Dashing through the no



Don't really have anything to write about.. but I still felt like posting something. I've been quite quiet lately after the con, probably because I'm just not used to such occasions and it made me mentally tired. So I spent the last few days chilling alone and playing video games. I just finished the Mass Effect series, it was amazing! Even though I didn't like the ending of the last game that much. 
I'm most active on Tumblr and Twitter at the moment, they don't require much effort, haha.

For some reason I'm having a small crisis with my looks right now. I feel boring. I feel like that pretty often, but right now I'm just out of new ideas, hopefully I'll get more inspiration soon.
I'd like to record a new video too, actually I've been thinking about doing one for quite some time already but I just can't get it done, lol. Don't know if it will be a vlog or a tutorial or something, but I have a feeling it will happen soon. Maybe. Hope?

Today I decided to be less tired, hermit-like and ugly, and I did a proper makeup look. Also wore this quite old ebay wig that I had totally forgotten about. The lenght of the wig is really nice, wish I had one of these in full black or brown. I didn't need to wear a beanie either because of the wig, handy!

Today's color combination is unusual for me. I think I have never combined blue, black and orangey-red like this. I really like the blueish lips though, should try those more often. The makeup would've looked so much better with some other lenses and false lashes, but I was too lazy (afterall) to change it later.

I also decided to defy the force of gravity by wearing these super high heeled boots that I got from Mart of China sometime ago. These were in the package that got lost in the mail and took quite a long time to arrive so I didn't get ready for the snow, haha! They are really sturdy though, so I didn't have any problems walking around the snowy city with them. They sort of remind me of some video game character or something... but I just can't remember who..

The winter is really making me tired. We rarely get any sun here which makes everything even more irritating and tiresome, and my sleeping cycle is once again fucked up. I also caught a cold around Yukicon which is just the cherry on top of all this crap.

Winter can be very pretty though, I enjoy the view sometimes. 




So I spent the last weekend at the convention called Yukicon. We took quite a lot of pictures with Pauli, though I think most of the pictures here are indeed taken by him, haha! I didn't add a watermark while editing the photos since some of the people on them might want to use them aswell! I think everyone looks gorgeous on the photos we took, but if you want me to take a picture of you down, just message me via Facebook or something! 

Anyway, here's my makeup for the Saturday! I really love those new, giant, bright red lenses from Pinkyparadise. They look rad!

Close-up of the new lenses. I wore them both to this convention! The red ones are Vassen Cloud Nine Red and the green ones are EOS Ice Green. I didn't plan to wear them for the con, but they were so cool and very comfy, so I just HAD TO wear them haha!

 I really didn't know anyone else from the con, but my friend Heikki was there too so we spent the two days with him! Thanks for the company! ♥

Haha this huge Backstreet poster was a surprise... It was weird to run into myself..

It was so cool that so many people came to meet me and take photos! Even though I was really shy and just repeated "thank you omg thank you yes ofcourse thank you nice to meet you" Hahaha!

My makeup on Sunday was a bit more simple, though the new lenses gave it a very alien-look. I also wore my own "hair" for a change. It was incredibly cold on Saturday, so I wore a lot more clothes this day.. And I still caught a cold. Damn.

With Heikki again!

shirt: Frontrowshop | jacket: Sheinside | pants: Frontrowshop | shoes: MartofChina

 It was great to wear pants (lol). But seriously it was soooo cold, no matter how much clothes I was wearing. I hate winter. Those pants are so comfy and rad, this was the first time ever I wore them. Same with the shirt! I got them from Front Row Shop a while back :3

There was soooo many Snk cosplays at this convention! I absolutely love the series so it was cool to see all these costumes!

There was so many Levi cosplays, hah!

I was happy to see some Disney characters aswell. I remember seeing a lot of Disney princesses , for example Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella!

 We also saw a lot of video game characters! It was really awesome! I'm seriously tempted to try cosplay after seeing all the great costumes. Maybe I'll cosplay for the next convention... Let's see!

A lot of Ghibli cosplays too!

I'm not a fan of LOTR but this group was very cool. All the costumes were great! I felt a little sorry for the hobbits who didn't wear any shoes though.. It must have been cold!

I got one of these cute alpacas too ♥ I think all the stuff they were selling at con were wayyyy too expensive though. Also the con program could've been better, I actually didn't get the chance to attend any of the panels since the rooms were too small and they got full so fast. Or then the panels were just out of my interest completely/canceled. Also the gaming-room was a disappointment. However this was the first Yukicon ever and everything seemed to work fine, and all the people there seemed very happy! Overall I guess it was a success.

Was so much fun to take pictures with people who recognized me! And ofcourse it was even more fun to actually meet them and talk to them. I rarely meet my blog readers in real life so it was exciting! It also got me nervous though since I didn't expect so many people to know me, haha! Thanks everyone, I really loved meeting you! ♥

Loppukevennykseksi Paula Taipaleen koristekruunu, valmistettu mm mehupilleistä ja muusta kierrätysmateriaalista.

Random photos of me freezing my ass off



There's not much to tell at the moment. I've been dealing with some major Ask.fm idiots all day (also ranted about it on my facebook), played Mass Effect and took some pictures of my new clothes. I got a new parcel from Sheinside again and I was way too impatient to let them lay around or try them on without taking any pictures, haha!

It's too freaking cold in Finland right now, I wish I could just stay under the blanket all winter without the need to go outside. I absolutely hate winter and everything about it. Anyway, since it's cold, I need warm clothes. Also now that I don't have hair I was lookig for a coat with a warm hood. And I found one!

Seriously to fur hood is massive, it's almost hilarious. But it's very soft and warm, and now my head doesn't freeze when I go out. I mostly own black coats and jackets, so the color was really unusual for me. And hey, I'm wearing shoes without high heels!?

These pictures were taken couple of days ago. 

New shoes! It's weird to be not able to wear any heels now because of the icy ground and snow.. but I'm really liking these ones! I actually ordered them for Mart of China a long time ago, but sometime around Christmas my local post office was too damn busy and they lost the package somehow. I got my babies in the end, luckily. And in perfect condition! I'm a bit scared that the spikes will fall out in use though, but they are all there for now!

Speaking of the post office they have been screwing around a lot lately.. It's really frustrating that they deal so badly with my packages and just lose them or send them randomly back to the sender, ugh. I hope the local post system gets better someday.

I was literally freezing to death while taking these next photos few hours ago. It was SO COLD and I didn't even wear a coat or a beanie or anything lol.. but it's impossible to take pictures indoors since it's too dark and the colors get crappy. It was really dark outside too though, so these pictures have poor quality..

In love with this blue blazer, even though I'm a bit too busty for it, haha.. Happens every time! But I really like the cut and the color, I've been tempted to get this one for ages. Damn I wish I had some sort of studio where to take better photos of this stuff now that it's winter and taking outfit photos outside is simply a giant pain in the ass. A cold one too.

And hey my hair is growing again! I really want to shave it shorter but I'm trying to grow it a bit.. Didn't remember my own hair was so dark though. It looks funny when growing out.. And my head looks huge in this picture what the heck...

I didn't actually wear this sailor coat + the black wig today, but while taking the previous photos I just figured out it would be clever to take this one too since I don't know when I'll have time to take outfit pics again. I really love this coat, it's so adorable. Would look cuter with a skirt but I didn't feel that suicidal.

Was really fun to wear a wig again too, haha. Should get some new ones but I don't have any extra money for such at the moment. I'm really tempted to get short wigs now that they actually would fit my head without my own hair sticking out..

I'll be at the Yukicon this weekend, so I don't know if I'll update anything before next week. I wonder if any of my followers are coming? Feel free to come and say hi if you see me!
I'll make sure to take a lot of pictures from there and make a blog post of the convention as soon as I can, it's fun that I'll finally have something more interesting to blog about than just me standing in a pile of snow or painting my face in different colors and such, hah! It's been years since my last con, I guess it was in 2009? They usually don't have conventions near Helsinki (which is stupid) and I rarely have money to travel somewhere else, also I don't have much friends outside this town so I wouldn't have a place to stay either.. So I'm really happy that there is one now!

I have absolutely no idea what to wear.. I'm so nervous..

Whoops, seems like I'm extra talkative today. I apologize for the nonsense!

See you again next week when I'll post about the convention!

1,2,3... New lenses!



Few days ago I got some new lenses from Geocolouredlenses! It's been a while since my last lens post so I was quite excited to do this and try some new lens models.

So let's start!
I deeply fell in love with my Color Nine (Aqua) lenses last summer because they were so incredibly bright and pigmented. I decided to try the same lens brand in different color. In purple!

I went a little crazy with makeup that day haha, but yeah. The lenses were truly purple, but unfortunately a bit darker than what I excpected. In some pictures they almost look like very deep blue color, but I actually find that pretty cool. They are not huge lenses, which is a nice change too.

Enough for the crazy bird. Today I'm wearing very simple makeup and I decided to try out my more natural looking lenses by the brand GEO Twins. I got them in brown and blue! 

The blue ones were quite surprising. Not very bright, but extremely natural looking. They have this green/yellowish inner ring that make the lenses blend well with my own natural eyecolor. They don't really make my eyes any bigger, but that's what I was going for when I wanted to try something natural.

And then the brown ones.. I actually was looking for a natural dark brown lenses, but these are pretty bright, almost orange from the middle. They are still really cool, even if they weren't the color I thought they'd be, haha! I think they look a bit like vampire eyes or something...

Overall the look is very nice and these are also small lenses. My first ones in brown actually.

Unfortunately I didn't remember to take a close up of those purple lenses but here's the blue and brown ones!

Is there a specific lens brand or a color that you would like me to try next?

I love lenses, and I totally recommend Geocolouredlenses! You can also now get discount with a secret code that you can find from my right side banner...->