Different kind of Cinderella



Ah, what's better than a new gorgeous pair of boots?

I've been drooling over these Jeffrey Campbell Sirius Stud boots forever, but they were waaaay too expensive. However, a while ago I spotted these beauties on Nelly.com sale! The price was ridiculously low, so I had to get them. Even though I ate noodles for the rest of the month afterwards..

The original price was around 250euros, and I got these for 70euros! And I'm so happy I got them! They are like art! And very comfortable too.

I went out with a friend of mine today, here's today's look! I really like my new extensions and I'm trying out all sort of possible hairdos with the sidecut. Many people have been asking what red dye I use; it's Crazy Color's "Fire" as usual. ps. Oh god my hair grows so fast.. It's soon no longer a sidecut hahah.

 I've been looking for a nice plaid jacket/shirt for a while already, but for some reason I haven't been able to find one. When I saw this jacket on Sheinside, I immediately got it. It's so cute! The leather skirt is also a new Sheinside get, I really love the belt detail on it.

I've been really into plaid this autumn, dunno really why. I want more clothes with this kind of print!

jacket: Sheinside(sponsored) | top: H&M | skirt: Sheinside(sponsored) | boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Babies ♥ I hope the studs won't come off anytime soon..

I visited Sea Life today, it was so much fun! I'm actually very scared of underwater but I love seeing all sorts of exotic animals. Also I love sharks, haha.

This fish was my favorite.. look at that face..

I also recorded a short video!

And afterwards we ate delicious sushi.............


  1. Where did you found this theme on your blogspot?

    1. It's blogspot's own old theme that I just customized a bit

  2. Omg aivan ihanat kengät!! ja sä näytät joka kerta aivan törkeen kauniilta! ♥

  3. congrats for your new boots *v* they're amazing and fit your style perfectly!

    I also love your outfit and your hair, you're always fabulous!

  4. Those boots are so cool! Love them, the whole outfit is great. That last fish picture looks super weird and awesome too!


  5. OMG Love those boots!!
    You're beautiful how always!

  6. Love the boots.... Do u have utube tutorials love ur makeup

  7. Onko tossa sidecutissa sun oma, luonnollinen hiusväri? Oli tai ei ni sopii tohon punaiseen :3

  8. Lucky you to get the boots cheaper ♡ The boots are to die for! *o*


  9. Those Boots are a m a z i n g !!

  10. love ur hair so much ^^

  11. Are those boots comfortable to walk? the heel looks so high,

  12. Your Makeup is so flawless and stunning loving the boots too!


  13. those boots are perfect!!