GEO LAVENDER lens review



A while ago I received a new pair of lenses from geocolouredlenses!

I'm trying to review very different lenses every time I get the chance to review some. This time I chose green lenses because I never really wear green ones and I have only reviewed maybe one green pair before.

I fell in love with the beautiful design of the lenses that I reviewed last time so I decided to take lenses with a wild design also this time! They are different model tho.

This design is absolutely gorgeous!! And they give an amazing emerald green eye color!

The diameter is 15mm which is the same dia as in almost all the lenses that I wear. Bigger the better!

I'm still not used to these lenses since I never wear green lenses. However, these are really pretty and look very natural at least in my greenish eyes (unless you look very close and see the badass design on the lens!)
I think these are great for daily use without being too crazy. But they are still really eye-catching!

These are also very comfortable. I have never had any problems with geocolouredlenses products! All the lenses have been really pretty and comfortable, also the shipping is crazy fast! Usually it takes weeks for most lens companies to ship their products to Finland but geocolouredlens ships them in few days!

Remember that they have a FREE worldwide shipping! So they really have the best prices!

Isn't the design magical or what? I wonder if I should get another pair of these but in different color..

Get these lenses here: GEO LAVENDER GREEN

Right now I'm watching Disney movies and trying to rest since I have a big photoshoot tomorrow. Wonder how I will manage since I have the worst flu ever.. Well, hopefully everything goes just fine!

Remember that you can also request a lens model or color that you would like to see a review of! 


  1. Uih! Nää on kyllä ihanat! :D
    Sopii sulle ja tuo mukavasti vaihtelua.

    Kuviointi on aivan mahtava!

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  2. Wow, that looks really adorable!
    I love your hair color <3
    Greetings from Poland :)

  3. These are really pretty! Get well soon.

  4. Beautiful darling, love you in red!

  5. Mahtava kuviointi noissa linsseissä ja väri on kans tosi kiva! Vihree sopii sulle hyvin! (:

  6. Tämä ei kuulu tänne, mutta ajattelin kertoa, että aina kun vierailen blogisi sivuilla niin kone huutaa epäilyttävästä viruksesta eri viruksentorjuntaohjelmilla.. toivon että otat asiaksesi korjata tuon ongelman.

    1. Ottaisin asiakseni, mutta olet ainoa jolla on tuo kyseinen ongelma. Pyysin montaa ihmistä vierailemaan blogissa ja kenenkään kone ei varoittanut yhtään mistään D:

  7. it makes you beautifull eyes!!!!!!!
    and it's amazing, i love disney movies to!!!!
    wich one you are watchinng? :)

  8. ähh taidat menettää lukia.. tykkäsin paaaljon enemmän blogista sillon ku kirjotit suomeks, ja ei en oo avuton englannissa.....

    1. mähän kirjoitan melkeen kaikki postaukset englanniksi ja suomeksi :D nää esittelypostaukset yleensä teen vaan englanniks kun ei oo oikeen mitään erikoista sisältöä

  9. You look so beautiful with them!


  10. Can I ask you where you buy bottom eyelashes? Can't seem to find them anywhere.
    Love the lenses btw, green eyes are according to me the tastier :)