Random photos of me freezing my ass off



There's not much to tell at the moment. I've been dealing with some major Ask.fm idiots all day (also ranted about it on my facebook), played Mass Effect and took some pictures of my new clothes. I got a new parcel from Sheinside again and I was way too impatient to let them lay around or try them on without taking any pictures, haha!

It's too freaking cold in Finland right now, I wish I could just stay under the blanket all winter without the need to go outside. I absolutely hate winter and everything about it. Anyway, since it's cold, I need warm clothes. Also now that I don't have hair I was lookig for a coat with a warm hood. And I found one!

Seriously to fur hood is massive, it's almost hilarious. But it's very soft and warm, and now my head doesn't freeze when I go out. I mostly own black coats and jackets, so the color was really unusual for me. And hey, I'm wearing shoes without high heels!?

These pictures were taken couple of days ago. 

New shoes! It's weird to be not able to wear any heels now because of the icy ground and snow.. but I'm really liking these ones! I actually ordered them for Mart of China a long time ago, but sometime around Christmas my local post office was too damn busy and they lost the package somehow. I got my babies in the end, luckily. And in perfect condition! I'm a bit scared that the spikes will fall out in use though, but they are all there for now!

Speaking of the post office they have been screwing around a lot lately.. It's really frustrating that they deal so badly with my packages and just lose them or send them randomly back to the sender, ugh. I hope the local post system gets better someday.

I was literally freezing to death while taking these next photos few hours ago. It was SO COLD and I didn't even wear a coat or a beanie or anything lol.. but it's impossible to take pictures indoors since it's too dark and the colors get crappy. It was really dark outside too though, so these pictures have poor quality..

In love with this blue blazer, even though I'm a bit too busty for it, haha.. Happens every time! But I really like the cut and the color, I've been tempted to get this one for ages. Damn I wish I had some sort of studio where to take better photos of this stuff now that it's winter and taking outfit photos outside is simply a giant pain in the ass. A cold one too.

And hey my hair is growing again! I really want to shave it shorter but I'm trying to grow it a bit.. Didn't remember my own hair was so dark though. It looks funny when growing out.. And my head looks huge in this picture what the heck...

I didn't actually wear this sailor coat + the black wig today, but while taking the previous photos I just figured out it would be clever to take this one too since I don't know when I'll have time to take outfit pics again. I really love this coat, it's so adorable. Would look cuter with a skirt but I didn't feel that suicidal.

Was really fun to wear a wig again too, haha. Should get some new ones but I don't have any extra money for such at the moment. I'm really tempted to get short wigs now that they actually would fit my head without my own hair sticking out..

I'll be at the Yukicon this weekend, so I don't know if I'll update anything before next week. I wonder if any of my followers are coming? Feel free to come and say hi if you see me!
I'll make sure to take a lot of pictures from there and make a blog post of the convention as soon as I can, it's fun that I'll finally have something more interesting to blog about than just me standing in a pile of snow or painting my face in different colors and such, hah! It's been years since my last con, I guess it was in 2009? They usually don't have conventions near Helsinki (which is stupid) and I rarely have money to travel somewhere else, also I don't have much friends outside this town so I wouldn't have a place to stay either.. So I'm really happy that there is one now!

I have absolutely no idea what to wear.. I'm so nervous..

Whoops, seems like I'm extra talkative today. I apologize for the nonsense!

See you again next week when I'll post about the convention!


  1. I honestly think your shaved head looks amazing! I have hair down to my knees and have always wanted to shave it all off... Too much of a scaredy cat though! :P

  2. Now that you have your hair shaved off you should do an Alice Madness Returns look of when she's in the asylum. That'd be soo coool. :3

  3. Omg i wish i lived closer..welll i'm in Poland xD not that bad, but still D: So i could see you x333
    Btw i can't still believe that people think you have cancer xD WTF!?

  4. Olen samaa mieltä, melkein kalju on upea! Ja ei stna täällä on niin kylmä en tajua miten kestit otattaa nuo kuvat ulkona! Ihan hirvittää itseäkin kuuden vaatekerroksen sisältä *hyyrrrr*
    Mistä hankit talvitakin? Se näyttää todella lämpimältä!

  5. Fucking love your hair cut!! I don't have the balls to shave that much off though.

  6. Onko kukaan sanonut sulle, että näytät aivan Natalie Portmanilta V for Vendetta-elokuvasta? Ihan ilmetty musta!

  7. Your new things look really beautiful, I really like the boots! ♥

  8. I believe every woman should shave her head at least once in her life! It's such an beautiful experience

  9. I also shaved my hair for the second time 2 weeks ago ;) i feel Free ahah you're so beautiful!

  10. your boots are so nice :) love the fluffy hood on the coat too

  11. here is the opposite! It's too hot! I can't wait for the winter, and I bet you can wait for the summer! Love the fur hood! looks really warm!


  12. Ihania kuvia, noi hiukset sopii sulle tosi hyvin vaikka olet sitä varmaan jo kuullut : D itekin tulossa Yukiconiin cossaten Kat von D:tä (hui) tulen moikkailemaan jos uskallan c:

  13. Ei todellakaan liity yhtään mihinkään, mut selasin tossa sun FB:tä ja törmäsin julkasuun jossa kyselit luettavan perään. Vaikutat sellaselta persoonalta joka nauttii fantasiasta, joten suosittelen erittäin lämpimästi Diana Wynne Jonesin Chrestomanci-sarjaa. Se on kai lapsille/nuorille suunnattu (Samalla tapaa ku Potterit eli niistä nauttii vanhemmatki), täynnä magiaa ja seikkailuja. Jos innostut lue toki kirjailijan muitaki teoksia, ne on ihan yhtä ihania. Löytyy kirjastosta ja piraattilahdestakin, jos on lukulaite tms.

  14. Ihana toi tokavikan kuvan mekko! Söpö!

  15. oh- uaw you are so pretty....like it very much.

  16. look warm and cute


  17. I know your head must be freezing! I have half my head shaved and it gets cold! You look great as always! I love your look, its so unique