Q&A answers and some news!


Hi everyone!

So, before we get into the answers, I have some news for you.
My doctor called me two days ago and I got my surgery scheduled for January 30! That's in less than two weeks from now. I will also have a photoshoot and I need to meet my doctor next week and I have to get ready for the surgery. That means that I won't be so active with my blog for a while, especially after the surgery I won't probably post anything for some time.

I can't even express in words how happy I am , and I really hope this will help me with my pain.
(since many of you probably haven't been following me long enough to know about it, or just haven't read my blog so much, I'm having a breast reduction surgery due to breathing issues and my several back problems that cause also migraine and nerve problems to my left leg. I've been in surgery line for this operation for almost 6months now. The surgery is completely free for me since I got a referral from my doctor, and it's not for cosmetic reasons.)

Also, I promised to answer some of the questions on video, but unfortunately I don't really have the time to do it. These next two weeks will be pretty hectic because the big news came with such short notice and I want to spend all my little free time with my friends since I won't be able to meet them for a while after the operation. I hope you all understand!

However I promise to make a new vlog right after I've recovered.

Even tho I won't be very active here, you can still follow me on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Now, here are the answers! I tried to answer them simply so they would be easy to read.

How many pairs of lenses do you got?
-about 20

What do you think of the Russian "Dolls" Like Anastasiya Shpagina and Valeria Lukyanova? I find their makeup is often similar to yours (with more dramatic contouring), and I think they're beautiful (esp. Anastasiya), but some of their blank expression photos really bother me. xD
- I don't really have any kind of opinion of them. I respect the fact that they express themselves like they want. 

What's your dream job? In what age did you start wearing makeup?
- I don't really have a dream job kind of thing in my mind. My dream job would be a job that I enjoy doing, no matter what it actually is hahah~
And I was 13 when I started to wear eyemakeup

I loved the Makeup Artist Kevyn Aucoin, God rest his soul, just wondering if he influenced you at all? If not and don't know much about him look him up!
-I'm kind of embarrassed to tell this but I don't know any pro makeup artists by name, except some of my friends. So no, I can't say that he has influenced me. 

Do you have any pets?
- Yes I have 4 cats and 2 dogs but they live at my mother's place

I have been wondering, that while we're inspired by you, have you ever been inspired by one of your fans?
- Ofcourse! My fans often share their ideas and stories with me and I get very inspired by them. 

What are your top 5 makeup brands? :)
Ah I don't have that many. My top 3 would be Sugarpill, Limecrime and probably Kiko

what is your favourite song from die antwoord?
-Baby's On Fire or Fok Julie Naaiers.

How can people with oily, acne ridden, and uneven skin get luminous skin like yours? Liquid foundation just doesn't have the staying power and everything else just looks piled on.
- Hmm unfortunately I don't know how to help since I suffer from the opposite; my skin is very dry :(

Is Pauli your boyfriend?
-No he is not

Hi! I have 2 questions: 
1. What is the gauge of your jestrum/vertical medusa piercing? and
2. Do you know how long lip piercings can last? 
- 1.6mm and how long lip piercings last is kinda individual but usually they can last for several years. Just like your earrings.

How long do you usually take to do a review after receiving a package?
-Depends. A lot. Sometimes it takes a few days, sometimes a few weeks. Even months. 

How old were you when you first dyed/bleached your hair? What is your natural haircolor ?
-Well when I was like 4, my dad dyed my hair green with those spray hairdyes hahahahah but hmmm I think I used permanent hairdye for the first time when I was maybe 11 years old. My natural haircolor is brown

Would you like to live in somewhere else than Finland? Where?
-Hmm I haven't really thought about that. If I had to move somewhere outside of Finland, I'd like to live in a country where people speak English well!

Do you do your nails by yourself or does some of your friends them? And is your skin that good naturally or do you edit it?
- I do my nails by myself. And my skin is very good naturally, but obviously I edit it sometimes, especially in close ups. However I don't blur my skin when I post pictures on Instagram so you can see un edited ones from there.

Who is your biggest inspiration? Any links that I could check out?
-Everything around me! Sometimes nature, comics, animals, food, cartoons, movies, games, fruits, bugs... I could go on forever! I rarely get inspired by people.  

Does your skin dry up because of all the makeup + removing it? My skin always does that
-Yes sometimes. But my skin is very dry naturally so I can't really help it :c

Do you find any nice clothes or jewerly from Finland? What's your favorite food right now?
-Backstreet sells some nice clothes and such. My favorite food right now is tacos!

Where did you learn to do all of those makeup?
-In my own small bathroom! 

Onks sulla silarit? Tortun tuoksuista joulua! T. Pena69
-Olipa erittäin huono :DDDDD

Your favorite wig?
-My bright red one I guess

When and why did you have the idea of starting a blog 'bout make up and style and stuff?? And do you ever though it would be such a huge sucess?
-I started blogging in 2009, just because I was bored. I never though someone would actually read it XD

How old were you when you started with the goth look?
-I don't see myself as a goth, and well I have always been kinda.. well, like this, so I don't really know when it "started"

What types of products do you use for the skin? (foundation, concealer, cream etc)
-Just foundation. And atm it's Lumene Natural Code

How are you spending your christmas holiday?
-Playing videogames

Are you going to be doing more tutorials??? I love your style but never no where to start :) thanks...
-Yeah I will do some asap

why are you so perfect?
- No one is perfect!

What is your typical haircare routine? What and how do you use when you bleach and dye your hair?
-Don't have one, I only use professional hairdyes when it comes to bleaching.

What makeup brush brand would you remommend if you don't have alot of money - and you live in Denmark?
-I just got my first brushes and they are non-brand so I don't really know. But i've heard that ELF brushes are good. And I live in Finland.

How old were you when you started wearing makeup? 
-I started with a lipgloss when I was about 9 years old. But I started to wear eye makeup when I was 13 I think

Do you ever have problems because of the way you look - I mean, do people say bad things to you, look down at you and stuff? I have those problems when I walk in the city, so I try to tone down my look when I am there, but it just isn't the real me.. 
- Ah ofcourse, every single day. But I'm already used to it.

Where's your extensions from? 
-They are from Nethair

Do you read? Favourite books ? Can you show of your bookcase?
-Yes I do read, I used to read all the time when I was younger. It's hard to choose any favorite books but Alice in Wonderland is probably my all time favorite. I actually don't have a lot of books in my own apartment since I left them for my mother and little brother.

Favourite gothic brand ?
-Don't have one

How you do your nails ?
-with acrylics

Who inspired you the most inside goth style?
- I don't follow goth fashion

Can you do a post with a restyle review with all your products?
- I did that already I believe

What has been the most frightening comments/messages you've got from your fans so far? (For example, too intimitate or then somehow threatening.)
- Well, I've gotten some threatening comments on my Facebook pictures but usually the person behind the comment lives far away from me so I can safely ignore them. But I'd say that the most frightening messages come from my fans, one time there was this one girl who really wanted to kill herself and asked for my help all the time and she messaged me non stop. I felt very uncomfortable since I didn't even know her. 

Why don't you do more videos on youtube?
-Recording and editing them is seriously pain in the ass.

How do you speak English so well?
-I don't really think that I'm that skilled in English, I'm pretty good when it's comes to writing but when I actually have to talk in English.. ears bleed

Millä kolmella adjektiivilla, substantiivilla ja verbillä kuvailisisit itseäsi?
-Kamalan vaikea ja luova kysymys! Miten voi kuvailla itseään substantiiveilla ja verbeillä...
1. avaramielinen
2. sitkeä
3. tiedonjanoinen

1. ystävä
2. eläinystävä
3. muumi

1. visualisoida
2. laulaa
3. rakastaa

If you could choose any 5 persons , real or fiction to have dinner with , Which ones would they be and in what setting / background ?
- Oooh well I'd like to be in Alice's shoes when she has the teaparty with Hatter, Hare and Dormouse! That would be absolutely crazy and fun!

What's your diet/exercise plan?
- Videogames and pizza

How do you make a living? How do you support yourself? Like money for house, food, makeup.
- I get some social support that's enough to pay my half of the rent. That's it, I don't really have money to buy anything else after that.

Do you Photoshop any of your pictures? (not trying to be mean, just curious)
love your style :D
- I don't own a photoshop but yes I do edit my pictures

I can tell you use fake lashes very often, but how do you do when you take them off? For me, all the glue wont go away with the lashes so it's stuck on my lids and it's very annoying. How do you do? Do you use some remover or anything like that? :)
- I don't use any remover, I just take them off

Whats your favourite thing to do?
-Listen to music

Whats your futureplans? :3
- Don't really have any. I like to live day-by-day

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend atm? If no, when was the last time?
- No I don't, I dated one guy for over 2 years but we broke up last summer

How does your HAIR survive all its going througt?! My hair is like falling apart haha :c
-My hair has superpowers!

Did you like the Hobbit? Can we send fan mail to you?
- Honestly it was boring. I watched it with a friend who is a huge LOTR fan and even she said that it was really bad.
Yes you can send me fanmail to rosette@live.fi, my house address is not public so if you wish to send me a real letter, then you should contact me personally first :)

Can you share a photo of your parents when they were younger? You've got such a unique beauty and I'd love to see your heritage.
- Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them

Why do you make your lips look so fucking stupid in every picture?
- I haven't noticed that I'd do something stupid with my lips when I take photos. I guess my lips are just stupid then.

Could you share a picture of yourself when you were a child?
- I don't own any photos of me when I was a child but if I ever get one, then yes, sure!

have you ever been to disneyland?
-No but it's my dream to go there someday!

Have you ever had problems with your hair like it's getting oily too often? Can you recommend any solution?
- Never actually. My hair is usually too dry.

where do you order your wigs from?
- ebay

also what drugstore foundation would you reccomend for early 30s skin, i have fine lines but not wrinkles and the makeup always creases!
- Hmm unfortunately I don't know how to help. Maybe you should visit the store and ask the employees? I'm sure they can help you!

is there a certain name to that style of yours or is it just your own style if so how would you describe it? ^^
- Well as you have probably noticed my style changes a lot. So no, there's no name for it i think

Where are all those "coming soon" posts?
- Honestly I've forgotten them since no one ever asks, haha!

would you ever move to america? if so, which part? if not, where to or still in finland?
- Well I'm not sure why I'd move there or which part. I haven't really thought about moving abroad, but it would be nice to live someplace warm!

What other hobbies do you have? Do you collect anything (other than key-jewelry ;3)? What were your favorite childhood toys?
- I enjoy music and reading. And videogames! I collect everything shiny.. It's my curse... And I dodn't really care much for toys, I found Pokémon cards more interesting

How do you keep your skin so amazingly clear?? :)
- I guess it's like that naturally. I don't take care of my skin

How do you 1: make your hair such a vibrant red!? And 2: how do you make it last!? Im having such a hard time making it vibrant and to not turn pink as quick :/
- I wrote a post about it some time ago. 

I bought a red wig off ebay because I loved your look with the red wig. Can u please do a wig tutorial?
- Yes I will do one, I think I just need someone to help me with the video recording.

First of all congratulation on ur talent and amazing work, secondly, i have very oily skin, with acne scars and rosacea, and i am med with noticeable yellow undertones, i find it hard to match my makeup color and it never lasts, even when i use primer. I have tried powders, liquid and cream foundations but nothing works!! -.- any suggestions?
- Unfortunately I don't know how to help you since I suffer from dry skin :(

For fellow makeup artists, do you consider doing more how to videos?
- Yes, I will do more in the future

Will you put up a tutorial on how you draw on/ put on your lipsticks? I love the shape you create~
- Haha love the shape I create? I think you just love my natural lipshape then since I don't even use a lipliner XD

how could you discribe your style?
- Chameleon

sorry, DO your piercings hurt when you smile or when you open your mouth?
- No, ofcourse not. Who would get a piercing if they were painful all the time?

what tips can you give me to look like you?
- None. Why would you like to look like someone you are not? I'm sure you look stunning just the way you are!

If someone would come up to you (on a street or store what ever) and say something good about your hair, how would you react? Cause when i say to someone that they have nice hair they look me like: umm, go away or okay thanks and just really awkward. :( I LOVE YOUR HAIR BY THE WAYY!
- Haha well, I always go pretty awkward too when someone compliments me, but that's probably also because it's so rare that someone actually compliments me irl.

Your photos always turn out so incredibly flawless, what camera do you use?
- Canon EOS 1000D

My eyemakeup often falls off from my face and my liners don't last for long, is there any tips you could give?
- Try eyeshadow primer! :)

I'd like to know how you react if someone totally random person asks "are you wearing a wig?" how about if some of your friends asks the same thing?
- If I'm wearing a wig, then I just say that I'm wearing one :D It's not a big deal really, no matter if the person who asks is some random person or my friend

I would like to know if you could make a makeup tutorial, ive always wanted to know how you do your makeup so neat ;)Love from #1 Norwegian fan :D
- I have couple of videos on youtube already :)

How long does it take for you to do your makeup? And when did you start wearing makeup?
- About 20 minutes. I was 13 when I started to wear eyemakeup

How do you store your wigs? Mine just get all bunched up and tangled and awful. :/
- I keep them in a huge box.. so I'm not very good at storing them haha

What made you want to blog?
- I was just simply bored!

I wonder if you've had any cosmetic surgeries?
- No I have not

How do you afford all your makkeup? Or do they send it to you for reviews?
- Makeup companies send them as a gift for me, sometimes they want me to review their products and sometimes they just want me to try them out :)

Do you watch any anime? And if you do what are some of your favorite series/genres? :D
- My absolute favorites are NANA and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood!

You said before you like Visual Kei. What visual kei or just visual bands in Japan are your favorites, and are there any that inspire your makeup?
- I don't know if I'm really into the visual kei scene, I just enjoy j-music. I listen to several japanese artist but here are some of my favorites:
girugamesh, Miyavi, LM.C, Nightmare, Anna Tsuchiya, YUI, lynch., Maximum the Hormone, Ayabie and L'Arc-en-Ciel

How you've learned to do your makeup?
- I learned by myself~

Do you have any tattoos? If so could you show them?
- Yes I do, I don't have any fresh pictures of them tho.. But here's some old ones from my instagram

why have you this style?
- Because this is me.

are you still studying?
- I'm still a student yes. But I'm on a break due the health issues I've been dealing with and because of the upcoming surgery. I will continue my studies later this year.

where do you get your natural looking wigs from? I need an affordable one to hide my crazy hair at work..
- From ebay!


Thank you all for your questions! It was a lot of fun to answer them!

If you have any more questions, or would like to read some more of my answers, please check out my ask.fm account!

I'm trying to update my blog at least once before the surgery, I have a pretty cool and different review that I'd like to share with you guys soon!
Have a nice day! ♥

Vähän kuulumisia (finnish only)



Sorry that this post is only in Finnish, I really don't have any energy to translate it right now and there's really not much new information here. Pretty much the same stuff that I've written on RoseShock Facebook page lately!
Mulla ei oikeestaan ole mitään päivittämisen arvosta tässä mutta ajattelin nyt kuitenkin tänne bloginkin puolelle tunkea vähän infoa siitä mitä mulle kuuluu ja mitä oon puuhaillut. Vaikka nojoo, enpä tässä oo kyllä paljon mitään tehnyt... enivei.

Jouluna kävin visiitillä kotikylässäni ja tässä pari kuvaa mun ruttumummelista. Ja ei, eläinkuvia ei koskaan voi olla liikaa.

En tykkää joulusta enkä sitä yleensä mitenkään vietä, edellisen joulun vietin yksin kotona mutta tällä kertaa päätin kuitenkin raahautua muutamakymmentäkilometriä pohjoisempaan ja muunmuassa koristella pipareita pikkuveljen kanssa :--D kyseisellä 14v herralla oli paha tapa luoda jotain kyborgiporsaita ja kyklooppi-ihmisiä... mistä lie perinyt tommoset tavat.. hmm.

 Taisinki jo kertoa niistä eläinkuvista.

Joo noh, Karkkilassa en viipynyt päivää pidempää vaan lähdinkin sitten jouluaattona takaisin kohti Helsinkiä.

Pari päivää joulun jälkeen käytiin Käävän kanssa kattomassa Hobitti. Itsehän en välitä tippaakaan LOTR elokuvista tai kirjoista, mutta koska oli ilmaisliput ja Kääpä välttämättä halusi mut mukaan niin ajattelin että jospa nyt sitten kerrankin menis ja yritin samalla herättää jonkinlaista LOTR fania sisälmyksistäni mutta julmasti totean että leffa oli paska. Käävänkin mielestä oli huono, ja se sentään on joku hullu fani. :-( Aika pettymys. Visuaalisesti komea elokuva tosin.. Ja musiikit oli tosi hienot!

Tässä naamakuvaa kyseiseltä päivältä. Muistutin vähän jotain Kauna heppua mut mikäs siinä, vähän jännitystä elämään.

 Valonnopeat popcornit

Oon ollu joulusta asti kauheessa flunssassa, pitäis varmaan jo mennä lääkäriin kun ei vieläkään tahdo parantua. Joka kerta kun tuntuu jo terveemmältä ja lähtee ulos, niin seuraavana päivänä on taas samassa jamassa eikä pääse edes sängystä ylös. Huoh.

Koin myös jännittävän allergisen reaktion tuossa vähän aikaa sitten. Naama turpos ku ilmapallo ja tuli tollasta kirkkaanpunasta ihottumaa pitkin naamaa ja kaulaa. En ollu käyttäny mitään outoa saippuaa/shampoota/meikkiä yms enkä myöskään ollu syöny mitään kyseisenä päivänä joten en keksi mistä se tuli.. Oletettavasti flunssa ja stressi, tai alienit.

Noh tässä sängyn pohjalla oleillessa on Netflix ollu mun paras kaveri. 

Niinä muutamina päivinä kun oon ulos mennyt, niin en oo kauheen erikoiselta näyttänyt. Oon mieltynyt nyt talvella vähän kevyempään meikkiin ja kokeillut kaikkia erilaisia lookkeja joihin menee naurettavan vähän aikaa aamulla. Esim just nää pari neutraalimman väristä, melko samanlaista lookkia. Peruukki varsinkin nopeuttaa ja helpottaa sillon kun ei jaksa oikeesti tehä mitään omalle tukalle...haha

 Kokeilin kevyempää meikkiä harmailla piilareilla mutta näytin aikalailla säikyltä jänikseltä. Tummanruskeilla linsseillä sen sijaan mun mielestä näyttää aika kivalta. Pitäis vaan nyt päästää irti tästä tummanruskeesta väriskaalasta hiuksissa,silmissä ja meikissä :-D... Noh ehkä se on nyt mun joku kausiväri.. 

Välillä hämmentää miten hyvä kamera iPhonessa on. Huhuh.
Kauheesti on FB sivujen puolella pyydetty tutoriaalia tästä meikistä mut en tiiä onks toi nyt kauheen kiintoisa. Onks täällä ketään joka haluis tutoa tästä?

Vähän aikaa sitten myöskin ystäväiseni/poikani Iiris saapui Helsinkiin ja yöpyi mun luona kun lähti seuraavana päivänä Ruotsiin. Ollaan söpöjä.
 En oo vielä päättäny tykkäänkö tästä neutraalimmasta lookista vai en. Vähän samanlainen tunne kuin sillon ku mulla oli blondi tukka. Jotenkin tietää että näyttää jollain tasolla sievemmältä mutta toisaalta taas ei tunnu yhtään iteltä :-D
Mansikka mikälie Starbucks asia jota yritin juoda kun kävin saattamassa Iiriksen lentokentälle. Pauli joi varmaan joku kolme tollasta ja sit viel jonkun hullun jääkahvi asian.. Mä sain ehkä puolet tosta ryystettyä..

Sitten vähän meikki asiaa, kuten varmaan jotkut tietää niin en tosiaan hoida mun ihoa mitenkään enkä edes käytä meikinpoisto ainetta.. Jotenki hävettää nyt myöntää mutta oon aina käyttäny vaan jotai käsisaippuaa tyyliin tai suihkussa ollessa vaan pessy jollain vartalosaippualla meikin pois :-D  
Noh, tossa yks päivä kiertelin kaupoissa ja päätin että nyt pitää ottaa itteään niskasta kiinni ja ettii joku puhdistusaine ja kokeilla edes onko siitä mitään hyötyä.

Halusin jotain edullista joka saattais myöskin auttaa mun kuivaan ihoon. Päädyin Garnierin puhdistusemulsioon jonka pitäis auttaa kuivaan ihoon ja myöskin poistaa vedenkestävät meikit. Vähän kyllä nauratti kassalla kun huomasin et tää on joku ruusu juttu.. noh.. ainakin osuva valinta.

Sain aika monenlaista palautetta kun julkasin tän kuvan facebookin puolella. Monet valitteli että tää kuivattaa kauheesti ihoa vaan lisää mutta mulla tää on toiminut erittäin hyvin. Oon joskus aikasemmin käyttänyt kuivalle iholle tarkotettua puhdistusainetta joka oli öljypohjainen, ja se ei sopinut yhtään. Tää puolestaan on enemmän sellainen maitomainen ja tuoksuukin tosi miellyttävälle. Eli toimii kyllä niinkun putelissa luvataan. Toivoisin tosin vähän tehokkaampaa meikin puhdistusta tältä.. mut ehkä mulla vaan oikeesti on niin paljon meikkiä ettei sitä saa yhdellä pesulla pois :-D Ja kun en voi mitään kamalan jytyä puhdistusainettakaan käyttää kun ei iho kestä.. 

 Tässä viimesen kolmen viikon aikana mulla on ollu kans kahdet kuvaukset Evil Clothingille ja sen eri vaatemerkeille.

Ekat kuvaukset oli joskus vähän yli pari viikkoa sitten. Järkkäsin sinne pari kaveriakin kuvattavaksi ja oli kyllä ihan sairaan hauskaa! Oli kyllä vähän outoa olla lyhyellä tukalla mutta suunnittelijan pyynnöstä kuitenkin jätin kaikenmaailman lisäkkeet ja peruukit kotiin.
Oli hauskaa että vaihdettiin mun huulipunan väriä muutamaan kertaan kuvausten aikana! :-D Toi mintunvihree huulipuna oli aika mystinen..

 Toiset kuvaukset mulla oli kolmisen päivää sitten. Kuvailtiin aikalailla kaikkia hattuja,koruja ja t-paitoja.
Mun isosisko pääs kans kameran eteen ja muutamat yhteiskuvatkin meistä otettiin :-D!

Ruskeella tukalla ja "bambisilmillä" mentiin tällä kertaa. Pari kertaa kyllä oli pakko mennä istumaan ja pitää vähän taukoa näissä viimesissä kuvauksissa kun olin niin kipeenä.. Molemmat kuvaukset kesti jotain 7h niin siinä kyllä alkaa päässä heittämään kun salamat vaan välkkyy silmissä ja varpaat huutaa platformeilla tasapainoilusta..

Saan molempien kuvausten kuvat itelleni joskus tän kuun lopussa ja julkaisen varmaan niitä sitten täällä blogin puolella jonkin verran... Toivottavasti tuli jotain julkaisukelpoisia kuvia!

Loppukevennykseksi minä ja suosikkimagneettini joka aina tunkeutuu kaikkiin mun kuviin. Nyyh.

Nyt ryömin peiton alle, juon teetä ja katson Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhoodin n. kymmenennen kerran elämäni aikana. Pitäis hoitaa toi Q&A video ja postaus valmiiksi tän viikon aikana, joten sitä odotellessa!

GEO LAVENDER lens review



A while ago I received a new pair of lenses from geocolouredlenses!

I'm trying to review very different lenses every time I get the chance to review some. This time I chose green lenses because I never really wear green ones and I have only reviewed maybe one green pair before.

I fell in love with the beautiful design of the lenses that I reviewed last time so I decided to take lenses with a wild design also this time! They are different model tho.

This design is absolutely gorgeous!! And they give an amazing emerald green eye color!

The diameter is 15mm which is the same dia as in almost all the lenses that I wear. Bigger the better!

I'm still not used to these lenses since I never wear green lenses. However, these are really pretty and look very natural at least in my greenish eyes (unless you look very close and see the badass design on the lens!)
I think these are great for daily use without being too crazy. But they are still really eye-catching!

These are also very comfortable. I have never had any problems with geocolouredlenses products! All the lenses have been really pretty and comfortable, also the shipping is crazy fast! Usually it takes weeks for most lens companies to ship their products to Finland but geocolouredlens ships them in few days!

Remember that they have a FREE worldwide shipping! So they really have the best prices!

Isn't the design magical or what? I wonder if I should get another pair of these but in different color..

Get these lenses here: GEO LAVENDER GREEN

Right now I'm watching Disney movies and trying to rest since I have a big photoshoot tomorrow. Wonder how I will manage since I have the worst flu ever.. Well, hopefully everything goes just fine!

Remember that you can also request a lens model or color that you would like to see a review of!