My antibiotics finally ended yesterday and I'm feeling a lot better! I've been craving to do makeup all this time I've been sick, so today I ended up doing something ... a bit more different!

I got these insane anime tear lenses from Geocolouredlenses.com a while ago. I knew I had to do something cute with them, haha. So I decided to make this cute girly look!

These lenses are amazing. I've been looking for these a quite some time already, but I wasn't sure how they would look like in real life. But oh gosh, I'm so happy I decided to get these. They give such an amazing effect!
I'm also glad they look amazing in green eyes too. I was a bit afraid that they'd look funny in non-brown eyes like many other crazy lenses.

The lashes are actually from that Sugarpill surprise package I showed you in my last post. They are reaaally cool! Can't wait to try the rest of them too *u* If you are interested in what other products I used, just go to my FB page! I always post the list of the used products there.

And since me wearing something pink is such a rare thing, I decided to wear my new pink/black shirt too. Pink is truly one of those colors I don't like to wear, but I'm slowly trying to get some of it to my closet.

This shirt is really cute, but still comfy and edgy enough to be my style. It's not one of those girly girl shirts, haha. I love the loose fit!

shirt: Sheinside (sponsored) | wig: ebay | jeans: Seppälä | choker: SoLolita

This was a quick update, need to run!

Hope to see you soon ♥


  1. <3 finally you're back! I trust that you are better now (in health) hehe... Cute look suits you so well ADorbss! I adore those lenses... plus it's pink... so cool. I love that chokerrr


  2. That hairstyle & color suits you so well!
    And though you describe the look as rather girly with all the pink, I can't help but think that the hairstyle and clothes make you look rather androgynous (hope you take this as the compliment it is meant to be ♥). The shirt is really cute, I like the pattern and it suits the styling, but I somehow think it would look even better if it was black on the inside too.
    Anway, good to hear from you again :)

  3. I love those lenses! And the shirt and make up and EVERYTHING!

  4. Oooh..ihana stailaus! ♥ ♥
    Sopivasti söpöä ja sellaista coolia meininkiä. ;D

    On muuten ihan yli-ihana noi ripset!
    Tykkäisin tommosista anime-piilareista tai sellasista kissasilmistä, mutta kun ne varmasti heiluu ja möyrii silmässä ja näyttää sitten hieman hassuilta, kun molemmat on eri-kohdissa. :P

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  5. Noi linssit on kyl ihan mielettömän kauniit♥

  6. Oh gosh, this is such a gorgeous and cute look!! It's not completely girly either which I love :)

  7. This circle lenses looks awesome with your outfit and wiggu!!
    I'm in love as always!! <3

  8. The blouse and the lenses are so cute :3


  9. You're one of the first few people to really rock these lenses! Love it!


  10. Que lindo maquillaje!!!!
    Me encantan todas tus facetas de maquillaje 😊😉

  11. Me encantan todas tus facetas de maquillaje😉😉

  12. Me encantan todas tus facetas de maquillaje😉😉

  13. How about a roseshocked version of arabian nights as a make up theme?

  14. Those contacts are amazing! Im gonna have to get me some! And loving the makeup with that shirt. Looking gorgeous

  15. Hi! The make up looks stunning! I love the way your eyes seem to be bigger. Do you have a special trick for that?

    By the way, I love you style and your blog. Kisses from Brasil!