Nana and Hachi inspired photoshoot


Soooo yesterday I told that we had a really fun photoshoot with my bestie, and now I'm gonna share some of the photos here! I've always wanted to do this sort of looks with Kääpä since she is so much alike Hachi and I have a lot in common with Nana. Also our styles are a lot like theirs, kind of spooky, really! (for those who are not familiar with the characters/series..)

Anyway, I wouldn't call this cosplay since we just wore our regular clothes with wigs. We happen to own very similar clothes than these characters, and for example I own a jacket and some jewelry that's identical to Nana's.

I think Kääpä looks really cute as a brunette! She should totally dye her hair that color !
I look really weird without my piercings or bangs. Even though most people didn't even realize that I don't have any facial piercings in these pictures..

This was actually taken when we were running home after the shoot... :'D

HAHA this one is one of my favorites.. "Not sure if she smells bad or if I just love her too much"-face.

 Kääpä was freezing to death so I gave her my coat. Actually we both were freezing all the time since we had such a thin clothes and it was really cold outside..

I have this picture as my phone wallpaper right now! It's so cute!

A lot of smoke, hah.

 Our friendship in one picture. 
99% of all the pictures are really stupid like this one :'D I have no idea what we are actually doing here.. 
I'm pushing Kääpä off a bridge or something. Really cute.

Chu! ♥

I have a LOT more pictures, but I think I won't publish them all here since they are pretty similar to each other. All photos were taken by my awesome roommate Pauli!

I think I will get some of these pictures framed! They turned out so cute, haha!

Small frosty update



I'm reeeeally tired atm and going to sleep soon so I'm sorry for all the possible typos that I'm gonna do while writing the post, haha! There's really no special reason for this update, I just wanted to show some new clothes and also show some recent makeup looks that I've made! 

 coat & cardigan: Sheinside(sponsored) | hat: H&M | shoes: Mart of China(sponsored)

Lately I've been into warm and cozy clothes since it's really cold here in Finland already. We already got some blizzards here in Helsinki, ugh. Anyway, I really like winter clothing but it's really hard to find something that's warm enough and still somehow good looking. I spotted the winter coat and that cool tribal cardigan on Sheinside website a while ago and I just had to get them! The coat is sooo comfortable and also very warm. I usually don't like the loose fit on coats, but this one is simply adorable.

These first pictures are actually from yesterday when I went to see my friend S.A.N's live show at Pukinmäki library, it was awesome! I really love having crazy talented friends like him, haha!

I also got a new pair of boots from Mart of China the other day. These are probably one of my all time favorite boots because they are so comfy and good looking! I think I've never had this type of boots before, but I reeeallly love them. It's also really fun that you can wear them two different ways! 

 Then a few makeup photos.. I've been quite lazy with makeup lately. Not sure if it's because of the shitty cold weather or what :( I've been wearing a lot of brown and grey lately & been too lazy to take any actual pictures of those looks, haha..

 I'm really into orange atm! 

 ..and ofc I'm into red aswell. As always.

I had a really fun photoshoot with my best friend today. I'll post photos here tomorrow! You can already find some from my Facebook and Instagram though... And this picture is a pretty good hint, haha! Can you guess our theme?

Btw, I announced the winner of the Sheinside giveaway on my Facebook couple days ago!

Orange October


Hi there!

Don't have any special reason to update my blog now or anything, but we took some pictures today with Pauli on our way to the grocery store (lol) and I just wanted to share some of these pictures with you guys!

I actually asked my Facebook followers yesterday which are their least favorite lipstick colors, and one of the most hated ones was orange. I found that a bit weird since it's one of my all time favorites, and it's a pretty normal color too. Other pretty hated ones were brown, nude, pink, black, yellow and blue. Maybe I should try them all, just for fun haha!

 jacket: Sheinside (sponsored) | scarf: Ginatricot | bag: Ginatricot | shoes: Mart of China

It was a lot of fun to take pictures under this huge mapletree. I always adore it when I go out, it grows quite near our house. Fall is such a pretty season, too bad it also means that the winter is coming.. It's actually really cold outside already here in Finland. Ugh.

I've been wanting to wear that red leather jacket from Sheinside for quite some time already, but since this one is a orange-red and my hair is pink-red, it's impossible to wear them together. But I think it looks really great with brown wig and black/grey clothes!

How do you guys feel about orange

Long time no see


Yeah yeah I know, it's been a while again.

But actually I think this time I had a real reason for my online silence in a way. I've been taking distance to my blog and such to take care of myself better and make time for myself. 
I've also taken huge steps in my life for my own good in these past couple of weeks, even got myself to the dentist, even though it happens to be one of my biggest fears. This picture is actually from some morning when I was heading to the monster's office.

Also got some awesome gifts in the mail. Shoes from Mart of China (direct link to the shoes here!), extensions from Dirty Looks and new contacts from Geocolouredlenses. Will write about the lenses and extensions later when I'm done with my hair project! 
But ah.. the shoes. Surprisingly light, but sturdy. Love how huge the platform is. Many people think this type of shoe design is too extreme or heavy looking, but I think it's fabulous.

Actually wore them this day. I was curious to try out my dark green Lime Crime lippie, and somehow my overall look turned out to be some sort of cartoon villain look-a-like. Haven't worn stripe pants in years haha, felt like I was 13 again! Ernu 4 ever! Really liking them though, was really happy to get these from Sheinside since I've been looking for some cool leggings lately. 
The Sheinside giveaway is btw still open, if you haven't entered yet!

jacketleggings:Sheinside (sponsored) | dress: NewYorker | shoes: Mart of China(sponsored)

I actually liked this look a lot, even though green isn't on my top favorite colors list.. I didn't wear any eyeliner either which was pretty new for me. But fun! Loved wearing red brows again too, it's been a long time since the last time I put some color on my brows haha.

Many people said that this look reminds them of Poison Ivy, probably because of the colors haha.

I also had an awful flu for such a long time I can't even remember when it started.. Anyway, I mostly just tried to rest and enjoyed my late birthday gift from my roommate. Harry Potter dvd box! The cold is luckily now gone, but my roommate caught it and now he's sick haha..

I've also been doodling and looked like a granny when going to the grocery store.

Last night I tried out a bit different look. I'm not really a fan of the whole "neutral eyes and bold lips" thing, but this look felt kinda fresh. I looked a lot older though, which was slightly scary. The wig was actually sent to me by an accident few months ago when I tried to order a blond wig.. The color is really nice though. Wish the quality was better.

And today.. well the day started kinda crappy because I was supposed to meet a doctor and then she cancelled the meeting and such, blah, so confusing. But later we went to walk around the town and see a movie with Pauli which was nice! I also bought shitloads of candy because yolo.

 The movie was absolutely crap, I liked the previous Riddick movies but this one.. oh god. Don't waste your time on this one.

I also wore my two least favorite colors today.. must be going mad I guess?

And haha, it was a bit awkward when I visited a clothing store today and someone who was working there came to me and said "oh you have such an awesome makeup and hair today, are you going to a halloween party or something" and then I'm, this is how I normally look.. Ohhhh the awkwardness!

I'm terribly late with the Q&A post due to all the shit that's been happening lately, but I finally started to answer the questions and the post is now closed! I will record the video right after I've read and sorted all the questions.. Got a huge amount of them btw, thank you!

I'm also going to write about my current haircolor soon, and about some new lenses. Will do an eyebrow tutorial soon too, yay!

Haha I love this picture, I look like a fucking alien...........

 Anyway, I'm trying to get back on my feet asap and start writing more. There's a lot happening around me right now, and it's starting to make damage I guess.