Girl in Gotham



Tänään kaivoin kaapista mun aikoinaan kuvauspalkkiona saadun Batman mekon ja inspiroiduin tekemään vähän Batman vibaista lookkia siihe ympärille. Muutenkin halusin tehä keltasen meikin tänään niin mätsäs hyvin ton mekon kanssa! Jes! Punasta ja keltasta pitää kyl yhistää varovasti, ettei näytä mäkkärin mainokselta..

Today I re-found my old Batman dress that I got as a gift when I modeled for Poizen and Cupcake Cult. It inspired me to create a Batman kind of look overall. I also wanted to wear yellow eyeshadow today so it was really lucky for me to find clothing to match it! It's really risky to pair yellow and red though, sometimes you end up looking like Ronald McDonald.

Toi meikkikuva ei onnistunu yhtään, kiireessä en tajunnu tsekata valoasetuksia ja tuli ihan ylivalottunut, ugh. Mut näistä asukuvista varmaan näkee ettei oo ihan niin pelle hermanni toi meikki kuitenkaan.

That makeup close-up didn't end up too well, it was way too bright and I didn't remember to check my camera settings, ugh. Well, hopefully you'll see from these outfits photos that the makeup wasn't that bad!

jacket: Sheinside | dress: Osiris Clothing | leggings & gloves: ebay | boots: Mart of China

I often get inspired by comic & cartoon characters, how about you?


  1. Aw few weeks ago, I had a Batman themed make up as well. <3

  2. I think you would look awesome if you did a Harley Quinn type of look :D

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  4. You are updating so much lately! So nice :)

  5. I love your make up and outfit <3

  6. look great

  7. I love Batman and I love your makeup this was a wicked combination!!!