I don't have much to talk about. It's been quite quiet in my life lately, which is nice. Mainly I've been just trying to relax a bit, find a job, figure out what direction I want to take in my life and spent awful lot of time playing video games and watching movies, hah. Kinda working on finding myself in a way. A lot of negative stuff has been affecting my mood and energy lately and I really need to start pushing myself towards more positive way of thinking and living. Hope it was easier though. I'm slowly drifting away from all my friends and other social life, wonder if I'll have any left in the end..

wig: ebay | dress: Sheinside (sponsored) | necklace: ebay

The damn winter decided to come back again, ugh. However, today I wanted to dress up in spring outfit, for no sane reason. It was really windy and chill though.
I really like this new dress of mine, it looks like you're wearing a dress and a blazer, but actually it's just the dress! What a great idea. It's also very classy so I'll be wearing this for more formal events too. I just can't wait for summer so I can walk in heels every day and wear pretty stuff like this. Stupid winter.

hat: Seppälä | dress: Sheinside (sponsored) | shoes: Mart of China

Today's makeup is dark, but simple. Less eyeliner than usual though. I'm really into this kind of old fashioned, dark looks paired with something unusual, like blue hair. Is that weird?

Oh and since I didn't share this look with you guys yet; here's my makeup from couple days ago. I really liked wearing red again. It's such a delicious color!

Tonight I'll enjoy disney movies and peace. All I need.


  1. juhuu i own the same dress! (the first one) :D <3

  2. You look good, but a little too thin... it suits you anyway.
    I love your new looks, they look fresh and elegant.
    I hope you find a good job soon, and your life take a good turn, and I hope you be very happy, because you're a very brave and talented woman, and you deserve it.
    Cheers and hugs.

    1. Would you also be pointing "you look a little bit too fat"? That's what I though too. Stop thin-shaming, please.

  3. You look good! Maybe a little too thin, but it suits you.
    You recent looks look so fresh and elegant, I love them.
    I hope you find a good job soon, and you be very happy, because you are a brave and very talented woman, and you deserve it.
    I wish you the best!
    Cheers and hugs

  4. Miten laitat huulipunaa kun sulla on tuo koru läpi huulesta? : D tai siis eikö se ole tiellä?

  5. Can you do a tutorial for the eye make up look where you're wearing the blue wig? It looks amazing!

  6. I feel the same. Like I´m moving away from my friend. And I have always wonder if I will hav any left. Hope you get a job!

  7. looks awesome! ja pakko sanoa et sulla on aivan ihanat huulet! haha :D

  8. I love it when you pair shades of purple eye shadow with red hair/wigs ♥ It looks gorgeous!

  9. lovely outfits.
    hope you feel better soon. sometimes, taking time out for yourself is the best thing you can do :)

  10. Feeling your pain. But there's always netflix to try dull away your worries when they get too intense :'D for at least one evening. Getting jobs in Finland is a pain, toivottavasti löydät jostain jotain. t. toinen epätoivoinen. And yes, you're looking very fabulous, as always ^^"

  11. Could you do a new review of all your makeup?
    And do you get limecrime lipsticks and other stuff from them for free,
    or do you pay for them just like us?
    And it would be nice if you could do a post about how you found out about limecrime and sugarpill! That would be super interesting! And how you felt then and everything.
    I'm sorry, I'm just being way too curios! :D
    Anyway I always love your looks! :)

  12. Ihana toi eka mekko ja toi punanen perukki * Q *

  13. Love the pictures! And you have an amazing figure! I think the red and blue hair colors look amazing on you! Both of them :)

    x Dawn
    (We moved & changed host!)

  14. Voi että mua harmittaa, kun kirjotat nykyään vaan englanniks :( Tulee vaan turhautunut olo, kun ei ymmärrä ihan kaikkea.

  15. Pikkasen överiks menneet huulimeikit. :s