Small frosty update



I'm reeeeally tired atm and going to sleep soon so I'm sorry for all the possible typos that I'm gonna do while writing the post, haha! There's really no special reason for this update, I just wanted to show some new clothes and also show some recent makeup looks that I've made! 

 coat & cardigan: Sheinside(sponsored) | hat: H&M | shoes: Mart of China(sponsored)

Lately I've been into warm and cozy clothes since it's really cold here in Finland already. We already got some blizzards here in Helsinki, ugh. Anyway, I really like winter clothing but it's really hard to find something that's warm enough and still somehow good looking. I spotted the winter coat and that cool tribal cardigan on Sheinside website a while ago and I just had to get them! The coat is sooo comfortable and also very warm. I usually don't like the loose fit on coats, but this one is simply adorable.

These first pictures are actually from yesterday when I went to see my friend S.A.N's live show at Pukinmäki library, it was awesome! I really love having crazy talented friends like him, haha!

I also got a new pair of boots from Mart of China the other day. These are probably one of my all time favorite boots because they are so comfy and good looking! I think I've never had this type of boots before, but I reeeallly love them. It's also really fun that you can wear them two different ways! 

 Then a few makeup photos.. I've been quite lazy with makeup lately. Not sure if it's because of the shitty cold weather or what :( I've been wearing a lot of brown and grey lately & been too lazy to take any actual pictures of those looks, haha..

 I'm really into orange atm! 

 ..and ofc I'm into red aswell. As always.

I had a really fun photoshoot with my best friend today. I'll post photos here tomorrow! You can already find some from my Facebook and Instagram though... And this picture is a pretty good hint, haha! Can you guess our theme?

Btw, I announced the winner of the Sheinside giveaway on my Facebook couple days ago!


  1. Awww I love that blue look! Love those colors ♥
    I think the shoes you got are really nice! They look rather warm - in my experience it's hard to find boots that have high heels and look pretty but are still somehow able to keep you warm. I really have to check out that shop :D
    Aaaand I'm already super curious to see the photos from the photoshoot! ^__^

  2. I thought for some time to get that coat but it looks so different from the pictures and kinda short! o_o Love the hat and that cardigan and your makeup rocks as always :)

  3. Loli&Goth Loli? :)

  4. I love the purple colors on your second make up look particularly! That is the color for me this season, it's so nice! It's not as cold over here as it is over there but I wish it were! I love the cold season so much!

  5. Your makeup is amazing! The boots are great too, they look so comfortable :)

  6. Gorgeous photos, and those boots are to die for! (To die for...heh heh...'tis the season to make stupid Halloween jokes).

    The Penny Rose

  7. Nanaaa!! <3 :3 On muuten aivan uskomattoman upeat puvut! Nyt vasta ymmärrän miten mielettömästi sun kissasilmät sopiikaan "rajumman" Nanan silmien kanssa yksiin! :O

  8. You're so beautiful! How did you end up getting sponsored by Sheinside and Mart of China?

  9. Aivan ihana tuo violetti-oranssi silmämeikki! En ois koskaan uskonu, että oranssi ja violetti sopii noin hyvin yhteen : D