Red Hair



I was supposed to write this post like... over a month ago but somehow I never got into it and yeah, you know what I mean. So, whatever, I wanted to write about my "new" haircolor, which obviously is red since you have seen it quite a few times already. Though many people think it's a wig which is pretty awkward.

Here's what happened! From black to light-yellowish-brown-whatever-happenswhenyoubleach-thing and to red!

I only use professional bleach, I get it from my friends or sister who works at hairsalon. It's a lot more powerful than most bleaches so it's a faster process. Obviously I bleached my hair way too quickly and too many times, but hey, my hair can take it. However I don't suggest any of you do it at home since dyes can be very difficult to use and even dangerous. Go to a hairdresser!

Here's the current lenght of my own hair. It's short. Plus the left side of my head is shaved!

The red dye I use is "Fire" by Crazy Color. I always use the same red because I really like it's cold pinkish tone. It's not a very long lasting dye, but I kinda like that since I tend to change my haircolor pretty often. Actually I'm already planning to dye my hair with another color as soon as I have money for such. But for now I'll stick with the red, it's a really cool color though. I've always loved having red hair the most, it's my favorite haircolor. However it can be a pain in the ass to keep it bright and also you'll get easily tired of it because you can't pair many colors with it. 

I keep up the red color by mixing some of the hairdye I use in my conditioner. It's a really easy and simple way to keep your haircolor bright without having to dye it all the time.

jacket: Vero Moda | shoes: Mart of China | gloves: ebay

I got a new jacket the other day. Found it purely random while I was going to grocery shopping. I really love it, I've been looking for a military design like this one for ages! I have too many military coats now though.. but I think they look awesome. The color of the jacket is pretty new to me since I never wear brown, but I kinda like it anyway. There was a light grey version of this same jacket too but I thought is was too light colored and made me look fat, haha!

Many of you have wondered where this awesome huge pile of hair came from since my head is half shaved and my hair is short. Well, I got these amazing extensions as a gift from Dirty Looks. I got their HK Full Head extension set, and I loooove it!

Usually I have to buy at least two sets of clip in extensions because my hair is naturally very thick and thin extensions won't blend into it. But with these babies, I never had that problem! Actually I always have couple of extra clip ins now because they all won't fit my head! Haha!

jacket: Sheinside | top: HerSecret | leggings: Sheinside(sponsored) | boots: JC

The quality of the hair is also awesome. It's so amazingly thick and easy to style. I got my extensions in lightest blonde shade and then dyed them with Crazy Color's Fire to make them match my real hair! Absolutely no problems with the dyeing, yay!

Yesterday I wore mermaid inspired hair and outfit, it was fun! Those new Sheinside leggings are really cool, even though I haven't worn anything like it before.


Today I'm gonna stay indoors, paint something and maybe plan my outfit for tomorrows Indiedays Blog Awards.. I seriously have no idea what to wear and I have never been in such an event but hopefully it's a lot of fun and I find something to wear... so I won't go naked.

Any of my followers attending the same event? Come say hello if you see me!


  1. You're gorgeous! ♥

  2. I ♡ all your looks! You amaze me doll!

  3. I ♡ all your looks! You amaze me doll!

  4. Your hair are amazing, I love them!

  5. I recommend you try Manic Panic! It lasts a lot longer than any other semi-permanent dye I've used. I don't mix it with conditioner, I believe that most conditioners close the hair cuticles (like cold water, warm water opens them so that's why more of the color comes out when you wash your hair with warm water instead of cold) so it prevents all of the dye to stick on to your hair. When I dye my hair I mix in a little bit of water, this way you don't need that much hair dye = it lasts longer, and it still gives you the same bright color! When mixed with water I only need to use 1/3 bottle of dye and my hair is longer than yours. 1 bottle lasts 2-3 months depending on how lazy I am. I've also noticed that the more I dye my hair red the longer it lasts so I fear for the day I decide to go blonde, it will take forever to get the red tone out of my hair

  6. Minä ainakin tuun nykymään sua hihasta tuolla Indiedays Blog Awardsissa! Jos vaan bongaan sua!

  7. this hair color suit you well!!

  8. You make a lovely mermaid!

  9. Oh god these leggings have been my favorite for quite some time and I couldn't get them because of the very exaggerated price (won't tell the brand name, but maybe you know ;) ).
    I had never heard of Sheinside before, thanks :D

  10. Oh god I LOVE your red hair *-* <3

  11. Damn you are beautiful! And the make up you do suits you a lot.
    I love love love red hair and it was such a fun when I had it, but yes such a PITA to maintain it.. :)

  12. Pink is so hot <3

  13. wooooooooooah your hair looks so amazing ^^ such a pretty colour, it suits you lots

  14. I especially love the last two shots of you. ♥ You look like a dollfie there, I think it's amazing. Please moaarr. ;)

  15. You are way too beautiful!!!!! P.S. i love your hair

  16. Your hair looks amazing! The color is so vivid.. I love it. You look gorgeous & I love your new coat too.

  17. You do amazing makeup n hair! Very talented.

  18. You do amazing makeup n hair! Very talented.