Well it's been a while, really, but honestly there hasn't been much to write about. I celebrated Halloween at my friend's house couple days ago and I decided to post a few pictures of my Halloween look and such. And I'll also post some makeup and outfit photos that I've taken lately. Very few though, since I've been mostly just without any makeup and worn some warm ugly sweaters haha!

Here's a picture of me without makeup, decided to post this since so many people are curious to see how I look like wihtout any. Even though I post a lot of non-makeup pictures on Instagram..

As I said I've been doing very simple looks lately. I guess it's the cold and dark weather that's sucking the inspiration and motivation out of me right now. Hope it gets better soon. I kinda liked this look though! The wig is actually Kääpä's Hachiko wig..

I was really happy to get this blue military coat from Sheinside. I own the same coat in black and it's one of my favorite fall/winter coats ever. I really adore the color. Too bad that it's gonna be too cold for such thin coats soon I think.

coat: Sheinside (sponsored) | bag: ginatricot | gloves: ebay

And another neutral colored face from the other day. One of the reasons why I've been so inactive online is that I've been meeting doctors and such to get help for my sleeping problems, depression and panic disorder. I've been dealing with these things all my life and now I'm trying out some new type of medication after being years without any (except for some weak sleeping pills that didn't work haha). Such meds can be very difficult in the beginning, so I probably will take some distance to my online life, and take care of myself more instead and focus on more important things in my life.

 Oh enough of the boring stuff, then the Halloween! We don't actually celebrate Halloween here in Finland but my friend decided to throw a party and most people did dress up. I didn't take pictures of the other guests though since there was many people I didn't know and I also didn't know if they'd like if I posted their pictures online so.. I just mainly took pictures of me and Beniitta! Haha!


I wanted to try my new hair extensions from Dirty Looks, and I also wanted a costume that would be simple, affortable and classy. With loads of attitude ofcourse. As a Batman lover, Poison Ivy felt like a perfect character for this evening. This was really just an Ivy inspired look instead of an actual cosplay or such. I just wore something that I thought Ivy could wear!

 The one-sleeved lace dress that I'm wearing is from HerSecret, and the vines are just some cheap stuff from ebay. Beniitta helped me to sew them on the dress. And she also did my hair! It was amazing!

San had an amazing costume! The night itself was pretty peaceful, I didn't drink or anything. Just spent some time with my friends and watched when drunk people played Twister, haha.

Couple of silly Instagram videos from that evening..! (sorry guys)

I had so AWESOME Halloween makeup plans that I really wanted to show you guys, but unfortunately the material for my looks is late and I need to do them sometime later. I'll try to create them as soon as I got the things I need! Here's a small hint though..

I'll try to post as much as I can! Love!


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  1. Ilman meikkiä susta tulee ihan mieleen Milla Jovovich :)

  2. Your Poison Ivy costume looks soo great! Beniitta did a great job with your hair! I love it how when you wear extensions I can never tell where your real hair ends and the extensions start :D

    As for your meds, I wish you all the best and hope the medication works out for you! ♥

  3. awwwww, mieliala- ja muut samantapaset lääkkeet on inhottavia, varsinkin sillon alussa... :<

    Semmosta vielä utelen tähän väliin, että koska se videopostaus tulee?? Siis se vastausvideo kysymyspostaukseen? ^^

    1. Haha se on kyllä niiiiin myöhässä! Yritän saada tehtyä heti kun mulle vaan tulee eteen sellanen päivä et saan yksinään kotona tuhlata muutaman tunnin koneen ja webcamin kanssa!

    2. sun piti joskus myös tehdä video missä laulat! sitä odotellessa.. ;)

  4. Ihan epäreilua että olet ilman meikkiäkin paljon kauniimpi kuin minä ja niin moni muu. :D Tuo eka ruskee peruukki-look muuten sopii sulle ihan tosi hyvin!

  5. Herranjumala oot täydellinen ilman meikkiä, just täydelliset, kulmikkaat ja sirot kasvonpiirteet! ♥

  6. Great Halloween outfit & love the look with the mirror-pose ;) <3

  7. You look so stunning even without make up


  8. It's so courageous of you to seek help and go on meds for your mental health. As a fellow sufferer I really support your decision and wish you the best of luck! Stay strong! While we'll miss you, I'm so glad you're doing what's best for you. Thank you for being such an inspiration. <3

  9. You looked really good in the Poison Ivy costume, loved it :3


  10. Woowww mahtava Halloween-asu! Oot mahtava <3


  12. Nyt selvis sekis mysteeri, miten oot niin kaunis aina meikattuna: sä vaan oot niin luonnonkaunis valmiiksi, että meikillä voi vaan korostaa, kun ei tarvi mitään korjailla :)

  13. Hei!
    Vaikka meikkaatkin upeasti ja mielikuvituksellisesti, oot myös häikäisevän kaunis ilman meikkiä!
    Ja paljon voimia syksyyn (varsinkin masennuksen kanssa se voi olla todella inhottavaa aikaa). Muista juoda paljon kaakaota ja levätä. Ja ole niin kauan poissa netistä kun siltä tuntuu! Kaikista tärkeintä kuitenkin on, että jaksat.. Varsinkin kun uudet lääkkeet aloitetaan, se on aina vaikeaa.
    Ja näin sarjakuvien ystävänä täytyy sanoa että mahtavat halloween asut teillä!

  14. En tajua, miten joku voi näyttää noin kauniilta suihkusta tulleena! Ja tuo asukin on ihan mahtava :>

    Voisin näin vaatimattomasti sanoa, että oot ehkä maailman kaunein nainen.

  15. Hei tsemppii ! c:

  16. I have the same problems as you do. I have had sleeping problems, depression, and panic disorders all my life. I am 26 now and I have been on medication for the majority of my late teenage and adult years. I have gotten quite a bit better over the past year or so and my life is finally starting to turn around for the better. My advise to you is to take the time to get yourself healthy. Try and stay as positive as possible. It makes all the difference.

    I would also like to say that I am a professional make up artist, and you are a true inspiration! You have such amazing talent! I am always so excited whenever you post new photos, and that we all get to witness the true beauty and talent that you have!

    I wish you all the luck in the world! And I really hope that you find a solution for the issues that you are having.