Angelic Honey



Some time ago, Lockshop sent me this beeeaauuutiful wig for a review and once again it was pure love. Seriously. I think I won't get any more shitty ebay wigs after wearing my two glorious Lockshop wigs.. they are such a good quality compared to my other wigs.

I wanted to try out a natural color, even though they have such a tempting collection of bright colored ones too.. I chose this Angelic Honey wig!

These are rather "old" photos and you have probably seen them already, but since I'm wearing the wig here; I'll post them anyway. I really love the color. It's a very gorgeous gold brown. Also looks incredibly natural *__*

Now that I have no hair, wigs been very handy. It's really cold here in Finland so they warm me up.. haha.. No but seriously it's really cold when you have no hair!! 

These studio photos were taken by the lovely Miki last week. I actually wore seven different looks for the shoot we had but I can't show you any more pictures yet... here's the ones where I wore this wig though! The color looks lovely here!

 wig: Lockshop | shirt: Mart of China | jewellery: ebay

Haha these next photos are so cute. I got the dress from SoLolita and it has such a strong Christmas vibe to it.. also reminds me of Lilla My (if you are aware of Moomins you'll get it).

I think the wig fit the outfit perfectly. It gives a very dolly effect.

 dress: SoLolita (sponsored) | shoes: Persunmall

I still haven't tried this wig with a lipstick. Think that's my next step, haha!

It's really hard to write a review actually when you have absolutely no negative things to say about the product. I love this wig and I really recommend the shop. Shipping was fast, the wig was carefully packed, and the customer service is awesome. I haven't styled this wig in any way besides the bangs that I cut shorter.

This wig also has a skin top, which makes it look even more natural. Talking about a quality stuff here!

I actually got a pair of awesome tights aswell, but I still haven't got the chance to wear them. I will feature them on my blog later, I really want to show them to you!

And once again I listed some of my current favorites from their shop! ♥

I've been quite inactive again lately. My health hasn't been the best and my personal life has had some unfortunal events. But I'm still trying my best!
I actually have a topic I want to write about when I just get the energy to do so. It's something that's been on my mind a lot recently.

Anyway, I hope you all have an awesome Xmas! ♥ 

Mart of China Christmas giveaway!


Hello everyone! Once again it's time for a giveaway!

You have probably seen me wearing Mart of China's shoes a million times already and I absolutely love their stuff, so I'm really happy to be able to share some amazing gifts with you!
There will be one winner this time, and the winner will be chosen random. However, if you do not play by the rules, you won't be able to win, so read the rules carefully!


1. Register to Mart of China website:

2. Like Mart of China on Facebook: 

3. Leave a comment under this post with your email address 
(same one you use for signing up) 
If you enter with an email address that's not registered on Mart of China website, your entry doesn't count.

4. Link a product that you would like to have for Christmas

You can only enter once.

The giveaway will end in 10 days.

The winner will be selected random.

The giveaway is international.

You don't have to be my blog/facebook/etc follower to enter. (would be nice tho)

You don't need to give your full name to enter.

You don't have to share this blogpost on your blog/fb/twitter/etc to enter.

You can only enter by commenting on this blogpost. Instagram, Facebook, and other ways won't count.

Free as my hair



If you follow me online (instagram, facebook, tumblr..) you probably know that I shaved my hair off few days ago! Yes, really! I haven't shared any pictures of my new (non)hair here, so I just decided to post a couple of pictures.

So yeah, no hair. Many people have been curious why I did it but really there's no actual reason for it. I just wanted to shave it all off. I think I actually told about it few months ago here on my blog too that I've been dreaming of a buzz cut lately..

I think it looks rather nice. Even though I look like 10 times more evil than before ( I did look pretty evil to begin with..! ) It still makes me very comfortable and more confident. It's also really nice when you don't have to style your hair or dry it almost at all after showering haha..

A lot of people hate my new cut and I actually lost tons of followers after doing it.. literally!! Lol, but I really couldn't care less what other people think about my hair, as usual. It's just hair anyway, gosh.

So yeah really I have nothing to write about. I've felt a bit better since my last post but I'm still mostly sleeping all day and watching crap movies while being exhausted for nothing haha. But it's getting better!

I've been alot into b&w pictures lately but here's a colored one of my makeup today.

I will have a giveaway again soon, hope you'll all like it!