Angelic Honey



Some time ago, Lockshop sent me this beeeaauuutiful wig for a review and once again it was pure love. Seriously. I think I won't get any more shitty ebay wigs after wearing my two glorious Lockshop wigs.. they are such a good quality compared to my other wigs.

I wanted to try out a natural color, even though they have such a tempting collection of bright colored ones too.. I chose this Angelic Honey wig!

These are rather "old" photos and you have probably seen them already, but since I'm wearing the wig here; I'll post them anyway. I really love the color. It's a very gorgeous gold brown. Also looks incredibly natural *__*

Now that I have no hair, wigs been very handy. It's really cold here in Finland so they warm me up.. haha.. No but seriously it's really cold when you have no hair!! 

These studio photos were taken by the lovely Miki last week. I actually wore seven different looks for the shoot we had but I can't show you any more pictures yet... here's the ones where I wore this wig though! The color looks lovely here!

 wig: Lockshop | shirt: Mart of China | jewellery: ebay

Haha these next photos are so cute. I got the dress from SoLolita and it has such a strong Christmas vibe to it.. also reminds me of Lilla My (if you are aware of Moomins you'll get it).

I think the wig fit the outfit perfectly. It gives a very dolly effect.

 dress: SoLolita (sponsored) | shoes: Persunmall

I still haven't tried this wig with a lipstick. Think that's my next step, haha!

It's really hard to write a review actually when you have absolutely no negative things to say about the product. I love this wig and I really recommend the shop. Shipping was fast, the wig was carefully packed, and the customer service is awesome. I haven't styled this wig in any way besides the bangs that I cut shorter.

This wig also has a skin top, which makes it look even more natural. Talking about a quality stuff here!

I actually got a pair of awesome tights aswell, but I still haven't got the chance to wear them. I will feature them on my blog later, I really want to show them to you!

And once again I listed some of my current favorites from their shop! ♥

I've been quite inactive again lately. My health hasn't been the best and my personal life has had some unfortunal events. But I'm still trying my best!
I actually have a topic I want to write about when I just get the energy to do so. It's something that's been on my mind a lot recently.

Anyway, I hope you all have an awesome Xmas! ♥ 

Mart of China Christmas giveaway!


Hello everyone! Once again it's time for a giveaway!

You have probably seen me wearing Mart of China's shoes a million times already and I absolutely love their stuff, so I'm really happy to be able to share some amazing gifts with you!
There will be one winner this time, and the winner will be chosen random. However, if you do not play by the rules, you won't be able to win, so read the rules carefully!


1. Register to Mart of China website:

2. Like Mart of China on Facebook: 

3. Leave a comment under this post with your email address 
(same one you use for signing up) 
If you enter with an email address that's not registered on Mart of China website, your entry doesn't count.

4. Link a product that you would like to have for Christmas

You can only enter once.

The giveaway will end in 10 days.

The winner will be selected random.

The giveaway is international.

You don't have to be my blog/facebook/etc follower to enter. (would be nice tho)

You don't need to give your full name to enter.

You don't have to share this blogpost on your blog/fb/twitter/etc to enter.

You can only enter by commenting on this blogpost. Instagram, Facebook, and other ways won't count.

Free as my hair



If you follow me online (instagram, facebook, tumblr..) you probably know that I shaved my hair off few days ago! Yes, really! I haven't shared any pictures of my new (non)hair here, so I just decided to post a couple of pictures.

So yeah, no hair. Many people have been curious why I did it but really there's no actual reason for it. I just wanted to shave it all off. I think I actually told about it few months ago here on my blog too that I've been dreaming of a buzz cut lately..

I think it looks rather nice. Even though I look like 10 times more evil than before ( I did look pretty evil to begin with..! ) It still makes me very comfortable and more confident. It's also really nice when you don't have to style your hair or dry it almost at all after showering haha..

A lot of people hate my new cut and I actually lost tons of followers after doing it.. literally!! Lol, but I really couldn't care less what other people think about my hair, as usual. It's just hair anyway, gosh.

So yeah really I have nothing to write about. I've felt a bit better since my last post but I'm still mostly sleeping all day and watching crap movies while being exhausted for nothing haha. But it's getting better!

I've been alot into b&w pictures lately but here's a colored one of my makeup today.

I will have a giveaway again soon, hope you'll all like it!

Sloth life



I don't have any special reason to update this time either, but I just wanted to write something and post some new pictures since it feels like I haven't been blogging for ages. As I wrote couple entrys ago, I got a new medication and lately it has made me extremely tired. Like no kidding, I haven't been able to get out of my bed or stay awake for a full day sometimes. I hope it will get better soon.

Because of the constant exhaustion and rather unhealthy nap times, I haven't been doing my makeup either or worn any nice outfits. A few days ago I got some new things from Sheinside and I decided to put some effort in my looks but really I was still tired and taking pictures was honestly difficult haha.


I've been wearing this coat way too much lately haha, but it's so warm and comfy. I love love love it.

coat: Sheinside (sponsored) | ripped jeans: Seppälä

Yesterday I went to see the new Hunger Games movie with San. It was really great to get out of my house and meet with someone, even though I was pretty tired all day and I was spacing out every now and then lol. The movie was really good too, much better than the first one.

coat: Sheinside(sponsored) | dress: Sheinside(sponsored) | hat: ? | shoes: Mart of China

Oh what a shit quality you are giving me Blogger.. Crying blood right now...

I really like the blue dress. I was a bit unsure about the whole lace thing since I never wear such but it's actually really nice. It's a bit more classy dress, so it will be great for more formal events and for this sort of daytime looks aswell.

I wore a bright orange makeup for the movie and some glitter that unfortunately was hard to capture because of the lack of sunlight.. I wanted to do something more interesting but I wasn't actually inspired that morning haha..
For some reason my skin has gotten really nice lately, I think it might be because I haven't been wearing much makeup lately. Awkward.

 Happy picture of me and San!

Anyway, I hope this whole mess in my life gets better soon so I can be more active. It's a bit frustrating to have nothing to write about haha.

Red Hair



I was supposed to write this post like... over a month ago but somehow I never got into it and yeah, you know what I mean. So, whatever, I wanted to write about my "new" haircolor, which obviously is red since you have seen it quite a few times already. Though many people think it's a wig which is pretty awkward.

Here's what happened! From black to light-yellowish-brown-whatever-happenswhenyoubleach-thing and to red!

I only use professional bleach, I get it from my friends or sister who works at hairsalon. It's a lot more powerful than most bleaches so it's a faster process. Obviously I bleached my hair way too quickly and too many times, but hey, my hair can take it. However I don't suggest any of you do it at home since dyes can be very difficult to use and even dangerous. Go to a hairdresser!

Here's the current lenght of my own hair. It's short. Plus the left side of my head is shaved!

The red dye I use is "Fire" by Crazy Color. I always use the same red because I really like it's cold pinkish tone. It's not a very long lasting dye, but I kinda like that since I tend to change my haircolor pretty often. Actually I'm already planning to dye my hair with another color as soon as I have money for such. But for now I'll stick with the red, it's a really cool color though. I've always loved having red hair the most, it's my favorite haircolor. However it can be a pain in the ass to keep it bright and also you'll get easily tired of it because you can't pair many colors with it. 

I keep up the red color by mixing some of the hairdye I use in my conditioner. It's a really easy and simple way to keep your haircolor bright without having to dye it all the time.

jacket: Vero Moda | shoes: Mart of China | gloves: ebay

I got a new jacket the other day. Found it purely random while I was going to grocery shopping. I really love it, I've been looking for a military design like this one for ages! I have too many military coats now though.. but I think they look awesome. The color of the jacket is pretty new to me since I never wear brown, but I kinda like it anyway. There was a light grey version of this same jacket too but I thought is was too light colored and made me look fat, haha!

Many of you have wondered where this awesome huge pile of hair came from since my head is half shaved and my hair is short. Well, I got these amazing extensions as a gift from Dirty Looks. I got their HK Full Head extension set, and I loooove it!

Usually I have to buy at least two sets of clip in extensions because my hair is naturally very thick and thin extensions won't blend into it. But with these babies, I never had that problem! Actually I always have couple of extra clip ins now because they all won't fit my head! Haha!

jacket: Sheinside | top: HerSecret | leggings: Sheinside(sponsored) | boots: JC

The quality of the hair is also awesome. It's so amazingly thick and easy to style. I got my extensions in lightest blonde shade and then dyed them with Crazy Color's Fire to make them match my real hair! Absolutely no problems with the dyeing, yay!

Yesterday I wore mermaid inspired hair and outfit, it was fun! Those new Sheinside leggings are really cool, even though I haven't worn anything like it before.


Today I'm gonna stay indoors, paint something and maybe plan my outfit for tomorrows Indiedays Blog Awards.. I seriously have no idea what to wear and I have never been in such an event but hopefully it's a lot of fun and I find something to wear... so I won't go naked.

Any of my followers attending the same event? Come say hello if you see me!

Chameleon in the forest



Haha I feel a bit silly for posting these two looks in the same post since they are a complete opposites of each other but I guess it's pretty fun to look at so here we go..

First pictures are from yesterday. I got a new wig from Lockshop and I was dying to try it! I think I will write a review of it later. I really love it, even though the style and color are very new to me.

That aroooorable dress is from SoLolita! They offered me a little gift and I just couldn't say no. It's too cute!! And the quality is really amazing as well. I was a bit unsure if I'd look silly in such a girly dress but I think it's just perfect.

Ah that one piece of hair that's out of its place.. how annoying haha. Well I guess it's okay. And ugh, it's a bit annoying that I didn't get any pictures with the shoes shown properly with the outfit. They are amazing.

 dress: SoLolita (sponsored) | gloves: ebay | shoes: Mart of China (sponsored)

These shoes remind me of cartoon characters! I looove them! They are also super comfortable ♥

I guess I could've worn a bit lighter makeup but like I said, the color and the style of the wig is really new to me so I wasn't sure what would look good with it.. Well, next time!

So yeah... this is a bit funny like I said earlier. The contrast between these two looks is pretty crazy. But oh well, I guess my style is like that. Different every day.

Even though my style is always pretty dark, this look was very dark for me. I usually don't wear ALL black, like hair, makeup and clothes. Usually at least my makeup is colorful. But this time everything was dark. I kinda liked it though, hahah!

 cape: Sheinside (sponsored) | jeans: Seppälä | gloves: ebay | boots: Mart of China (sponsored)

Yes I am wearing pants. Oh my god.

Today's makeup was very dark. Like... VERY dark. I just got a bit carried away while trying out something new and this happened. I actually got that cape from Sheinside because it reminded me of Attack on Titan, hahahaha. It's really cool! I really like the high neck. It's not very thick material though so you'll need a jacket too if it's cold outside.

Super duper cute tassel boots that are also a new get from Mart of China. Loving them to death. This pictures is really poor quality though.. not sure what happened to this pic.. awkward.

Haha I just had to post these next to each other. So funny.

Sometimes it's just hilarious how much my look changes just with the power of makeup and wigs. But I love change!

Different kind of Cinderella



Ah, what's better than a new gorgeous pair of boots?

I've been drooling over these Jeffrey Campbell Sirius Stud boots forever, but they were waaaay too expensive. However, a while ago I spotted these beauties on sale! The price was ridiculously low, so I had to get them. Even though I ate noodles for the rest of the month afterwards..

The original price was around 250euros, and I got these for 70euros! And I'm so happy I got them! They are like art! And very comfortable too.

I went out with a friend of mine today, here's today's look! I really like my new extensions and I'm trying out all sort of possible hairdos with the sidecut. Many people have been asking what red dye I use; it's Crazy Color's "Fire" as usual. ps. Oh god my hair grows so fast.. It's soon no longer a sidecut hahah.

 I've been looking for a nice plaid jacket/shirt for a while already, but for some reason I haven't been able to find one. When I saw this jacket on Sheinside, I immediately got it. It's so cute! The leather skirt is also a new Sheinside get, I really love the belt detail on it.

I've been really into plaid this autumn, dunno really why. I want more clothes with this kind of print!

jacket: Sheinside(sponsored) | top: H&M | skirt: Sheinside(sponsored) | boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Babies ♥ I hope the studs won't come off anytime soon..

I visited Sea Life today, it was so much fun! I'm actually very scared of underwater but I love seeing all sorts of exotic animals. Also I love sharks, haha.

This fish was my favorite.. look at that face..

I also recorded a short video!

And afterwards we ate delicious sushi.............




Well it's been a while, really, but honestly there hasn't been much to write about. I celebrated Halloween at my friend's house couple days ago and I decided to post a few pictures of my Halloween look and such. And I'll also post some makeup and outfit photos that I've taken lately. Very few though, since I've been mostly just without any makeup and worn some warm ugly sweaters haha!

Here's a picture of me without makeup, decided to post this since so many people are curious to see how I look like wihtout any. Even though I post a lot of non-makeup pictures on Instagram..

As I said I've been doing very simple looks lately. I guess it's the cold and dark weather that's sucking the inspiration and motivation out of me right now. Hope it gets better soon. I kinda liked this look though! The wig is actually Kääpä's Hachiko wig..

I was really happy to get this blue military coat from Sheinside. I own the same coat in black and it's one of my favorite fall/winter coats ever. I really adore the color. Too bad that it's gonna be too cold for such thin coats soon I think.

coat: Sheinside (sponsored) | bag: ginatricot | gloves: ebay

And another neutral colored face from the other day. One of the reasons why I've been so inactive online is that I've been meeting doctors and such to get help for my sleeping problems, depression and panic disorder. I've been dealing with these things all my life and now I'm trying out some new type of medication after being years without any (except for some weak sleeping pills that didn't work haha). Such meds can be very difficult in the beginning, so I probably will take some distance to my online life, and take care of myself more instead and focus on more important things in my life.

 Oh enough of the boring stuff, then the Halloween! We don't actually celebrate Halloween here in Finland but my friend decided to throw a party and most people did dress up. I didn't take pictures of the other guests though since there was many people I didn't know and I also didn't know if they'd like if I posted their pictures online so.. I just mainly took pictures of me and Beniitta! Haha!


I wanted to try my new hair extensions from Dirty Looks, and I also wanted a costume that would be simple, affortable and classy. With loads of attitude ofcourse. As a Batman lover, Poison Ivy felt like a perfect character for this evening. This was really just an Ivy inspired look instead of an actual cosplay or such. I just wore something that I thought Ivy could wear!

 The one-sleeved lace dress that I'm wearing is from HerSecret, and the vines are just some cheap stuff from ebay. Beniitta helped me to sew them on the dress. And she also did my hair! It was amazing!

San had an amazing costume! The night itself was pretty peaceful, I didn't drink or anything. Just spent some time with my friends and watched when drunk people played Twister, haha.

Couple of silly Instagram videos from that evening..! (sorry guys)

I had so AWESOME Halloween makeup plans that I really wanted to show you guys, but unfortunately the material for my looks is late and I need to do them sometime later. I'll try to create them as soon as I got the things I need! Here's a small hint though..

I'll try to post as much as I can! Love!


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