So I spent the last weekend at the convention called Yukicon. We took quite a lot of pictures with Pauli, though I think most of the pictures here are indeed taken by him, haha! I didn't add a watermark while editing the photos since some of the people on them might want to use them aswell! I think everyone looks gorgeous on the photos we took, but if you want me to take a picture of you down, just message me via Facebook or something! 

Anyway, here's my makeup for the Saturday! I really love those new, giant, bright red lenses from Pinkyparadise. They look rad!

Close-up of the new lenses. I wore them both to this convention! The red ones are Vassen Cloud Nine Red and the green ones are EOS Ice Green. I didn't plan to wear them for the con, but they were so cool and very comfy, so I just HAD TO wear them haha!

 I really didn't know anyone else from the con, but my friend Heikki was there too so we spent the two days with him! Thanks for the company! ♥

Haha this huge Backstreet poster was a surprise... It was weird to run into myself..

It was so cool that so many people came to meet me and take photos! Even though I was really shy and just repeated "thank you omg thank you yes ofcourse thank you nice to meet you" Hahaha!

My makeup on Sunday was a bit more simple, though the new lenses gave it a very alien-look. I also wore my own "hair" for a change. It was incredibly cold on Saturday, so I wore a lot more clothes this day.. And I still caught a cold. Damn.

With Heikki again!

shirt: Frontrowshop | jacket: Sheinside | pants: Frontrowshop | shoes: MartofChina

 It was great to wear pants (lol). But seriously it was soooo cold, no matter how much clothes I was wearing. I hate winter. Those pants are so comfy and rad, this was the first time ever I wore them. Same with the shirt! I got them from Front Row Shop a while back :3

There was soooo many Snk cosplays at this convention! I absolutely love the series so it was cool to see all these costumes!

There was so many Levi cosplays, hah!

I was happy to see some Disney characters aswell. I remember seeing a lot of Disney princesses , for example Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella!

 We also saw a lot of video game characters! It was really awesome! I'm seriously tempted to try cosplay after seeing all the great costumes. Maybe I'll cosplay for the next convention... Let's see!

A lot of Ghibli cosplays too!

I'm not a fan of LOTR but this group was very cool. All the costumes were great! I felt a little sorry for the hobbits who didn't wear any shoes though.. It must have been cold!

I got one of these cute alpacas too ♥ I think all the stuff they were selling at con were wayyyy too expensive though. Also the con program could've been better, I actually didn't get the chance to attend any of the panels since the rooms were too small and they got full so fast. Or then the panels were just out of my interest completely/canceled. Also the gaming-room was a disappointment. However this was the first Yukicon ever and everything seemed to work fine, and all the people there seemed very happy! Overall I guess it was a success.

Was so much fun to take pictures with people who recognized me! And ofcourse it was even more fun to actually meet them and talk to them. I rarely meet my blog readers in real life so it was exciting! It also got me nervous though since I didn't expect so many people to know me, haha! Thanks everyone, I really loved meeting you! ♥

Loppukevennykseksi Paula Taipaleen koristekruunu, valmistettu mm mehupilleistä ja muusta kierrätysmateriaalista.


  1. This looks awesome :D That alpaca is so cute and I like that Finn costume :)

  2. That Jack cosplay is amazing omg!

  3. You look always amazing ♥ I'm in love with the first makeup!

  4. Beautiful, thanks for sharing :)

  5. You looked so great! Especially on sunday!

    This is so cool: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-vC6IN78TAp4/UtzpyoMhRJI/AAAAAAAAG8k/lX6AY21dlZM/s1600/IMG_1680.JPG

    That LOTR group really looks awesome. Gorgeous costumes! <3

  6. Awesome! Amazing photos you take!

  7. Itken verta koska ei ollut mitään mahkuja päästä tuonne ;______; Toivottavasti pidit hauskaa minunkin puolestani T^T

  8. Haha, I just realized that I forgot to take my jacket off... :'D
    Your makeups look amazing!

  9. It looks like it was a lot of fun. I would love to do cosplay one day. I want to take my kids to a comicon and all of us dress up. I love those green contacts!

  10. hi

    you look fabulous !


  11. looks like so much fun! i always have wanted to go to a con. may i ask what kind of camera you are using?

  12. the con looks like so much fun :) you always look amazing ^^

  13. I really love everyone's costumes! They all look amazing. Conventions are one of m favourite things to attend! Glad you had a good time!


  14. How much do you edit your photos? I'm only asking because you look really different here pic.twitter.com/aoE4hGV37S.

    1. Usually not much, and you can find several unedited videos from my instagram too. I guess I wasn't aware that someone was taking a picture here? Haha I don't know, anyway that's a pretty bad picture XD

  15. I really really love those contact lenses! Very cool

  16. Kuva jossa oot Heikin kanssa, mistä toi paita on hankittu? D: Oon ettiny vastaavaa (tosin poolokauluksella) pitkään...

  17. whow....all your skins are very white in your country o_o its amazing, i love !
    In France, we are not so white like you... I have a white skin to, and every body ask me "oh, are you sick ?" -_-...

  18. Woah, your outfit and styling from the second day is just awesome! I can imagine it was pretty cold but the styling is just hot, haha! :D

    Ohh and the cosplays! The guy from Pokémon Colloseum, how cool is that? XD I really wanna go to a con again this year and also do my first cosplay :3 Seeing other people's cosplay always motivates me so much to actually do it!
    It's a shame the panels weren't that good :( I only attended one proper panel at Tracon in 2013 and that was the preliminaries for the World Cosplay Summit so it was pretty impressive! But at the only Con in Austria I've been to, the panels I've seen weren't that good either :'D

  19. I loved reading this post so much! I'm glad you had a good time at Yukicon. And I'd love to meet you at a convention one day, too. ;_;

  20. awesome!! you look beautiful in both days!


  21. O M G, you're so beautiful! I'd love to learn to do my make up as well as you :)