paidan:

    sillä se on aivan järkyttävän upea! Toivottavasti onni potkaisisi minua :)

    Olet ihana, ja blogisi on yksi parhaimmista!

  31. Ida Saarenpää

    Olen jo pitkään katsellut ReStylen vaatteita, laukkuja ja asusteita sillä silmällä, mutten ole saanut aikaiseksi tilata mitään. Arvonnastaa kuullessani syöksyin heti ReStylen sivuille ja alkoi pitkä pohdinta, minkä tuotteen haluaisin, jos vaikka sattuisin voittamaan giveawayn. Olen katsellut tämän tyylisiä laukkuja jo pitkään, ja tämä on varmasti kaunein laukku, jonka olen koskaan nähnyt. Rakastan ruusuja, yläosassa olevaa porttia, ja jostain syystä teksti "Dark Poetry" kiehtoo minua. Se sopisi tummanpuhuviin asuihini täydellisesti. Muutenkaan en omista yhtäkään sievää laukkua, joka olisi soppelin kokoinen. Minä myös rakastan kirjoja, joten olisi huippua pakata luettavaa ihanaan kirjalaukkuun. :)

  32. Dawn Neil,

    I would love to be able to post one of the beautiful steel boned corsets but sadly I can't fit in them at my current weight, but my purse is about to fall apart and why not have a beautiful looking one like the one above. I love the clockwork details.

  33. Hello Rose Shock,

    first of all, thank you very much for this contest, i´ll try my luck =)

    the first time i came across restyle was by accidently reading one of your posts. you had this striped black-and-white dress on with a skeleton belt- it looked gorgeous! i was browsing this site every now and then to pick up some pieces which i liked most. the only problem (which still remains)- every time i am baffled by the shipping costs, which can go high up to 40,- euros. in order to justify such high costs i try to overload my "basket", but end up buying only a few things or even nothing. i mean, spending money can be such a pain in the arse for a student like me =)

    to cut a long story short- i´m in love with the "Pin up Black JACQUARD dress with pettitcoat" , which is soo awesome-looking. i think, it would go well with my red hair, too =)

    again, thank you for the contest and have a good time,

    Lina (

    i suppose, you don´t need my last name to this point and -yes, this e-mail adress is real


    lukijanimi vai mt..? no luen ainaki tällä nimellä jos se siitä on kiinni.

    Et kuules tiijäkkään kuin ois ihana omistaa edes yksi oikeasti hieno mekko. Ainoa mekko mikä mulla on vuosiin ollu niin oli rippimekko ja sekin oli niin persoonaton. VIhdoin kun tuli tämmönen ihana mahdollisuus voittaa jotain persoonnalista ja vähän erilaista. Näin tuon mekon ja sydän pakahtu. Tuo on kaikkea mitä oon etsiny mun täydelliseltä mekolta aina. Toivon vaan että huomaat tän epätoivoisen keskellä korpea asuvan mekonmetsästäjän avunhuudon että kitos mahdollisuudesta.


    Kira Verkijk

    Sadly I would love to choose anything else from this site but the only this is I am a plus size gal. How I do love the bags and this one would go great with my EGA/dandy style.


    I really need a good bag and I have been looking one that i like FOREVER. I don't have any extra money atm, so I'd like to win this bag, even tho it isn't that expensive. I can't afford it.. because.. you know.. Student here, so no money. :D

    Mirjami Hauta

    heti kun avasin tuon restylen nettisivun olin kuolla onnesta kuin näin tuon lakin *---* oon etsinyt tuollaista jo kauan ja mikään ei ole näyttänyt niin hyvältä kuin tuo ja kestävältä ettei oo mikää krääsä joka hajoaa heti.
    Tosiaan miksi juuri tuo lakki niin olen jo pienestä pitäen rakastanut kaikenlaisia uniformuja ja varsinkin sotilas/armeija uniformuja ja juurikin tuota ihanaa maanläheistä khakin vihreää!♥

  38. Jenny Ahokas

    Olen opiskellu nyt n. 3,5 vuotta kaksoistutkintoa, välillä meinannu lopettaa sen kokonaan kesken. Sain kuitenkin aina tsempattuu itteni jatkamaan ja nyt alkas olla vihdoin pikkuhiljaa valmistujaiset edessä, siis ammattiin sekä ylioppilaaks. Oon yrittäny ettiä täydellistä mekkoa valmistujaisiin, enkä halua mitään perusmekkoa jostain h&m:ltä, siinä pitää olla asennetta ja sopia omaan tyyliin! Tää mekko täyttää ehdottomasti nuo kriteerit. ♥ Parasta on se, että käyttöä tälle löytys varmasti valmistujaisten jälkeenkin eikä se unohtuis johonkin kaapin perälle.

  39. Lina LeonhardsenNov 19, 2012, 6:19:00 PM

    size M

    Lina Leonhardsen

    I'm a girl that's been trough a lot.. I'm not going to tell everything just to make people feel bad for me or anything.. But some of the things I've gone through over the past few years have been cancer (!!), that my favourite pet passed away, and that my mom doesn't really like me.. She likes my brother better and isn't afraid of showing it. The thing is that I doesn't have any "beautiful" dresses.. and I never get new dresses for christmas or my birthday. I just adore this dress so much, and I need it for the prom coming up! It would be so very helpful if I got this dress, because I can't find any dresses like this who represent me in Norway. And if I got it from my role-model.. woah. It would mean the world to me!

    Sincerly, Lina

  40. While I really love the dres you are wearing, I heard that it fits quite small. I'm really sad about this!

    I also fell in love with the bags! This is the one I like best and the one I would love to win:

    I would love to have a unique and a little gothy-industrial bag which I can take to my boring and conformist job. Like you, I have to be careful with what I wear and how I look at work. But I try to include gothy touches where ever I can! ^^



    This has to be the cutest, most wicked awesome jacket I've seen! I love the products from this site, their awesome! I've been looking for the perfect jacket for the colder seasons and I think I found it! I would love to win the give-a-way but I'm not going to give some sob story in order to. I just really love this jacket and think it would go awesome with the rest of my wardrobe!

    Jillian Hunt


    I would love to put a link to one of the steel boned corsets but they are sadly too small for me till I lose some more weight, but my purse is about to fall apart. So if I would win I'd like this beautiful purse with the clockwork details it is amazing and I could show it off everyday.

    Dawn Neil


    Hello dearie, my name is Nena Georgievska ( I absolutely adore Restyle and their products. Unfortunately I do not get many chances to shop online. I've been looking up to gothic lolitas (and lolitas in general) for a very long time I just never had the courage to dress like one. When I saw this skirt I imediately fell in love. I would be very honored to win this giveaway and for once try to be a lolita :3
    * Kisses *


    Hello dearie, my name is Nena Georgievska ( I absolutely adore Restyle and their products. Unfortunately I do not get many chances to shop online. I've been looking up to gothic lolitas (and lolitas in general) for a very long time I just never had the courage to dress like one. When I saw this skirt I imediately fell in love. I would be very honored to win this giveaway and for once try to be a lolita :3
    * Kisses *


    I think that fall/winter in Poland and Finland is not the most pleasant time because of wind, snow and general weather. That lovely coat would protect me from getting cold or other worse illness but what is the most important - it is stylish, cute and bring attention. I don't want to look like ordinary people wearing long, black, boring coats. The coat is fashionable in it's own way and i think that I would definitely rock my city wearing it. Polish streets need more cute but extreme fashion!



    Lena Bruland

    i would really like this dress, as i've recently lost lots of weight, but never dared to buy a beautiful dress like this, only boring, straight, unflattering ones to wear under my clothes.
    even if i don't look perfect yet, this dress would probably flatter my current silhouette, especially my still pretty big boobs. besides this, i really love the uncovered back - i would show my alice in wonderland caterpillar tattoo :)


    Nimi: Pauliina Hiltunen

    Tuo mekko olis tosi unelma ylioppilasjuhliin. Muutenkin köyhänä opiskelijana rahat todella vähissä koko ajan ja kaikessa pitää säästää, että ongelma onkin, mistä itselleen asun hommaisi. Tuo mekko olisi juuri täydellinen. Olisin ikionnellinen jos sellaisen saisin!



    Haluaisin voittaa koska olen lähdössä yksin (siis ilman omaa perhettäni) ystäväni ja tämän perheen kanssa tammikuussa Egyptiin, joten en saa sen takia joululahjoja, joten haluaisin tämän (:


    Name:Silvia Speranza

    Hi! I'd like to thank you first of all for being so kind to all your followers :) you're a TRUE ispiration to us all, believe me!
    I chose this t-shirt cause, above all the amaaaazing things on this site, it's tho one which reflects me the most! I'm very much into steampunk and alternative cloths! Therefore, I SHOULD WIN THIS! ahahah thanks again darling, you're the best! ^__^


    I just think these are really sexy xD

    Name: Victoria



    yaay saan olla eka kommentoija ^^ Tuo takki on aivan ÄÄRETTÖMÄN söpö, ja lisäksi tosi lämpimän näköinen~ ♥ I can has it nao? :3
    Ois tosi mahtava voittaa, kaikki tälläset super hiienot vaatteet on törkeen kalliita :(
    Rakastan sun blogia, ja kaikkia meikki lookeja joita teet. Oot tosi kaaunis~

  52. This is real life gothic Cinderella speaking. I'm gathering courage to ask this one sweet guy out - we're both totally crushed and a bit shy!
    I think I would have more confidence with this beautiful dress, that's what I need.
    The dress would be a gemstone of the very special evening... <3

    Sincerely the desperate Cinderella,

    Salla Västilä


    I just think these are really sexy xD

    Name: Victoria

    Su Ling Lee

    Sounds so selfish to write why should I win this :3 Anyway I think I should win this because I love u and ur style + makeup and everything. And also I love Restyle but I will never be able to order anything from there because I'm not allowed to :( AND THIS FUCKING BAG IS SUPERÜBERAWESOME !!! <3 I propably have been dreaming of this bag like a looongloong time.

    ps. U r propably the most stylish person I know. take care now byebye then.

    pps. Didn't say that so u would pic me :3 Just wanted to let u know :D


    Hello! I chose this handbag because it's so beautiful and dark and unique and gorgeus and and and! It's like out of this world if you ask me. I've never seen a handbag like this and when I saw it for the first time my face was like: "O_________O" It was very awkward moment since my brother saw my face like that and started to laugh... But yeah, I love that handbag. It reminds me about horror movies and don't ask why - I have no idea! Those roses and gates... pure love, if you ask me. And I'll do anything if I get that bag - it's hard to be a woman :'D But... yeah. Hope I'll get that bag even I don't win, maybe if I win at Lotto, lol.

    Petra Pitkämäki

  56. Selailin innoissani sivua sormet syyhyten, tietysti etsien niitä kalleimpia ihanuuksia (:D), mutta lopulta päädyinkin sitten vaatimattomasti tähän mustaan huulipunaan. Musta huulipuna on ollut jo pitkään harkinnassa ostaa, osittain sinunkin ansiostasi haha. En ole kuitenkaan viitsinyt hankkia sellaista, jos en rohkenisikaan käyttää. Mutta nytpä aukeni sopivasti mahdollisuus kokeilla!

    Huomasin, että tuote on tilapäisesti loppunut, mutta osallistun silti sillä giveawayhyn. :)

    Aino Hausen

  57. (I'm not sure if you get my first comment so I wrote another one)

    Salla Mikkonen

    I've dreamed about a real corset for a long time, I only have two corsets which doesn't have lacing, and I've been watching for this lovely piece of clothing for a while too. It's very elegant and suits with many styles and clothes and I just simply love it. I would order it if I had any money, but the problem is that I don't. I get only 20€/month and I have to make Christmas shopping and I've done some investments in a really short period, so I'm just broke at the moment. And when I saw this, I decided to give it a chance because you can never know!

    Tweeted because everyone should see this:



    Shortnote? Well, why the hell only girls participate?:D I think its time for boys too, yeah. I fucking love this handbag, and its perfectly suits my love for gothic vampire theme, I think. Always loved this type of cloathing and fashion and I dress like that. I think this bag can become my one of all time favorite, perfect not only for books:) So I can put my laptop in and my midi-keyboard and do music outside and still be in my style, so it`s fucking amazing, would love it:)

    Goodluck everyone ^^


    Oon kattellu tätä mekkoo jo hetken ja oon suunnitellu sitä näillä näkymin yo-mekoksi. Tällä hetkellä opiskelu ei oikein suju ja motivaatio kadoksissa, mutta enköhän löytäisi sen taas, jos tuo upea mekko olisi odottamassa minua. Uskoisin myös saavani lisää itsevarmuutta astelemalla tuossa mustassa mekossa lavalle, ylittäisin itseni.

  60. You are so pretty I wish I would have the same boobs as you do! :P
    I think I don't want to participate tho, it's not really my style and I am pregant now so in some months I won't be able to wear clothes like this. Pretty nice though, I think I'll like their FB page!

  61. Hi.
    Hanne-Maria Karhula
    No, tuo laukku sopisi täydellisesti #saatanansöpöön asukokonaisuuteen jonka teen tyttöystäväni kanssa. Kummallakkin, ehkä vielä paremmin tytölleni~~

    I would like to win this handbag for my friend. As a cheer up (and a kinda as a christmast present).
    This bag would been perfect for her classy style,with a fun twist.
    Since she could easily use the bag in her new work and take the long strap of an voilá she got's a wonderful handbag for a night out.

    Johanna K.


    Name: Senni Kallio

    Olen etsinyt täydellistä salkkua itselleni, sillä olen vaatetussuunnittelun opiskelija ja meillä olisi hyvä olla ammattimaiset salkut, tämä laukku hoitaisi niin sen salkku puolen, kuin olisi muutenkin hyvin kaunis ja yhdistettävissä omaan tyyliini arkena! Rakastuin sen simppeliin, mutta hieman steampunk-henkiseen ulkonäköön ja se todellakin tulisi käyttöön! :)


    Diana Lindvall

    This dress - is seriously everything i've ever been looking for in a dress. It's so hard to find one in Finland,without the ability to order overseas and still somehow manage to be "you". It would be so much fun to go out and party in a nice dress once in a while rather than always wearing skinny jeans and a freaking hoodie. I want to look like a goddamn lady at least when i go to clubs or somethings like that, and this dress would definantely be my key to partytastic confidence.


    My name is Veronica S. Johnson

    Hello :)
    I would have appreciated if I were one of the lucky ones who won the giveaway.
    You see, after my best friend died 22/07/11 I have struggled a lot with anxiety and depression .. I always feel alone, even though I am with others .. I just want to feel happy and just be myself .. I have not felt like myself after I gave birth to my daughter, I must always be "mom"​​. I have not had a day without her, which I can only be myself .. Only Veronica. I love my daughter with all my heart! but I need something that can remind me of who I was and who I am. I know it probably sounds strange but, I know I would have more confidence if I won the corsett. It reminds me of the time before my best friend died and before I was mom. It reminds me of my time.

  66. Tässä olisi linkki laukkuun

    Nimi on Leena, sähköposti on

    Tahtoisin voittaa laukun koska olen haaveillut moisesta jo pitkään ja se olisi vain unelma saada! Kaikki laukkuni ovat tällä hetkellä hajoamassa, joten laukulle olisi kyllä käyttöä. Toivon kovasti että voittaisin!

  67. The product that I would like to win:

    My name is Frosty :D
    And my email address is :

    Out of all the possible options, I'd only like to win that product simply because as an artist, I experiment with the way that I look all the time (I drew this picture of you a few days ago: ), it's inspired me to try black lenses
    I'd like to try out them due to the fact that my eyes aren't specified as any colour. They always change depending on the lighting I know for a fact that the lenses would go perfectly with many of the make-up looks that I go for :) Also, they'd look stunning in a photoshoot.

    Thank you for taking your time to read ^_^

  68. Those bags <3

    Love this DRAGON Ear Cuff:
    Name: Elisa Esposito

    Always loved ear cuffs and it's so difficult to found cool ones. This one with the dragon is terrific. Edgy and original but subtle. The perfect piece <3


    Name: Kittie Peters

    I'd love to win this because I have only one bag that hardly matches me, and it's falling apart!!! This is one of the few bags I've seen that matches "me". I love black and white stripes, and the black rose cameo is stunning. I'd just be so happy! <3 (It was between this or the overbust black pinstriped corset, really... that was stunning too!)


    Kim Carina

    I really love this dress, the cut is perfect and it would show the bat on my chest <3 It's nice because it's elegant but different.. :) Sorry, my english is not the best but I hope you'll understand what I mean :)


    My name is Aera (email: I wish i could win the whole site! I love the clothing style and the beautiful models who model the clothing! Maybe someday I could model for a company such as this one!



    Oon jo pitkään etsinyt mulle kaulakorua, jotain erikoista, synkkää, suurta ja hienoa. Tossa on sitä kaikkea. Pisti heti silmään ja rakastuin siihen. *__* Just sellainen minkä oon alitajuisesti kuvitellu mun kaipaaman korun olevan. Täydellinen. En osaa paremmin perustella, tota mä oon etsinyt.


    ayla Franco

    Love this handbag its original and it just looks perfect .

  74. OMG Restyle! <3
    This handbag is SICK. Thanks so much for the giveaway! <3

    Paige Hull

    Hi Tanja, I would LOVE to add this bag to my tiny little collection of purses. I absolutely love your style and you have inspired me to be and dress like I want too, and I truly appreciate that. :) even if I don't win this giveaway I am so happy that you share your creativity and TALENT with all of us! I wish you the best in life <3

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.


    painottelin parin laukun ja tän välillä mut totesin että tää mekko olis itse täydellisyys jokseenkin en tiedä olisiko toi pienin S koko minulle liian iso. täytän huomenna 18 ja tuo olisi täydellinen syntymäpäivälahja c:

    nimi: Sanna Kareinen


    Name: Diana Lindvall

    This dress - Is everything i've ever looked for in a dress. It's incredibly hard to find something in Finland that is "you", without the opportunity to order from overseas. It's such a pain in the ass to always have to go clubbing with your friends or someone's wedding in ah-so-casual hoodie and pair of skinny jeans. But i'd rather wear those than something i wouldn't feel good or comfortable in.If i got this dress it would give a much needed boost for me and my party loving girly side.


    My name is Brittan Tyler, I adore this coat for so many reasons. I'm in cosmetology school like you, but I live on my own and as a student it's hard to afford something so beautiful. It's close to my heart because the lolita style is always so romantic. I would love to have a gorgeous black coat for the snow to fall on walking to and from my classes this winter! You could make my dreams come true ^ ^
    I'm sure any winner will be incredibly grateful, but I'd love it to be me.
    name: Brittan



    Se on täydellinen! Edellinen takkini koki kohtalokkaan pyörä+ rapakeli-yhdistelmän Mordorin kaduilla, eikä siitä enää ole siistiksi takiksi. Olen metsästänyt sopivan leveähelmaista ja pitkää takkia talvea silmällä pitäen jo kauan ja tämä olisi täydellinen. Pidän aina hametta, kyllä, jopa täällä Lapissa,joten takin pitää olla sopivan pitkä. Pidän myös pääasiassa leveitä hameita, joten takin helman tulee olla leveä. Yrittäkääpä itse tunkea megapöyheä hame normitakkiin, tuloksena on Michelin-nainen.

    Voin vain kuvitella kuinka paljon päitä tuo kääntäisi Tornion kaduilla :D Täällä kun ei ole kuin ketjuvaatekauppoja ja ihmiset pelkää kaikkea erilaista... eli tämä takki olisi ihan järkytys xD

  80. This is such a beautiful giveaway :)

    Michaela Pamp (

    My best friend is pregnant right now and I would like to make her a present. She isn´t blessed at all and i would love to see a smile on her face when giving this beautiful coat to her :) I know that she would love this cozy and cute thing. And I guess it would look so cute with this huge and cute pregnant belly^^
    And because I don´t have much money right now and couldn´t buy it, you would make my day if I would win this giveaway.

  81. It's really hard to choose and pick just one item among all those wonders!
    I'd lo ve to win the Gothic Handbag Human Skeleton in Lace Frame Black Velvet.

    The reason: I'm tired of people telling me that I'm 33 already and that I have to stop dressing "like that". I hate the way they say it and the look on their faces, most of all I hate those ignorant prejudices. I can't stand such stupid words anymore... I want to shove them back in their throats.
    I need this stunning and unique bag to show people that a young lady could be classy and elegant even if she dares to wear stuff that is pretty far from usual woman clothing.


    Name! Sarah Pompili

    Mail! sarah.pmpl[at]

    Of course I'm following you on bloglovin' and with gfc ^_^



    Mahdollisesti täydellisin takki, jonka oon ikinä nähny. Valinta oli vaikee, koska musta tuntuu että tuun jatkossa jonkun verran tilailemaan tuolta vähän sitä sun tätä.


    Franziska Klein

    ... It was LoVe at the first sight ♥♥♥ ...
    3 things that a woman needs to live:
    1. money for clothes
    2. a good styling
    3. and this damn sexy JACKET from Rose Shock's ~

    Facebook Sahred:


    Heke Pihlaja /

    Huomasin sivuilla heti tuon takin, koska rrrrakastan armeijatyylisiä vaatteita, jos ne on hieman muokattuja ja niissä on jotain ekstraa. On ollut tosi vaikea löytää nahkatakkia tai mitään muutakaan särmikästä lyhyttä takkia, kun kaikki on suoran mallisia ja kaipaisin juuri tuollaista, joka olisi tehty kapeaksi vyötäröstä! Vyötäröni on hienon puoleni, joten en halua piilottaa sitä minnekään.

    PS. Kiitoksia kaupan linkistä, tuolla oli todella kohtuuhintaisia tuotteita. Vastaavat on yleensä ihan ylihintaisia eikä voisi koskaan kuvitella ostavansa niitä. Pointsit Puolaan hinta-laatu-suhteesta.


    Koko: S

    Nimi: Jenni S.

    Aivan ihana paituli ja sopisi yhteen mustan korsettini kanssa! Olen etsinyt tämän kaltaisia vaatteita suomalaisilta sivuilta, tuloksitta. Koska olen vielä alaikäinen, en voi tilata netistä mitään, ja vanhemmat eivät suostu tilaamaan kuin suomalaisilta nettisivuilta. Ärsyttää, kun kaikki ihana on ihan pienen pinnistyksen päässä, mutta sitten niitä ei saakkaan. Olisi ihanaa voittaa tämä paita.


    I would love to win this because the winter is getting very cold here and my old coat almost falls apart. I don't have money for a new one, let alone a beautiful one like this. It suits me perfectly because I like to wear petticoats and circle skirts and I would love a coat that is warm and feels good and actually looks good over a petticoat, which my current coat doesn't.
    I have been broke for years because I can't seem to find a proper job and something like this would be sooo welcome for the cold winter!

    My name is Jopie L.K. or Miss Absinthe and my email is


    Franziska Klein

    ♥♥♥ It was LoVe at the first sight ♥♥♥
    3 things that a woman needs to live:
    1. money for clothes and make up
    2. a good Sytling
    3. and this damn sexy,plush JACKET from Rose Shock's ~


  88. I think this jacket is AMAZING,and I'd like to win it because it's in gothic/dark stile which I love the most!The autumn finally came so I'm looking for something to wear and here it is-one of the best jackets I've ever seen and it can be mine! I think that I'd like to wear it with my favourite thick black scarf and wedges!



    Marjut Mykkänen

    Kaiken maailman muut korsetit oon saanut läpikäytyä viimeisenn kahdeksan vuoden aikana basic satiinikorsetista ties minkämoisiin pvc-rytkyihin, mutta vaatekaappini on vielä liituraitaa vaille. Must have!


    Annina Artman

    Mä en omista ainuttakaan pitkää goottihenkistä takkia, mistään ei ole löytynyt hienoja ihanuuksia ja rakastuin tähän kun törmäsin. Tässä olis asennetta enemmän ku perus henkkamaukka rytkyissä. Ja kerrankin olis talvitakki jota kehtaa käyttää ;) Asennetta ei puutu takista, eikä kyllä mustakaan jos ton saisin vetää päälleni! Rauh.

  91. (size s)

    Henni Helimäki

    Argh, was hard to choose between this shirt and some other stuff! Too bad most of the clothes that would have been nice too didnt have my size :(
    But anyways, I would love to win this shirt because I'm huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. And it would look great with my soon-to-come Alice in Wonderland tattoo ;)


    My Name Is: Siobhán Locke
    My Email is:

    I feel I should win this product because I think I deserve a little bit of luck. This year I almost died again for the fourth time. I have been a type one diabetic since the age of 10 and unfourtunatly my diabetes has highly weekened my immune system. This september on my first day of college I went into keytone acidosis, a process which forces your body to shut down within a few hours if it is not taken care of properly . I was in intensive care for 3 days and in the female ward for 2 days. Despite all this I am determained to continue on with college and live a normal life. I find your photographs a constant inspiration for art work and they inspire me to continue to pursue my dream of becoming a make-up artist. It would really mean a lot to me if I won this prize

  93. Name: urzelgruz

    i love steampunk! i sewed a corset in the same colour that will match perfectly to this shrug. i will wear big messy hair with feathers in it, an eye-patch and my stripey leggings, my big demonia boots with gaiters in the same colour and a holster.. uhh! i like my thoughts :) it will look great! like an air-pirate!


    Aaaaa en kestä oon ettiny tätä paitaa vaikka mistä, googlaillu ja kaikkee, ja nyt löysin sen! Oon tähän ihan rakastunu, ja näitä sais olla lisää! Eri printtejä eri prinsessoista. Oon salaisesti Disney-fani. Ja omistan vinon pinon etenkin Disney-prinsessaleffoja. Mutta usko tai älä, niin "Pieni merenneito" ei ollut minun lapsuuden suosikkileffani, vaan VELJENI suosikki :D Siksipä haluaisin tän paidan, sillä siitä tulis mieleen mun veli. Ja ehkä vähän myös poikaystävä, sillä kun on yhtä komiat sleevet kuin tällä Arielilla. Onko hassua jos Arielista tulee mieleen vaan miehet? Mutta niinhän se on että miehethän tykkää punapäistä, ainakin niin mulle on kerrottu. Itsehän en punapää ole enkä ole koskaan ollut, joten olen vähän kateellinen Arielille (ja sinulle!) Mutta ehkä en enää olis niin kateellinen jos omistaisin tän paidan! ;)

    Enni Tolkki

  95. Tuote:

    Nimi: Hanna W

    Selitys: Tarviin talvitakin. Koska: En ole saanut aikaiseksi hommata uutta talvitakkia, vaan kuljen tälläkin hetkellä ehkä n.10 vuotta vanhassa takissa joka on ostettu Lindexin lastenosastolta,jossa on aavistuksen liian lyhyet hihat ja josta puuttuu suurin osa kiinnitysnapeista (vihaan nappien ompelua!). Joten hienoa olisi että uusi takki vain tupsahtaisi jostain ja saisin polttaa roviolla vanhan takkini!



    I would love to win the Dark Poetry bag. I've been searching for a new bag for ages, wanting something dark and beautiful, but big enough for my school things. And considering that I'm a creative writing major, the Dark Poetry bag is perfect!


    marika lintula

    Aivan äärettömän sulonen laukku, kuola valuu pitkin näppäimistöä tuota katsellessa... :3 likelike! ♥

  98. Jenni Suorajärvi

    Kaikki sivun vaatteet ja kamat ovat vaan niiin ihania että oli aivan liian vaikea valita, mutta lopulta tuo hämähäkinvetkkohuppari vei voiton <3 Luv it



    Täytynee kokeilla onneaan, ei kai se väärin ole?
    Mutta tuolle mekolle olisi kovasti käyttöä ensi vuonna, kun on tiedossa suurempia muutoksia omaan elämääni (onneksi kuitenkin onnellisia!). Haaveillut tuosta mekosta sen lisäksi jo pidemmän aikaa - ja nyt sille tulisi jopa käyttöä, eikä jäisi vaan kaappiin "homehtumaan"

  100. Jenni Suorajärvi

    Mun ed komma hävis vae? ;o Mutta siit kaikki sivun vaatteet ja kamat o niiii ihania että oli vaikea valita, mutta voiton vei lopulta tämä ihana hämähäkinverkkohuppari. Luv it <3


    Michelle Gaynor

    I normally don't like dresses, but this one caught my eye and I've found myself with the irrestistable urge to obtain it. I work for a music site and some of my favorite outfits to wear to concerts aren't really what I want to wear when representing my site, but I think this and a nice pair of boots, and some other accesories would be a perfect cute and spunky get-up for taking photos in. I could also wear it around town with the "Dark Poetry" bag I plan on getting myself for my upcoming birthday. ^_^

  102. I am in love with this coat: (

    Peggy Evang Lady.Evang@Hotmail.Com

    I would really like to win this coat. With my 4 kids having birthdays in October, November, and December along with Christmas, I am always broke this time of year and I really need a warm coat for myself. The past 2 winters I have either worn double layer clothing or stayed home when it was really cold so having a coat for myself would be great!


    Melissa Jean

    I finally lost most of the weight that I wanted to an I haven't worn anything that showed any piece of my body other than my arms in years. This would be perfect for my Tim Burton themed birthday I am having! I have been tryng to find something that would fit, but nothing was catching my eye.It will be the first time people seeing me in a dress, an just would go along perfectly. Thanks!


    Elli Vähämaa

    oon ettiny ihan joka paikasta mustaa karvalaukkua ja tuolla on sellanen <3 mua niin ärsyttää kun esim. hm:llä on karvalaukkuja, mutta ne on kaikki niitä ruskeita, enkä mä haluu sellasta D:
    tuo on ihan perfecto <3 ois aivan ihanaa voittaa


    Sierra Frantz

    Hello. I would absolutely love to win the Gothic Black Coat and Jacket 3 in 1 Punk Rave. I live with my mother who is a single parent and I am currently attending college. All of my money is going towards paying off my tuition and supplies which aren't cheap as well as paying for gas to get me to college which is an hour away from my home. On top of that I share all of my clothes with my mother. Her and I are both huge fans of yours and we adore your makeup and style. It would be an incredible honor to own something that you had sent to us. With winter coming it's going to be frigid and we could really use a new coat. The three in one is perfect, it would be like adding three more pieces to my wardrobe which hasn't gotten anything new in quite a long time! Thank you for considering me. Yours Truly, Sierra Frantz

  106. Kimberly Hubrig

    The product I chose is this bag:

    Okay, so, I already freaked out when I saw your picture with the Steampunk Stories bag, but to find out that I actually have the slightest chance of winning one made my heart nearly stop! :O
    However,I still had to decide, because I found another awesome bag.
    I am from Germany and somehow there is no way for me to get steampunk stuff except for the internet, which my mum unfortunately does not like as a shopping method..
    Reading all of the other comments I already desperated because I just don't have a good reason, I mean I have been sitting here for an hour straight watching a new-born-kitten livestream which made me absolutely happy! Maybe the bag could help me to go outside more, instead of just watching cats (though I really like the cat-thingy), because it is so awesome I definitely would need to show it off!

    Lovely greatings form Germany <3

    Martha Jarrett

    They aren't very big, they are somewhat flashy, and one hundred percent frivolous... I'm the classic single mum of one without the ability to spoil myself with things that are awesome and usually have to find some sort of way to justify it (new work clothes because the old are getting ratty, new shoes because theres holes in the current ones, justifications like that) but there really is no justification for colored contact lenses when I don't even need eye lenses.... Just they are incredibly vibrant and it would be a unique way of dolling up for the rare times I do get to go out.

    Either way though: Good luck to everyone who enters! I'm kinda rooting for the people without winter coats


    Ihan totaalisen ihana vaatekappale, rakastuin heti kun näin tän! Nätti jokaista yksityiskohtaa myöten, ja erityisesti tykkään tosta taakse pitenevästä helmasta. Oon jo pitkään haaveillut jostain nätistä mustasta pitsiunelmakorsettimekosta, mutta ei oo tähän asti ollu varaa tilailla, niin pitää sitten nyt vähintään yrittää!

    - Aada Porkka,


    my name is Caitlin Smay
    My purse is falling a part I could really use a new one and this one is lovely. I'm attempting to go to a cosmetology school if i can get grants or funding...i buy make up here and there but i can't afford much because im in middle America just trying to make an honest living best i can with my boyfriend.


    Hannele Raerinne

    No pain, no gain? Aina voi koittaa jos vaikka onnistais! Tuolla oli kaikkee aivan ihanaa, en ymmärrä miten en oo ko. sivuun törmänyn koskaan aiemmin... mutta niin, sitä kommenttia. Olis vaan yksinkertasesti niin hienoo päästä lähtemään rakentaa mun vaate/asusteosastoa vihdoinkin johonki suuntaan, ja tollasta steampunkihtavaa oon unelmoinu jo useemman vuotta. Ei kai mulla tän parempia perusteluita ole *naur*



    I am absolutely in love with 50's fashion. I love the emphasis of the hourglass shape, and this dress is just perfect! I've been finding it difficult to find quality vintage or retro inspired clothing, especially not any that I can afford. Having a dress like this to start my collection would be wonderful <3


    Petra Höglund

    I really do need this dress. It's adorable, black and, I quote, "so fluffy I'm gonna die"!

  113. Kimberly Hubrig

    The product I chose is this bag:

    My heart nearly stopped as I heard that I have the slightest chance of winning something as wonderful as the Steampunk Stories bag in your photos! The fact that I found a bag that I even liked more totally freaked me out!
    Reading the other comments I did realize that I may not have a very good reason for winning this contest, else than that it would make me go outside more, to show everybody that this bag makes me super awesome! And oh, I should really go outside, because I sat straight in front of my pc for the last hour, watching a new-born-kitten live-stream (and don't get me wrong, I really like that cat thingy and am also aiming to one day become a crazy cat lady, but I should act social at least once a month...shooould). You could make me a cat lady with an awesome bag, making me adore you even more! Maybe I will one day invite you to have some cocoa with me and the lovely cats that I am gonna own, and with "maybe" I mean totally, hehe!

    Lovely greatings from Germany <3

  114. Nora Adler

    Olen varmaan vuoden himmoinnut tuota kyseistä takkia. Vaikka se onkin melko yksinkertainen ja pelkistetty niin jokin siinä kiehtoo ja saa haluamaan sen. Takki on asenteellinen ja luultavasti juuri samanlaista ei kenelläkään muulla paljoa näkyisi. Takki näyttää myös todella istuvalta eikä tuulipukumaiselta kammotukselta, joita kaupat tuntuvat olevan nykyjään täynnä. Yksinkertaisesti täydellinen takki :)

  115. en kyllä oo ennen näin makeeseen giveawayhin osallistunu.


    En oo ennen vieraillu kyseisellä sivulla, mutta ihailen tota tyylia ja nostan hattua niille jotka toteuttaa sen niin upeesti kun esim sinä noissa kuvissa. Harmi, että mulle ei kyseinen tyyli sovi. Silti mielenkiinto on kova ja löysin jopa sellaisenkin vaatekappaleen tuolta sivulta, jota nyt janoan. :D



    All I want for Christmas is this scarf cap with cat ears. Why should I win? I really do not know. People on this page show a lot of interesting reasons, but being honest I will say that I do not like to hide in the crowd. People in Poland are so drab and boring, and I do not want to be one of them. Recently, I decided to change my image, fooled a bit of courage and I am finally fully himself. I've always been a bit different from the others and I do not want this situation to change. This hat I really liked it, not hiding - it fits into my hair, and this year will give the character the old winter jacket.
    I managed to find one specific reason why I want to win - I never won anything in a competition. I hope that this time, lucky, or rather you, smile at me.


    Zuzanna Grońska

    I'm not good at writing these and I usually don't, but I'm desperate. I need this hat/scarf/gloves thing. I've gone to university a month ago and I spent all my savings on books, apartment and other obligatory stuff and I have nothing left. Winter is coming and I cant' stand the thought of being forced to wear my mom's clothes. Again. This hat has become my dream since I first saw it, but I wouldn't have money to afford it till next winter. So, please.


    Anna Chuchro

    Voices in my head tell me that I need it. Heart also suggests something similar. So I must have it. :)


    Heather Marie Bristow

    I love the pin up style but as a Cosmetology/ Makeup Student all my money goes into replacing my kit so my love for the style is on hold for now, I was looking to get a dress similar to this for the Marine Corps ball that my boyfriend is taking me too.

    Good luck everyone hope for the best :)


    Madame Mim

    I lost 100 pounds and now, I can wear dresses like this. And I would love to do it!

    I wanna win it because those are the coolest leather pants i have seeeeeeeeen! I do not own any leather pants because is so hard to find cool looking and stretch. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway to all those who make it possible! xoxo!


    Alice Zielińska
    captain.alice at

    I really love steampunk and I've always wanted a belt like that! It would be usefull for my work.

  123. Morvan Maureen size M

    When a discovered Restyle, i think it was a dream ! so many things beautiful and with adorable price !! I already buy something on the site and it's so fast to receive it !! thank you Restyle to exist !

    Why i want this dress ? Well...i always wanted to be a princess. And today i'm a singer on a symphonic metal band. It's not incompatible !
    This dress reflect all the beauty and grace of symphonic music, it will be great on stage !!



    Well, why me? I do not wear stuff like that everyday. Honestly, I'm rather an average girl wearing casual clothes. I would like to change something in my wardrobe and... in me. I think that a corset like that will help me to feel more beautiful, confident and feminine. And will bring out my waist which is 'the best part' of my body ;).


    Name: Mihaela Markovic

    I would love to win this lovely dress (Pin up Black JACQUARD dress with pettitcoat), because it looks so royal and victorian. I'm really obsessed with patterns from this era. I would wear it to every single Tea Party and I would never spill my tea on it...

    Crossing my fingers :3

  126. Hello,
    I'm Julia from Germany and I LOVE It is not easy to find clothes in gothic & lolita style that you can afford as a student.
    I already 'liked' the restyle page on facebook months ago and recommend it to all of my friends because I'm such a great fan of the shop =)
    I'd like to win this one: to complete my steampunkoutfit until next wgt in leipzig.

    My emailadress is:

    Kinga Balbus

    Me and my boyfriend are being forced by my parents to get married, we are totally not bothered with it, but it looks like for their sake wi will simply do it ... but neither of us is particulary keen on all that white dress wedding fashion, so I was thinking that I could wear a corset with this beautiful skirt instead, that would definitely give me a reason to get married and something to look forward to, and I'm sure my boyfriend would love it (as for parents they will get what they want too sooo ... everybody wins :-)))


    Kamila Mrozek

    Why? Becouse Winter Is Comming! It's easy to buy or make something to wear during hot days. But now, when cold weather is going under my skin, I would realy love to have somthing warm and stylish at this same time. Becouse what is the use of very nice dress, shirt or even jewellery... if above that you are puting normal coat. And restyle is one of few shops offering very elegant coat. And why this one exactly ? What girl can resist a black fur...


    Heidi Luokkanen
    Pisti oikein silmään tuo syötävän söpö kokonaisuus. Harvemmin kauluspaitoja tulee nykyään ostettua, mutta tuollanen ois kiva omistaa ja päästä jopa kokeilemaan. Eri asia on toki mahtuuko paita kunnolla rinnuksesta kiinni (ilman rumia pullistumia), koska on niin isot rinnat :/ no se selviäisi vain yhdellä tapaa :)


    Izabela Łęska

    Few days ago, when I saw this beautiful dress, I fell in love... But like other girls here I simply don't have money for that smashing but not casual piece of beauty. But deeply, I still believe, that some day it will be mine :)
    If not this way, I will wait for upcoming wedding :)

  131. Hi, I'm Anne Marie and I am secretly dreaming of this corset:

    I'm not unusual, just a normal, quite modest girl, really wanting to change something in my life. Gain some confidence, feel sexy and attractive. I'm a student and I can't afford a big change in my closet, but having this corset would be a great start and inspiration for a bigger change. Admit it, you can't feel unattractive when wearing something as extraordinarily sexy as this piece. Even if it's under your jacket and you are just walking the dog out, you feel like a godess...
    Warm greetings from Poland :)

  132. Product I chose:

    Name and E-Mail:
    Sarina Hoppe,

    Why me?
    I'm in love with this jacket since the first time I've seen it. And I think it will fits pretty good with my style. :)

  133. Michalina Woźniak

    Every years I want to go to the Castle Party, but there are always so many things which stop me, that I don't go. O'd like to win this beautiful corset, because I finally could do everything to go to the CP 2013 and show it!



    Oh my God! That's the best freakin' hoodie I've seen! It's black, it's sweet, it's a cat! A cat with its little kitty paws and ears... I just love cats, probably the most clever and selfish animals world have ever seen. They're cute and soft and gentle. They have style, really, they do! The way they walk, their behaviour, everything is so sophisticated. Before they kill an innocent mouse, they play with it! So damn cruel! I certainly would like to be a cat and that's way I this product so badly!


    My Name: Mihaela Markovic

    I would really love to win this lovely and royal dress. It looks so victorian and I simply love the patterns. I would wear it with proud to every single Tea Party and I would never spill my tea on it. Every dress needs a special treatment and love...

    I'm crossing my fingers :3


    Hi! My name is Laura Vianello ( First of all: thank you for your constant hard work, I follow you on tumblr and I am a huge fan of your make up art and modelling; and also thank you for hosting this giveaway.

    See, I just moved to London a few months ago to do my final University year as an Erasmus student and hopefully find a way to stay in the UK. And one of the things I promised myself was to get that briefcase with my first paycheck after I got a job (this is something I can't afford on a student budget). The process of adaptation has been slow and not without difficulties, but I have finally managed to put myself together and now I'm ready to tackle the world. I haven't found a job /yet/, but I am confident I will soon enough!

    ..and this briefcase would totally complete the "I am a person you want to hire!" look while also keeping my own personal style.

    Thanks again! =)


    Name: Anna Sukiennik

    Ever since I first saw those amazing trousers they've been screaming to me: Buy us, we love you and we'd love to be part of your life! However, I'm just a poor student and I can't afford to buy them :( So I'd be extremely thankful if you'd help me adopt them. I promise that they'll be loved like any other trousers have been loved before :)


    Paulina Czerna

    I always dreamed about some beautifull dress like this.
    Me and my boyfriend are going to beautiful castel in December. We're going to spend romantic weekend together. In this dress I will be like a gothic princess.

  139. Necia Gawlak

    This dress is so beatiful. I was looking for the one like this, because soon I will have my birthday party and I want to look perfect for my family and friends ;].
    Greetings from Poland ;*.


    Dagmara Tatar

    Hello.. I'm a great cat lover, the witchy type with a lot of cats around.. But I can't have them with me all the same cause' taking them with me in public frightens people, so, I thought of having a bag like this. But, hmm, there are a lot of other things to buy, and simply can't aford it. Would you help me? And, it's my birthday today, no gifts at all. -.- :)


    Name: Juanny Vi Lioncourt

    As a cellist I never get to spend any money on myself, most of the time the money goes to my cello or the orchestra, and when I do have extra money it's not enough to buy things as beautiful as the ones in restyle, so I buy a pair of pants or a nice v neck, nothing special. I would love to win, somethung as simple as a coat changes the outfit into something... Badass~

  142. size M

    Kinga Balbus

    Me and my boyfriend are being forced by our families to get married, we are really not into it, but it looks like we are going to do it for our families benefit ... as for us, we want to at least this wedding to look different, this beautiful skirt with my corset will definitely make my day more special and I'm sure my boyfriend will appreciate it. Please, give me something to look forward to, because the marriage definitely is not something I really dream about ;)


    Justine Kim Gautier

    I've always dreamed of such a cute winter coat, reminding Little Black Riding Hood. I want to be a magical, mysterious and lovely creature hiding in trees. I live in France, in Paris, and it is very hard to find clothes which could make me such a faery. And this Pyon Pyon Coat is totally made for me :)


    Aleksandra Malesa,

    I would be extreamly happy if I would win this pink dress. Why? I always dreamed of a photo session in such a dress. I am a photographer so I have so little of my own photos. If I had this dress I would find the best photographer (but me;p) and have such session. But now I can't afford it;( So I hope there is a chance...:)



    Ioana Voica

    Well, I will be honest about this one.
    First of all, I freaking love Restyle. I've been saving for the past months to place a big order ( not so easy when you're in high school and financed by your parents). Also. I have been dying for a pair of genuine leather pants for years,but could never find something fitting and when I did,it was quite expensive.
    Now this particular pair of pants is simply jaw dropping.I would feel like some badass heroine from a vampire movie..They will certainly look good on me. I am saying will,because I WILL get them,someday,somehow,even if it's the last thing I do! *dramatic music*

    [also,great blog, I didn't know of its existence until today, I found you on restyle's facebook page. I will certainly stalk you from now on]

    Milena Baranowska

    I love all Restyle clothes and I'm their buyer from the very beginning of this company. When I saw that dress for the first time I couldn't believed that I found something that was only in my head! I love the whole design: it is sexy and provocative in a good way. I'm already visualising myself in this dress. I think that thanks to it I will have higher self-esteem and maybe (only maybe:)!) I could find a perfect man because I will be wearing a perfect dress :)



    I love it, I want it, but I can't afford it. I would love to wear it to feel like me, I waited long time for something like that, because it's hard to find something I like. I would be the happiest winner in the world!


    Natalia Dymowska

    In this year it'll be the first time, when I'll spend Christmas alone. I've thought that buying present for myself will be strange.. It would be fantastic, if I could unpack a gift found under Christmas tree, left by Santa Claus ;)
    Sorry for my English, have a nice day!


    Marta Klaus

    I do not have any moving story. I only desire to show myself and the people around how girl can look feminine even in today's busy times. Especially with such garment ;)
    Greetings from Poland! :)


    name: Katarzyna J.

    Hi! I would love to win this beautiful corset because it would suits very well in the photo shoot I'm planning to do and also would perfectly enhance my silhouette (I'm really dreaming of this beautifully reduced waist like those of victorian maidens). Obviously the photo shoot will be in victorian/gothic style :)

    Love and greetings from Poland <3

  151. Ewelina Jedlinska
    Well, It's my dreamdress! So classy, so sexy, so beautiful! It would suit me so well :) I think that my boyfriend would love seeing me in this, he's so much into pin up girls! Aand the second thing is I'll have my birthday soon so it would be a perfect present for me :) I love the 50's style, womens were so elegant. It's a pity that nowadays there's a few girls who wants to look like them, with those beautiful hourglass figures formed with corsets, wearing thighs and thigh-belts, beautiful underwear and dresses! And those amazing makeups and hair, i'm sooo in love with them! I don't understand why girls want to be skinnier and skinnier and lose all their curves, which are the best of them and the fifties showed it well! Girls, you're attractive with your curves!


    Justine Kim

    I've always dreamed of such a cute winter coat, it reminds me of an old story about a Little Black Riding Hood. I want to be a magical, mysterious and lovely creature hiding in trees. In France, it's hard to be a faery. Please, help me, I can feel it everywhere, this coat could make of me such a beautiful heavenly creature, and a perfect lady!


    Martyna Siwiec

    First thing - I dont want win this beautiful coat for myself, maybe it will give me no right to win, but I try :)
    Well, I want win for my sister, who is beautiful goth girl, just handicap and I just want give her some more fun and ocassion to be happy more. I know that she do shopping sometimes on Restyle (me too!) and this coat was too high dream.
    Thank you, and its really beautiful blog, I love it and I will back here for sure!

  154. Agata Gnypek God, I really totally fallen in love with that dress. I adore short dresses especially this one. It's simply beautiful, what I can say more? Moreover, I need lovely clothes (like from Restyle) to theater, so I suppose that this is perfect thing for me.


    Natalia Dmitruk

    Because I never won anything. Because I like it. Because I like steampunk. Because I never wear corset. Because I wanna feel little different. My reasons are rather simple:)

    Natalia Kontek
    I would like to win that corset because I'm participationg in alternative-history project that contains steampunk subculture and we will try to show how would history look if something strange happened or if someone do sth that could make history goes in other way. I will also need this corset to participate in LARP in steampunk reality. Thanks for this giveaway! You have really great taste! ^^
    Cheers :)

  157. I should win this product, because I dream of perfect evening with my boyfriend and i don't have any dress which would be surprised him.
    I would like to look nice for him and for myself.
    And get nice gift in christmas.;)

    And sorry for my english.;)


    Anna Luczka

    I'm younger lawyer and I think this satanic case will be looking amazing on judicial hall :) It's only way to pass this rigorous dress code :)

    Jagoda Bystrzycka

    All signs on earth and heaven tell me, that I must have this! Really, it's extraordinary coat for cold days and I don't have nice winter coat, so it's very important for me to get this one :).


    Hi! I´m Liliana ^^

    Because it's a dress that I should to wear before dying...or be attacked by a million of zombie pigeons (sorry, my work and the video games affect my brain).


    S. Tiggelbeck

    I dont want to participate here because of myself. I ordered at restyle already and i am very happy with my stuff. I just want to participate for my girlfriend. She loves this coat and her "financial status" isnt as pretty as she is. so i would be happy for her to win it.

    plus, i havent told her about this giveaway and it would be a massive suprise...and hey, in a few weeks its christmas!!!

  162. I should win this product, because I dream of perfect evening with my boyfriend and i don't have any dress which would be surprised him.
    I would like to look nice for him and for myself.
    And get nice gift in christmas.;)

    And sorry for my english.;)

  163. The product i wish sooo bad is >>
    My name is Bianca Alves (even looks a litlle like that t-shirt's name lol). My email is >>
    I think i should win this lovely shirt 'cause i've never believe much in love, 'till i put my eyes on it! OMG, now i know the meaning of the world 'passion'. Please, chose me or break my heart. Thank you XOXO


    Dagmara Tatar

    Hello... I'm a great cat lover, that witchy type with a lot of cats around... I can't have them with me all the time, cause takin' them in public with me frightens people like hell! So I thought of maybe having a bag like this. It's beautiful! But simply can't afford it, in fact t's not that expensive , but there is a lot of more important things to buy, for ex cat food Hah. And it's my b-day today, there are no gifts at all... Would you help me? :)

  165. Magdalena Mańk

    lovely dress. when I saw her, I fell in love. would be a wonderful dress for the upcoming prom in high school.
    Every woman wants to be beautiful, I hope that in this dress I'd feel more confident.
    So if you want to make me more beautiful and brave woman, you know what to do. :) greetings

  166. Vau! Ihan mielettömän hienon tilaisuuden olet antanut meille lukijoile :) Kiitos siitä!
    Itselläni olisi suuri tarve pukuun/mekkoon, bändimme tulevia keikkoja varten :) Olen myös tällä hetkellä opiskelija, joten uusiin keikka asuihin ei totisesti ole varaa :/ Tässä näenkin aivan mielettömän ihanan tilaisuuden saada upea esiintymisasu <3 Valikoimaa oli ihan mielettömästi mutta silmääni pompahti melkein heti tämä upeus:
    Tällä asulla ottaa kyllä lavan kuin lavan haltuun :D <3

    Maarit Nieminen


    Sooo...I'm here because I'm fan of Restyle products. And I chosen this item 'coz it'll be my first corset :) I know that my beloved A. will fall in love with me again, if he see me waering it ^^

    Paulina Rolnik,

    Oooh damn, that was hard decision and the hardest part would be to write whyy I want that coat. (Actually.. I don't have to write anything! look at this, it's soo charming!). My mom would be disappointed of my choice, she said it's too.. magic? However, I tried to ask her to buy me this coat as a Christmas gift. Doesn't work.. Too expensive:( (f**k :P ) Of course I could save some money and buy it myself but... winning clothes gives moooooe happiness!:)

    Ewelina Jedlinska
    I love fifties! There was so much style in women , they were so elegant, so classy, so sexy. I don't understand girls who want to be skinnier and skinnier, when 50's showed us that it's all about curves! Everybody love them, of course including me :P I love everything about pin up girls, their hair, make ups, corsets, beautiful underwear, stockings , garter belts! My boyfriend love them too and he would love this dress on me :P This would be an amazing present for my birthday, which will be soon :) Ths dress is pure perfection for me, it's breathtaking ! Do i need to say more? :)


    Justyna Kapturkiewicz

    Why this hoodie you ask?
    I can't even say.
    It would be my cat-mask
    on a rainy day.

    It shall keep me worm
    when alone I stay
    It will be my home
    that won't leave me, nay

    It stole my heart last year
    simply, without fail
    I must have it, I fear
    or I will surely wail

    Please let me have it, I beseech
    I'll be greatful forever
    I'll wear it even on a beach
    I am not just some whoever.

    I hope you liked my little poem about the hoodie ;) I would looove to have it because I've seriously saw it a tear ago on restyle and I've been drooling over it ever since :P I just never got the money to actually buy it :( It's a bit expensive for me and it would be super awesome if you could help me get it :)

  171. Caitlyn Calvert

    Going through this website was phenomenal. The second I clicked the link I was speechless. Wild but dark clothes, that come in my size! All day I wear a terrible uniform for work and outside of work all I wear is a tshirt and jeans. I have three of the exact same black tshirt from WalMart. It's hard to find clothes like this in my area that fit in my budget and that's not even touching on size. Everything on this site is me. Even just the tshirts on pants on this site will make me feel perfect when I have makeup clients, and the jewellery will still show me in my terrible work uniform! This dress is so versatile it will fit any occasion :)


    I would like to have this jacket because i simply find it lovely. Warm fur and bear ears make it look sweet and funny. In this one I could keep Myself warm and cozy plus I'd look just phenomenal ;).


    Justyna Kapturkiewicz

    Why this hoodie you ask?
    I can't even say.
    It would be my cat-mask
    on a rainy day.

    It shall keep me worm
    when alone I stay
    It will be my home
    that won't leave me, nay

    It stole my heart last year
    simply, without fail
    I must have it, I fear
    or I will surely wail

    Please let me have it, I beseech
    I'll be greatful forever
    I'll wear it even on a beach
    I am not just some whoever.

    I hope you liked my little poem about the hoodie ;) I would looove to have it because I've seriously saw it a tear ago on restyle and I've been drooling over it ever since :P I just never got the money to actually buy it :( It's a bit expensive for me and it would be super awesome if you could help me get it :)


    I am the fan of Restyle since their very beginning (I even have a corset purchased from their Allegro account long, long time ago when they didn't have their own website).
    Now I'm struggling with my overweight and my first thought was: 'Hey! Let's pick some nice underbust corset, so I would have motivation to lose weight quicker!'. But then I realised that geting smaller clothes just for motivation is stupid idea - it just makes people lose weight to fast in a drastic way which can end up not very well. So my choice is this wonderful choker - so elegant yet so simple I can wear it with my casual clothes. :)

    Greetings from Poland!
    Aga K. - I'm so sorry for not giving my full family name - I don't really like to show off with my personal data in the Internet and since you run a public blog and have so many visitors (which you os course deserve!) I would like not to break my rules ;)



    Who's not desperate to get some of these wonderfull clothes?
    Well, I'm not desperate. I'm determined.

    Me and The Great Luck of Mine(so called boyfriend) are together for almost 4 years. Our anniversary will be celebrated in May - the same day of my parents 25th wedding anniversary. I need to wear something stunning - well, this may be the Very Special Day for me and my Groom-to-be. I really hope that my itsy bitsy waspie will put a spell on my dearest and that evening will be beginning of something wonderfull. :)

    candela martinez nieto
    I´m in love with this shop long time ago. It is cheap and the things are soo beautiful!But I never buy nothing because I need to pay others things. It was very complicated to choose just one, but you convince me with this bag! I hope to be lucky^^

  177. Moi :) oon lukenu sun blogia jo kauan ja nyt uskalsin liittyä tähän keskusteluun kun kohteena mun unelmatakki.
    Kiia Lehto
    Koska tuo takki on aivan ihana ja oon monesti hypistelly tuon kaltasia mutta kun kalliita ovat. Tuo ois niin unelma ja näyttää niin lämpimältä kun kunnon talivtakkia ei ole tällä hetkellä :)

  178. Hi!
    Thanks for this giveaway! I'm Audrey Ash (my following name in FB) and my e-mail is
    I would like to win the dark poetry bag:
    because when I saw this bag few weeks ago, I was totally in love! but I don't have money this time and now it's christmas! when I want to offer a beautiful present to my mom' I can't buy this pretty *-* I love original bag like in corset! now I want a beautiful book bag!

    Audrey (who's in love with yours shoes *-*)

  179. - this is what I'd choose if I'd win.
    My name is Ene,
    I discovered Restyle just recently and I love it. Therefore I was amazed when I found a link to Your giveaway on their Facebook page. I wasn't even sure what to choose, but with it getting colder and colder here in Estonia, a cool spiderweb-hoodie is a must ;) . (Maybe I got the inspiraton for choosing that one from my psychopathology lecture where we looked at how spiderwebs look like when the spiders are on drugs..)
    So, greetings from Estonia and, well, you're awesome!


    Maria Żółw Szawerna

    I would so much love to have this corset *.*
    I like steampunk veeeery much. I collect all pieces of steampunk clothes, jewellery and accesories I can afford. Unfortunatley I don't have enough money to afford this wonderful underbust... and I probably won't collect enough before this marvellous corset is sold out.
    Greetings form Poland :)

    PS. My nickname, "Żółw" means "Tortoise" in polish, and these animals are my favourite ones :)


    Gniewczyńska Aleksandra

    I should win this product, because I dream of perfect evening with my boyfriend and i don't have any dress which would be surprised him.
    I would like to look nice for him and for myself.
    And get nice gift in christmas.;)
    And sorry for my english.
    I had a little problem with comment, sorry.;)


    Ewa Kliks

    I'd love to have this in my closet, but unfortunatelly i can't afford buying this :( and that breaks my heart! Please don't let it break!

  183. Hi!
    My name Irmina Jędrusiak, email :

    I am really want to get this beauty ♥ Some time ago, I became a young mom - so I really want to "reset my style", and make myself more elegant - like you :D I give most my money for baby clothing, so it would be nice to get something cute ♥ Thank you sweetie for this chance! (and sorry for my english:d) Greetings from Poland :)


    I can't live without literature and books are a vital part of who I am. Recently in my career I've been focusing on the XIXth century short story as the origin of the modern fantastic literature paradigms. I'd love to be able to complete the image in front of my students with every detail, including this fancy bag.
    Thank you for reading!

    Wese Gacinska (


    Krystina Stahl
    I live in Oregon, USA where it rains 9 months out of the year. I couldn't seem to find a cute umbrella that I would want to carry around for that long until I saw this one! I don't even own an umbrella, so having one would be so nice, and I won't have to worry about my hair and makeup getting messed up from the rain anymore.

  186. Roksana Perlik

    the thing that charmed me most is this bag which look like a book . it's just tremendous and draw attetion and I like when I stand out from the crowd... and people will probably wonder what is hidden inside this bag? being mysterious to other people gives me a great plasure ;)
    this bag is perfect for me because I can keep inside myown "dark poetry" that I do and drawings, and my favorites books from e.g. Lovercraft or Anne Rice :)
    this bag seems to be useful to me and inside my head now there is a little green monster that whiper to my ears "U NEED IT!!!"
    ehm.., yeah that's all I want to write... so thank for reading that ;)
    all the best :)
    love ;* <3

    candela martinez nieto
    I hate my horrible English in this moment.... It was complicated to choose just one thing. They have very beautiful clothes! but you convince me with this bag. It´s awesome and with a lovely shape. Perfect for my gothic looks for this season. I hope that I lucky^^

  188. Shannon Rutherford
    shannonrutherford4815162342* (I put the asterisk in the place of the @ to avoid spam :) )

    I've longed for this bag for so much XD finally it's in stock again! It's perfect for every style I like: cabareth goth (my favourite), rockabilly, victorian... plus I love roses, they're so romantic. This bag is really elegant an unique, I've loved it since the first time I saw it :)

    By the way, your outfit in this post is amazing. I think I'm going to follow you regardless of the giveaway because I love your style.

  189. I'm dreaming about thish coat:

    Anna Rychter

    From 8 years I'm fascinated with gothic and gothic lolita clothes - they are so beautiful and magic, but sometimes they can be so dark and strange - I accept and Love them all.But it's one minus for me - they are really expensive for me. Sadly I can't afford for them.This one piece... this coat will give me so much happiness! Finally I will feel like I want to feel!Make my wish come true;)

  190. Hello I'm Klaudia.

    I horribly love those trousers which will make my loins look so sexy <3 My round loins are my only advantage and I'll do a lot of things to seduce man with them. Only those trousers can help me to achieve that aim. Like nearly all of girls I also can't afford to buy them on my own. I hope you'll help me with that mission :)


    Poland love You, Rosette <3

    Klaudia Czarniecka

    Natalia Przybylak
    I'd like win this product at giveaway, because I like so much product restyle and I have one corset. I think corsets its really amazing thing to wear. In corset i feel really women , feminini. Soon it be christmas and this is the best present for me at this christmas:)


    Agnieszka Świtajewska

    I would like to win that, because I saw it some time ago and I'm completely in love with it. It looks like a clock, and I love that motives. And it would be awesome if I could go with it to school C:


    I need some beauty during one of the most important nights of my life.
    I wish to express myself and gain recognition of people important for me.

    my name is Katarzyna Klusaczyk



    I cannot say I'm desperate to get some of these great clothes. I'm rather determined.

    We, me and My Dearest Sir, are together for 4 years. Our anniversary is on the same day of my parents wedding anniversary. Because of that I need to shine wearing something stunning on the party. Who knows? It may be the first day of something wonderful - My Sir is so mysterious lately... ;)


    Nimi: Anni Hirvikorpi

    Rakastan tuon mallisia takkeja yli kaiken! Siis tollasia hieman pidempiä, jotka menee loistavasti hameiden ja mekkojen kanssa pidettäväksi. Ihana lolitamaisuus söpöine karvasomisteineen tossa takissa viehättää mua jostain syystä hirveesti.

    Rakastan goottimaisuutta ja kaikenlainen synkkyys ja tummat sävyt yhdistettynä söpöön tyttömäisyyteen on ehkä kauneinta ikinä! Voisin tuijotella gootti-aiheisia kuvia ja malleja hamaan loppuun asti, ja se että itse voisin toteuttaa samaa tyyliä olisi enemmän kuin mitä voit kuvitella. (:

    Haluaisin niin kovasti just tuon takin, ja siihen yhdistäisin jotkut korkeat korolliset saappaat ja alla joku suloinen mekko - se olis mun dream come true -luukki!


    Milena Kamińska

    It's very hard form me to buy a dress. I have really broad shoulders and because of that in most clothes I look like in potato bag. It's hard to find something that fits for me perfectly, sometimes I have to buy clothes that doesn't really look like I dreamed about, but I have no other choice. And this dress is perfect. It can be fitted at the waist and I know that my legs will look awsome when I wear it to a high heels.

  197. Hello.
    My name is Ewa Droździk (email:
    I picked this steampunk corset
    It's a funny thing, but I'm not really a steampunk fan. And yet, when I saw this corset I fell in love with it. I can't afford it at the momment (and not even soon in the future, which is so sad) and your giveaway is like a gift from Heavens! Anyway, back to what I was saying. I'm not a fan, but I always like all the steampunk gadgets and I would really love to have something of my own. And what not better for a girl if not a corset? Heels don't count ;) And then maybe more goodies will come :)
    So please, please, please pick me and put some steam in my life :)


    Edyta Oberda,

    I just want to scare the shit out of my little nephews - nothing more, nothing less ;)



    Aleksandra Szymczyk

    I think this fantastic skirt would make me life completed; it is my destiny to wear it and I will try my best to accomplish this mission… Ok, and now seriously :D this skirt is a dream come true to my wardrobe. Unfortunately, my wallet is not full enough with money, so I cannot purchase it  I have always dreamt of such kind of skirt, it is well fitted and would match not only other of my clothes, but also my personality – cute but sometimes able to be a little bit naughty ;) Also, I have always admired burlesque dancers (they are so sexy and classy at the same time!). Now I am thinking about attending a burlesque dance course. I think this skirt would do wonders with my dance moves, wouldn’t it? ;D


    Sabina Lebiest

    I would this coat because it look so sweet and innocently. Like me! ;) You know what would make an impression if I was wearing it on a concert?? Whoa! Big impresion! Female guitarist in beautiful coat ;) So lovely... BTW I have 20th birthday in December. Would you give me a great gift. I finally won something ;) Pleasee *.*