Not an empty canvas



I haven't uploaded any of my daily makeup pics and outfits and new Sheinside items here lately, and it feels funny that I've had like 3 different haircolors since the last time so I'll just throw these here haha!

So actually I had blonde/white hair quite some time but for some reason I don't really have good pictures of it. Kind of funny. It was surprisingly difficult to get my natural hair light, gosh.

New fluffy sweater from Sheinside

After the blond I just seemed to lose my mind somehow and dyed my hair blue/turqoise. It was pretty cool though. I really liked those blue eyebrows!

shirt: Sheinside(sponsored) | dress: New Yorker | leggings: Disturbia

This makeup was slightly inspired by the Joker. I think these colors together really give a cartoonish look. And I look evil, as usual.

After I got somehow tired of the blue (and my hair was awfully long) I shaved my head again and just let my natural color be. So yeaaaah my natural color is somehow medium brown. I've also been more comfy with my own eyecolor lately and I haven't used any fake lashes in over a month, kind of crazy haha. Hopefully I won't get too natural!

This look is from couple of days ago I guess. I wore a wig for a change and also wanted to try out something new. I actually liked this look a lot! Even if it's not really my style, at least the colors aren't.

Aaaand then we get to today's look. I did a Angelina Jolie inspired look this morning, but then felt uncomfortable with it and added some more colors and darkened everything a bit, lol. 

I looked so different in a very unusual way (too normal) that it actually made me uncomfortable??

How I looked after the crisis.


I tried to take an outfit photo today too but it was way too dark. I really like that new denim shirt/dress I got also from Sheinside in my last package. I have never worn denim jackets/shirts so it gives a really fresh look. It also looked great with this type of hair and makeup!

I'm really happy that I've been more motivated to do my makeup and such lately. It's nice to be colorful again.


  1. Upeita kuvia, kuten aina. Pakko sanoa että vähän kadehdin sitä kuinka uskallat muutella hiuksiasi ilman suurempia suunnitelmia! Vaikka sulle sopii kirkkaat värit ja villit kampaukset, niin toi naturellimpi tyyli on tosi kiva myös:)

  2. so so pretty ^^ your makeup is amazing, i love the joker inspired look

  3. That too normal makeup is absolutely GORGEOUS on you though! Loving your looks as always :)

  4. Damn, I think you also rock that more natural style. You're still stunning without lenses and lashes. :3

  5. Viimeisessä stailauksessa näytät ihan Angelina Jolielta!

  6. I think you even rock that natural look like crazy! (。・ω・。)

  7. I love your make up look, inspiers me to do my one make up XD

  8. whow... You very look like Angelina Jolie on the "first" natural picture... I love it ! But I understand that you don't feel good if its to natural... I'm like that to.

    And I agree to with the blue hair.
    Actually I have the same color on my shaved hair (not ALL my hair like you) and I thought it's not an "easy color" to wear...

    Its my first comment to you, but I very very love your style, your taste in make-up, continu !;-)

  9. your last look is fantastic!

  10. It is wonderful that you can pull off so many looks! you have a very versatile look. Although I think you look great with the more natural look, i do love the darker more colorful look better. Stay gorgeous!!

  11. Moikka
    Kuinka isot noi sun venytykset oikeen on?
    Kauniina oot taas!

  12. I really like that look you wore with the dip dye wig! And you're always so photogenic ♥ I really envy you for that :'D
    How does it feel to wear a wig when your own hair is so short? I imagine it must be much more comfortable than with lots of own hair squished in underneath, but are there any problems with the fitting, does the wig feel loose on your head or do you have any special tricks to make it stay? Or does ist just have straps and it's enough? :) I'm just curious... I'm really considering cutting my own hair (though not completely shaving) because it's starting to annoy me more and more :<

    1. I need to wear a wig cap underneath the wig or it will move around like crazy XD

  13. Hitto miten täydellinen olet meikkaamaan <3 Perfect!

  14. I think it is important and healthy to like the way you were born so to say :)
    I think it is a health sign that you are happy with your natural eyes and such, and with that heavy make-up, beautiful big lips and eyebrows, you don't look boring and "normal" at all!
    If I should go lesbo, it would totally be for you haha, you would be like, my lesbian green card or something hahaha, just kidding, don't get freaked out :)

  15. You look absolutely great! You're so pretty. :)

    x Dawn

  16. Oi noi hiukset on kyl aivan ihanat. Itsellä samaa väriä päässä! Oot kyllä ihan ylikaunis!

  17. hi beauty

    i see your blog since any month its my first comment but not the last
    i really love your style and make up and
    shave head look so amazing on you !

    see you !

    and love your make as usual

  18. Nice*
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3

  19. tuo lilalatvainen peruukki on aivan unelma mist se on *---* ja aivan upeita meikkejä! oot iha järkyttävän taitava!

  20. You look like Abby Sciuto from NCIS! Awesome!