Everybody wants to be a cat


Holy meow!

Yesterday I received an adorable gift from Geocolouredlenses! I got the whole new Holi Cat collection for a review, and I was super excited to try them!

Instagram collage of me wearing all the lenses.
Hazel, Grey, Choco, Blue and Brown!

The first thing you probably notice is the new haircolor. I went from my natural dark brown to bright orange last night. Such a nice change. Even though the color came out a bit brighter than I hoped for.

Anyway, back to the lenses! First I'm going to show you the Barbie Hazel ones as they became my instant new favorite. I really love the light yellowish brown color. They look kinda scary though, haha. Reminds me a bit of those lenses the Cullens wear on Twilight movies.. or maybe it's just the orange hair? Can't really say. Also they are very comfy and give a great amount of enlargement effect. Perfect!


Then the Sexy Gray ones.. Well, I think they might be the prettiest gray lenses I have ever seen, even though the color is not a true gray and the lenses are very dark. They appear as black or dark blue in indoor lighting, which can be a positive or a negative thing depending on you, lol. The pattern on them is really beautiful.

Next ones are called the Cutie Brown. These are totally cute, they make my eyes appear huge even though all the lenses on this series are the same size. They don't blend too well with my own eyecolor, but the pattern and the orangey brown color are just way too adorable. These also became one of my all time favorites.

Then there's Funky Blue lenses. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with these ones since the blue color isn't bright enough for my taste. Also these lenses are pretty dark, so you can't always tell if they are blue or just dark gray. On the ad they look really bright blue on a model who has brown eyes so I was expecting something like that. They are very comfortable and give a great dolly look, but they didn't impress me. Not sure if they would look better in naturally blue eyes though!

And the final ones, Lovely Choco lenses. These are a very natural style without bright colors, patterns or a visible outer ring, so if you wish to go natural, I recommend these! They didn't blend with my own eyecolor though, guess these are meant for brown eyes. I kind of like the effect though, the color is very soft. Don't know if I will wear these as much as the other ones, since they aren't really my style. But very cute overall!

Today I'm wearing just a simple eyeliner look, since the simple eye makeup helps you to see the lenses better. Also I'm wearing my new dark blue Sheinside dress. I think blue looks so cute with the orange hair! Here you can see the haircolor a bit better too. It's not really as red as it appears on most photos. I used Crazy Color's "Coral Red" dye!

And well, I don't really have anything else to write about, so I'll just post some photos from yesterday too. I wore purple glittery makeup. I think it was really pretty, even though it was a bit weird to do this kind of look without heavy eyeliner.

It's a pain in the ass to take photos outside when there's a lot of snow. My photos get so over exposed haha. Anyway, just wanted to show off my new hoodie, which, by the way has an awkward typo on the print.. Anyway it's really warm and comfy (my favorite words this winter) so I have been wearing it a lot.

And look at that awful grey brown hair, hah! My hair has grown a lot lately though.

I posted these shoes on my Instagram already, but they are way too cool to be ignored on my blog!! Most badass shoes this winter, from Mart of China, as usual! I think they are pretty unisex, my roommate actually dreams of shoes like these but they don't come in his size. Poor guy.

I love the overall black look, especially the studs.

That's all for now! Hope you all have a great Valentine's day coming up!

I'm working on a new makeup ideas and such for the future, and maybe I'll do something special for the valentines too, we'll see!


  1. Linssien nimi on niin söpis ja nuo paketit! <3
    Huomaa kyllä, ettei kaikki värit ja mallit sovi kaikille silmille, mutta kiva et löyty mieluisiakin..pitääpi ehkä jotain näistä hommata myöhemmin, kun unohtuu uusia piilarikokoelmaa ja menee niitä vanhaksi. :P

    Uus tukka tekee susta kyllä jotenkin pahiksen näköisen, semmosen sarjakuvapahiksen. xD

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  2. Ihan mahtavia! Ja kuvat ovat superkauniita!

  3. Ekat linssit sopii sulle kyllä parhaiten, mutta tykkäsin myös tosi paljon harmaista :). +Sun oranssi tukka on niin siisti! Rakastuin :'D!

  4. näytät ihan kasvohalvaantuneelta :o

    1. no sää vaikutat aivohalvaantuneelta ku on pakko pistää tommonen kommentti

  5. That first picture with purple glitter eyeshadow is stunning! It looks like it belongs in a fashion magazine :) Nice lighting and beautiful face.

  6. Hi, lovely hair colour and lenses too! About the shoes, how much time do you have to wait to receive them? I ordered 20 days ago and the ordered haven't been processed yet :(

  7. You look incredible as always omg *melts* lol


  8. Oot kyllä niin upea ja tuo violetti meikki, ah! ♥ Sori jos multa meni ohi, yritin kyllä lukea mutta mitkä/mistä on noi ihanat vihreät piilarit jotka sulla on juurikin tuossa violettimeikkikuvassa? :)

  9. this is indeed an awesome collection!


  10. ohmygosh those lenses are so pretty ^^ really tempted by the green or brown ones

  11. Great make up idea! That shadow color looks amazing!
    I'm now following your blog for sure!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  12. Siistit linssit. Miten muuten, ootko koulussa tai käytkö vaihtoehtoisesti töissä? Mitä sä teet?

  13. Wow! They all look stunning on you. Loved the purple makeup. I just discovered your blog and love it! Keep in touch. Love from India

    PS: I play Mass Effect too! Did not finish the 3rd one as i got bored but I heard a lot about the bad ending. Have you played Dragon Age Origins?

  14. Hei, pahoittelen ettei kysymys liity mitenkään postaukseesi, mutta mietin että mitä liimaa käytät irtoripsien kanssa? Olen nimittäin kokeillut joitain mitä kaupoissa myydään ja aina sama ongelma, ettei ne ripset vain pysy paikoillaan vaikka mitä tekisi.... Alan pikkuhiljaa jo masentumaan ongelman kanssa, sillä itseäni ei myöskään ole siunattu pitkillä, tuuheilla, eikä edes tummilla ripsillä, vaan omani ovat vaaleat, tyngät ja harvat kuin harava. =/

  15. Olisi mukava jos blogissasi olisi joku hakutoiminto, jolla etsiä jotain tiettyjä postausta helpommin. Olisiko tämä ollenkaan mahdollista?? :O

  16. Mitkä on nuo vihreät piilarit jotka on violettimeikki kuvassa?kysyy toinen :)